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Hello. I'm that self-isolated awkward nerd who sits at the back of the class and reads fanfic all day when I could be doing something productive with my time instead, like studying for my tests but here I am wasting my live away reading Hiccanna and Hiccelsa fanfics. In all seriousness I LOVE both HTTYD and Frozen and I also love fanfic. Ever since I first discovered fanfic by total accident a few years ago if been reading anything that interests me. About a year or two ago I rewatched HTTYD 1 on Netflix and then I had the amazing idea to go and see what fanfics I could find about it. I know that there are many people who dislike fanfic but I have read and am still reading some truly amazing HTTYD fanfics like Brothers Of Night by Toothlessgolfer, Living Vicariously by VigoGrimborne and many more and then out of no where the trailer for Frozen 2 came out. I remember that my cousin went to went to see Frozen 1 when it first came out and she asked me if I wanted to go with and I was, being a 8 year old at the time was just like "ok" and then we went to see the movie. I also remember that I didn't really pay attention to what was going on in the movie and the only thing that I remembered after was Let It Go. I remember the song being stuck in my and my cousins heads and I think one of us or both of hummed the song in the car on our way to go and visit my grandfather and then I basically forgot about it. I knew on some level that it was super popular and I watched it again every now and then throughout the years but I ultimately forgot about it. So after the F2 trailer dropped I decided to go and re-watch Frozen 1 and I fell in love with it quicker than Anna did with Hans. So then one day while reading some HTTYD fics my brain suddenly had the exact opposite of a Brain fart and I was like "what if there was fanfics where these 2 movies have a crossover" and now I have dug myself even deeper into this rabbit hole that is fanfiction and so here I am.

I also LOVE the Owl House and now I'm 2 lazy 2 write a whole paragraph about it like I did with the HTTYD Frozen thing so just use your imagination and make up a paragraph in your head.

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