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I'm a reader not a writer so the only reason you might end up reading this profile is that I left a comment for you. I don't comment on everything I read; if I left a comment you've probably touched me in some way. If all I left was gushing praise it's because I had nothing bad to say because I do leave concrit when necessary. Even if I left a constructive criticism, I must think you have some potential because if your story was really hopeless I wouldn't bother leaving a comment. To you authors out there, thank you. I get great pleasure from your work. Thank you for taking the time to write and post. I really enjoy it.

I've been a shipper all my life - probably my first ship was Sarek and Amanda on TOS. My first online ship was Mulder and Scully before the days of and that's when I discovered fanfic. I have almost always read fanfiction just for the romance or character development that can't be done on screen. I do tend to ship only canon meaning that if the characters aren't together on the show then they've at least acknowledged an flirtation or attraction.

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