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hi, hey, and hello. Drende here, better known to those on Gaiaonline as Kaiden Nomatsu and Drende Salkash to those who play Tibia. shoutouts to those who know me from anywhere, and drop a line to me if ya wanna talk. that goes to anyone. msg me on here and we'll chat if i've got the time.

lemme see, hmmm, im 22 yrs old and i like pie. i also like anime, manga, fanfiction, gaiaonline, reading books, and games.

what else...oh yeah, did i mention i like pie? as you can tell im a random type person who likes fun and having a good time. also im kinda perverted but i keep that side to myself most of the times so as to not piss off people around me and get thrown a Sakura style beatdown!

oh, some of my fav anime are Naruto, Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ayashi no Ceres, Zero no Tsukaima, Kanon, and Evangelion. for those wondering, i dont consider Avatar the Last Airbender an anime, but i like it alot too. im not a fan of other anime like really stupid ones. i avoid them, and im not gonna name any in case of offending anybody but lets just say that im not satisfied with stretchy armed people who cant swim.

oh, pairings in fanfiction are an essential let down sometimes. i am not a YAOI fan and every single yaoi author needs to be shot in the face with a shotgun. here's a list of some of my fav pairings in some of my fav anime and cartoons.

Naruto: NaruxSaku; NaruxHina; NejixTen; ShikaxTem; InoxChou; TsuxJir(older naruxsaku anybody?); NaruxHarem(i did say i was perverted); i absolutely hate all Sasuke pairings because everybody needs to get it thru their heads that Sasuke is a retarded bastard who doesnt care about anybody except himself and the death of Itachi. also any pairings involving Akatsuki members are just as retarded. some highschool fics are good as long as Sasuke ends up in the Obits by the end of it, lol. and did i mention i dont like SakuxLee as a pairing. its just stupid. also i do believe that Naruto and Sakura will end up with each other, as hinted by Yamato in the Manga. just read it and you'll know what i mean.

Danny Phantom: DannyxSam. thats it. well, one or 2 other pairings ok but I'm DxS exclusive so any other pairing better not include either of them. at least in the long run.

Inuyasha: InuxKago; SesshxKagu; NarakuxGrimReaper(death, yes i want him dead). as all should know that Inuyasha will not and never end up with Kikyo because A)its about the story of Inuyasha and Kagome, not Inu and Kikyo B)she's dead, get over it. any other pairings are redundant and need to be taken to the shredder

Evangelion: ShinxAsu; ShinxHarem; ShinxMis; TouxHik; ManaxShin(ive never personally played the game but ive read good things). i actually kinda dislike ShinxRei cause Rei is a friggin clone of his mom, and if it doesnt say so exactly than whatever. i actually have read some good ShinxMaya fics so im ok with that pairing.

Avatar the Last Airbender: Kataang, Tokka, Sokkuki, Sokkue, Maiko, and thats it. i absolutely LOATHE Zutara. get over it people, it'll never happen. dont get me wrong though, i have read a decent Zutara fic or 2 but i dont like it as a pairing whatsoever. Taang wont happen either. not that i dislike this pairing, it'll just never happen.

Teen Titans:RobinxRaven, BeastBoyxRaven, RobinxStarfire. maybe some other pairings too, but thats mainly it. and you MUST read Kyralla Orchid's E'ara Universe stories. They are truly the best stories i have ever read on and that is no joke. Better have a full day to do nothing but read. Pack a lunch, some drinks, and definitely a box of kleenex. If you do not tear up in some of those places in those stories i'll call you hearltess to your face. just give them a read. And sorry to those other authors whose works i dearly treasure, but you'd understand if you read them

if you even know what Ayashi no Ceres even is or Zero no Tsukaima, i'll give you a damn cookie. or a homemade chocolate truffle. i can make those. really.

there are some other anime i've watched and liked, but i dont have my list with me. yes i keep a list of every anime i watched and liked. its a good sized list with maybe 20 or so, so if you see one i dont have dont be discouraged.

game pairings...hmm. well lets make another list

FF: CloudxTifa; CloudxAeris; CloudxAerisxTifa; YuffiexMe(not lying. i so want her); SquallxRinoa; QuistisxSquall; QuisitsxRinoaxSquall; ZellxLibraryGirl; SelphiexIrvine; TidusxYuna; WakkaxLulu; RikkuxAuron; some AuronxLulu; PainexMe(again i so want her); VaanxPenelo; AshexVaan; AshexVaanxPeneloxFran; FranxBalthier; AshexBalthier.(i purposefully refrained from mentioning FF9 and FF6.IX cause there is only 2 pairings and VI cause its been so long...)

MagnaCarta ToB: CalintzxReith; CalintzxSerina; and thats it. havent played the other MagnaCarta, sorry.

Legend of Dragoon: DartxShana; DartxRose; DartxMeru; MeruxLloyd; DartxHarem. nuff said.

Kingdom Hearts: SoraxKairi; NaminexRoxas; and maybe some SoraxNamine. and some SoraxNaminexKairi, but arent Kairi and Namine kinda the same person anyways?

Tales of the Abyss: LukexTear, and maybe some LukexNatalia. heck, even some GuyxNatalia, lol

well, thats my page info and fiction likes and disllikes. oh and as for book pairings like HP, my list goes as HPxHG, HPxGW, and thats it. best reading time for HP and the Deathly Hallows is 10hrs. yes, 10 hrs in one day and i finished it. giggity. and a damn cookie to those wh read the Wheel of Time by the late and great Robert Jordan

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