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11/22/2017: Hello all. I'm not dead, but currently I've moved over to Archive of our Own for more active posting in the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom. You can find updated fic over there under the same name, VelkynKarma. I'm also on tumblr (also VelkynKarma) if you're interested in meta posts and asks. Happy Holidays!

I post whatever takes my fancy and whatever fandom I happen to be into at the time, whether it be comics, manga, anime, games, or movies, as long as it generates a good idea. If you enjoy what I write, tell me; if you dislike something, tell me that as well; if you have suggestions or comments about good or bad portions, post that as well. I'm open to constructive criticism, good or bad--it helps me grow.

Note that I'm not a pairing writer. I tend to write stories as character studies and for the study of actions and reactions. I like to see how characters act when put out of their element. If you like that sort of thing, look no further, just scroll down.

Young Justice: ZedVerse
Crosshairs (AU, based off season 1, prequel to Age of Heroes)
Age of Heroes (AU, based off season 1)

One Piece: Mindshattered (AU) Verse
Mindshattered The Panaceam Report Espionage
(Chapter 30 of Thirty Tales of a Swordsman)

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (Fire Emblem 9)

Feral Meeting the Feral Ones had appalled her. But Lethe was too strong, too proud, to fall into their ranks...or so she thought. Can one be saved from something impossible to return from? Complete. *Third-place winner of the Fire Emblem Writer's Guild's Emblem Awards!!*

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