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Just an old guy who loves to read but comes up with some plot ideas. Learning as I go about how to put word to paper, hope some at least enjoy the a little.

My favorite Harry Potter pairing are:






I could bash Lucius, Draco, Ron, Dumbledore, Snape, Umbridge and a few others all day.

Can't stand; a weak Harry (never understood how one could be considered a hero when not capable of saving themselves!), a slow learner as a savior (Harry needs help and get it fast), I really hate the phrase "marks him as his equal" and then Riddle is considered overpowering but Harry has to struggle to get back, it makes no sense. Don't like all the people just cowing down and being yes people to Dumbledore, at some point people have to think for themselves, especially McGonagall, Flitwick, Poppy, and a few others.

I like it when the Goblins take a hand when a wizard comes along that earns their respect and bows to no one!

Lemon and lime scenes are alright if they serve to move the plot along, just throwing them in to have a sex scene is a little ridiculous.

I like having a few friends that support one through bad times and good, and having some acquaintances that have common sense and can see through bullshit others espouse.

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