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Filly8/ stalker information..

ello! Let's see i've been on for i think 14 years? (it says it above this just look) i'm more of a reader then a writer though i have atempted to write a few fics just because i though they should be out there and cuz nobody else had done them (they're crappy but i'm too lazy to rewrite them). I am an animal, book, art, chocolate lover i guess you could call me a little nerdy or weird (but hey who wants to be normal?). I have a dog and three cats along with a fish tank. I love humor and love to laugh but i also admit that i like romance stories and such :) i'm a silly person by nature but my friends know me as fairly blunt and honest. I also love to give constructive criticism so ask if you want it!

So a little list of what i read (if it's not labeled it's a book):

Naruto(anime/manga), Tamora Peirce, Twilight, Harry Potter, Spirited Away(i think its in the anime sec. if not movie), Fruits Basket, Earths Children, Eragon, Inuyasha(anime/manga), Vampire Academy, that's all i can think of currently.

What I Read-

I am kinda strange in that I in gernal read more completed fics then in progress fics. The reason being i don't have to worry about non-publishing authors who take forever to update and i just enjoy being able to read completely through it and not have to stop more. I still of course do read in progress fics just not as much and they really have to strike my fancy first.


My new theory on reveiwing is that i will reveiw if i feel you can benefit from my constructive critisism or if i have been a long time follower of your story-- in other words i am not swearing to reveiw every story i read because i wouldn't. All my reveiws are at least a paragraph (more likely 2 paragraphs). The main thing to understand about my reveiw process is that all reveiws are unique to the story and all ideas expressed in said reveiw are my own opinion that i am saying in hopes of getting you to think about what you write and better it :) The other thing to know about my reveiws is that i am eternally lazy with my typing. For instance i hate capitalizing I's and i rarely read back over my reveiw to check for spelling errors. However i do try to keep my grammatical mistakes to a minimum and never use text speak (except 'lol') because i know it is annoying to read myself and i am aware that it bothers others.

NOTE- a secret if you want me to review your story more-- reply to my reveiw, even if it is a 'hey thanks for the review' or better yet an actual thought out reply to my reveiw. If you do this i can basically guarantee i will review again and this is not because i'm selfish it is mostly because i want to know how my review is being taken and if i was clear.. though admittedly when one spends 30min to an hour writing a reveiw it is just nice to hear back. ;)

And as always reveiws are well loved and a joy to get.. they truely keep authors going even if the story is completed it is just fantastic to see on your email a reveiw and totally makes your day :)

My Writing-- even though i know if you're here it's for my favorites list not my writing ...

Forks?- Twilight

a oneshot in the time line/zone of about a week/2 weeks after she finds out he's a vampire. Set in EPOV and is about bella coming to a shocking revolation. Comedy/humor w/ a little bit of suspense. sadly only 555 words and not lengthening until i'm struck by some serious plot bunnies.. People reveiw and give me ideas on this and it'll help me make it longer!

Somthing Odd- Twilight

another oneshot in the timeline of... if i told you it would so ruin the suprise! lol anyway its about a woman who notices somthing odd about somone..(i know not giving you much but part of the fun is guessing the POV)) in other words its about a part in twilight that we dont know much about and its in a mysterious POV. It's about 502 words long so far.. oh and it has mystery, tiny bitO romance ,mabye suspence and angst. Very original in my opinion.

A Terriers Bark- Tamora Pierce - DELETED -- given to Victoria Taylor (on favorites list).

My only multi-chap fic i have it's in the time line of post-Terrier (but before Bloodhound cuz shes still a puppy in it)and well yeah after Terrier but that bout summs up the timeline issue..anyway It is about Beka, Rosto, and my oc it is a Adventure/Humor/Romance/Mystery

Random Stuff/ Quotes

'The world is not black and white, peasant. It’s not good versus bad, or fire versus water. There are shades of gray you can’t imagine...' –Lin13’s story Still Waters Run Deep summary

”Whenever you’re down, just cover yourself in kittens.” –Lin13, story: Purple Mist, chapter 11: Todays advice(read this story it rox!)

"I had a dream I was dating Kinetic Energy (yeah, I know), and Potential Energy caught us (apparently KE and PE had some kindof fling), so me and Potential Energy got in a fight. Then, Work got involved, with Power on it's side. But Work was torn between helping Kinetic Energy (because they made a theorem, you know), and Potential Energy (cause a love triangle between gravity, Potential energy, and work exists). I need to stop eating food before bed.." -Micheal Knight via Facebook

Readings: Beyond Favorites

This section will be for me or you (mostly me..) cuz it just a list of fics i classify as beyond the favorites list. In other words fics that are just plain amazing and all them will be long at least 10k words so yay.. expect no specific genre or order and most are completed. There will be a link then the name of the fic underlined then the fandom it is in italics, after that will be a comment by me about it. The 3 bolded are basically my favorite fics on this site thus far.

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3026633/1/ - Custody, Fruits Basket, a story about Momiji and Momo and Momiji's life in general. The author had a fantastic grasp of Momiji's character and hardships. This fic is completed and has a sequel in the making. Beware though i thought it was quite the tear-jerker.

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3803353/1/ - Naruto Hatake, Naruto, a story I just recently read about naruto and his friends in a AU where Naruto is adopted by Kakashi and the different things he goes through. Admittedly it starts a little slow but this author does an amazing job of staying true to the characters and story.

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3953609/1/ - True Friends Truly Believe, Naruto, a story in which it is revealed to narutos friends about the fox, but the part that makes it truly amazing is the authors writing style and her great grasp of the characters. This and any of the other fics written by this author are highly reccomended. note this is one of my favorite favorites and is what prompted this list, i reread this story quite ofter along with it's sequels and beleive firmly that other people would to if they read it

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3271761/1/ - Fallen, Tamora Pierce, another highly reccomended story in a AU where Kel is turned kicked out of page training. But don't let that get you down this author puts a truly amazing twist in this overly used plot line and truly makes it her own using crazy good character depvelpment mixed with some amazingly real OC's. If your a fan of this fandom you won't wanna miss this.

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1941315/1/ - Courage of Spirit, Spirited Away, this is a crazy amazing SA fic that not only answers the question of what happened after the movie ended but also goes on to create an entire Velf (the author) world and plot while keeping the characters almost better then i've ever seen. This is a trilogy (CoS is the first one) this is a completed fic as is the second one, while the third is still in the works. A classic SA fanfic that most SA fandom searches have read..

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5222965/1/ - The Comedy Fox, Naruto, a story where Naruto is taught at a young age so when he finally goes to the academy he is already in Anbu and has the mask of the Comedy Fox. The Authors are great and stay true to a slightly darker Narutos character, the originality in the plot is fabulous also. Great story just go read it!- also read the author's other story Seeing the world Blindfolded!

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5398717/1/ - Wake Me Up Inside, Naruto, an amazing story that is truly original with time travel that is actually well written and updated at regular intervals and don't let the pairing get you down it may seem odd at first being a fem!Naru/Kakashi pairing but trust me how this author writes it just works out, and i'm not even usually a fan of odd pairings myself so maybe that tells you something :)

- You Found Me, Naruto, and amazing story that sounds like it's going to focus souly on the fluff and the OC character but as soon as i started reading it I realized all that was false. It has amazing emotional scenes between sibling that had me in tears but also those beautiful moments between couples that just make you smile and wish you had that. It is a sasunaru narusasu fic along with multiple other side pairings and another main pairing of sakuOC but the OC was amazing and i found him to be very likeable :) So it's not that actiony more of a fluff lighthearted family fic but definately a heart warmer. (not hosted on but on TONFA not that it matters)

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