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"When we reach our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change." - Avatar Aang

Hello. The username's FungusDungus000, and this ain't my first rodeo. Almost five years ago, I came to this site when I was young and foolish, under a different username. There I wrote cringy, ill-written tripe that disgusts me to this day. Since I left that account in 2017, I never expected to return to writing these kinds of stories.

Still, life found a way...

During the long time I spent at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, I got the idea to revive an idea I had back when I still ran my old account; However, I was unsure if what I was doing was right, and second-guessed myself every step of the way. I released "The Mysterious Maroon" as my first story, although I admittedly deleted it two chapters in due to internal insecurities.

However, I re-uploaded it and finished it to please my readers, and then retired from writing, as I rode off into the sunset...or did I?

During the month of August, I got the idea for a follow-up to The Mysterious Maroon, based on artwork by the very talented MoringMark. So, I wrote up the outlines for a three-book series, and now I'm churning out chapters about the adventures of the Earth-Ni Protectors!



A mysterious masked vigilante named Maroon has been sighted fighting crime in Echo Creek. After Star Butterfly has a fateful encounter with this enigmatic warrior, she ends up working with him to stop a xenophobic fringe group that intends to spark a war between worlds, all while she figures out the face behind the mask...

(Takes place early in Season 2)


A parody of "Maps" by Maroon 5 but it's about the above fic. Something I did just for fun.


Shortly after the events of "Cleaved," Maroon has returned to Echo Creek as an experienced hero. The vigilante aims to protect the cleaved city now that things have changed so drastically, but it rapidly becomes too much for him to handle alone. So, he recruits Star, Marco, Janna and Tom and trains them to be fellow superheroes so they can stand for what's right in their new and changing world...

(Based on an art piece by MoringMark)



Chapter 1: Return to Echo Creek - After foiling a bank robbery, Austin Capers, aka Maroon moves back to Echo Creek with the Jean-Marcelins, his maternal aunt and uncle. In the new, hybridized landscape, he re-unites with his best friends in the area; Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz.(RELEASED 8-22-20)

Chapter 2: Rising Tensions - After bringing Mina Loveberry to justice, Austin is awoken early in the morning by Star and Marco, who wish to take him on a tour of their newly-cleaved city. He meets some of the couple's friends and family members, but things go awry when trouble arises in the city park... (RELEASED 8-26-20)

Chapter 3: Night Terrors - In the dark of the night, Maroon prowls the city on a search for the monsters who attacked the park, while Janna and Tom follow him to video the vigilante. Meanwhile, Star experiences chilling nightmares about the Cleaving... (RELEASED 8-30-20)

Chapter 4: A Wreck in the Woods - After his beatdown at the hands of the Dreaded Beasts' leader, Austin is too injured to fight crime as Maroon. He ends up allowing Star, Marco, Tom and Janna to become fellow superheroes and help him protect the cleaved city. As Aunt Rita makes stylish costumes for the teens, Star and Austin head into the woods of Earth-Ni on a search for a powerful relic... (RELEASED 9-6-20)

Chapter 5: Training Troubles - Now that they have their costumes, Austin takes to rigorously training his teammates to become worthy superheroes, at his uncle's construction site. (RELEASED 9-12-20)

Chapter 6: First Outings - After their training, it's time for Earth-Ni's new superheroes to go on their first patrol. On this night, Star & Janna clash over moral issues, while Tom confides in Marco about his feelings for a certain someone... (RELEASED 9-20-20)

Chapter 7: Besieged - While Tom asks Janna out on a date, the Butterflies and Diazes have a dinner party at the Monster Temple. However, things take a turn for the worse when the temple is sieged by both the Neo-Solarians and the Dreaded Beasts... (RELEASED 9-28-20)

Chapter 8: Dreaded Beasts - After the siege of the Monster Temple, Star and the others learn the dark history behind the Dreaded Beasts. After the history lesson, the heroes go after the Neo-Solarians to stop them from causing any more chaos... (RELEASED 10-8-20)

Chapter 9: The Earth-Ni Protectors - Now that Maroon, Lady Butterfly, Martial Boy, Violet Devil and Snatcher have all united as a team, it's time for their most important mission; Defending Echo-Palooza from the sinister Dreaded Beasts... (RELEASED 10-16-20)


Chapter 1: Back in Action - Four days have passed since Echo-Palooza, and the Earth-Ni Protectors have been on a short hiatus. An enigmatic British billionaire offers her private robot army to protect Echo Creek from further threats, but when the automatons do more harm than good for the city, the Protectors must put a stop to them and save the day! (RELEASED 1-18-21)

Chapter 2: Impostor Rouge - While fighting a ragtag gang of outlaws, the Earth-Ni Protectors find out there's a copycat Maroon trying to fight the good fight. The next day, Austin and Marco try to trail the third person to wear the metal mask, while Star, Tom and Janna confront a troll spreading libel about the team... (RELEASED 1-25-21)

Chapter 3: Guys' Night Out - To bring Austin and Tom closer together, Marco treats his friends to a grand night on the town! Meanwhile, Star and Janna visit the local orphanage in their hero getups to spread joy and cheer, but things take a turn for the worse when a sinister supervillain starts wreaking havoc... (RELEASED 2-1-21)

Chapter 4: The Wild King - River Butterfly is in the midst of a mid-life crisis. Unsure of his purpose in the newly cleaved world, the former king gets the bright idea to join the Earth-Ni Protectors as a superhero! However, River bites off more than he can chew when he fights the Steel Wolf, a monster criminal clad in high-tech armor! (RELEASED 2-11-21)

Chapter 5: Sparks of Love - When Austin misses out on a fun day at the beach, Star and Marco make it up to him by arrangeing a date with his cheerleader crush, Sabrina Backintosh. As the two have a rather eventful evening, things get dicey when the other heroes face a foe with some truly shocking superpowers... (RELEASED 2-19-21)

Chapter 6: The Watts Conspiracy - When WattWorks' intrusive intervention turns Echo Creek upside down, the Earth-Ni Protectors are stretched thin. Austin, Janna and Marco must infiltrate the company to unearth its darkest secrets, while Star and Tom settle a mewman-monster conflict sparked by a disheartening disappearance... (RELEASED 2-25-21)

Chapter 7: The Star-Tacular Seven - To rescue their captured comrades, Star and Tom form the ragtag "Star-Tacular Seven" to storm the WattWorks compound and bring an end to the callous corporation's authoritarian reign... (COMING SOON)

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