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I'm Dreamflower, and I have been posting stories to since July, 2012 now. I've been writing and posting Lord of the Rings fanfiction since 2004 however, and most of my stories are posted at the Stories of Arda archive and the Many Paths to Tread archive, and a few at Archive of Our Own. I am uploading them up here as quickly as I can.

My stories are almost always book-verse with just a little seasoning from movie-verse; I have no objection to movie-verse elements so long as they do not contradict book-verse. You will find that my stories are very generally hobbit-centric, though I have written a very few non-hobbit stories, and I range all over when it comes to genres: from fluff to angst, from gapfillers to character studies, and including all sorts of forms from poetry and drabbles to multi-chapter epics.

I also have a small handful of non-Tolkien ficlets, mostly written for gift exchanges or challenges: these include the fandoms of Narnia, Harry Potter, the Deryni Chronicles and the Five Little Pepper series, and a few crossovers, mostly humor, including Shrek and the Monkees, and one serious Narnia crossover in my "Eucatastrope" series.

I try to update this profile on a fairly regular basis.

Updates and One-shots


My WIPs have all been on hiatus for quite some time; however, it is only a hiatus--they WILL be completed eventually. This still is true. However, for the last couple of years, much of my writing time has been diverted by a story I have been co-writing with KathyG. While it is still a WIP we have enough chapters done to begin posting. It's called "An Unexpected Adventure" https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12987041/1/An-Unexpected-Adventure; so far we have the prologue and first chapter, and plan to update once a week, usually on a Friday. It's posted under KGandDF, which is our joint account. She persuaded me to co-write it--since it combines two things I've never done before seriously: "a modern-people-in-Middle-earth" and a lengthy AU Quest-fic. I hope you will check out our joint profile and give the story a try.

In the meantime, I am going to resume adding my older one-shots and shorter stories. about two a day, that have yet to be posted here. Last week I broke my left wrist, which makes typing very slow, but my copy/paste abilities work fine.

I M P O R T A N T !

APPARENTLY FFN HAS DISABLED PROFILE LINKS! Hopefully this is temporary; in the meanwhile if you care to check out these sites you may find them on Google or other search engines.

If you want to read my essays they may be found on the Many Paths to Tread Archive. Check for them either under my author name of Dreamflower, or by clicking on "Categories" and choosing "non-fiction".


These are links to some other Tolkien related sites that are important to me, and I hope you will find interesting as well.

Many Paths to Tread is an all-Tolkien archive, where I am one of the co-mods. MPTT was founded in 2009. MPTT is affiliated with our sister GenFic Community, but though most of our stories are gen, we do allow stories featuring pairings of either kind as long as they fall within our ratings guidelines, which are rather strict. We accept all Tolkien-based fic.
Stories of Arda is another all-Tolkien archive, where I have been posting all my stories since 2004.
LOTR_Community_GFIC is "LOTR Community General Fanfiction" an online e-mail forum for our GenFic Community. Although the name is "LOTR" we actually welcome any Tolkien-based fic.
Lord of the Rings Community Challenges is a monthly fic challenge community on LiveJournal, with a mirror comm at Dreamwidth. Monthly challenges are posted with a different theme each month, and individualized prompts for each participant.
Off Into the Blue on Mad Adventures is my website featuring links to pre-movie, book-based fic for The Hobbit.
The Silmarillion Writer's Guild An archive and writer's forum for those who write fanfic for The Silmarillion or other First or Second Age based Tolkien fic, or stories that feature characters from the Silm. I only have two stories there, "The Prisoner and the Hobbit" that I am co-writing with pandemonium_213, and my drabbles about Labadal and Turin, but it's a great place to find some excellent Silm stories!
Dreamflower's Mathom-house is my personal LiveJournal, though I mostly post fannish things there, I do have some personal posts, photographs and memes.

About Hobbit Ages:

I am an adherent of the idea that hobbits age at an approximate two-thirds rate to that of Men (a popular but controversial notion).

Because this has caused a few questions from reviewers, I'd like to clarify: because of certain hints that Tolkien left, both in LotR and in his Letters, it appears that hobbits mature at approximately two-thirds the rate of Men. To me this means physical, social and emotional growth. But hobbits are still even smaller than the children of Men. A nine-year-old hobbit might appear to be as mature as a six-year-old child of Men, but his size will be much smaller than even a six-year-old. He would probably be only about twenty inches tall at most, since most full-grown hobbits are only about 3 feet tall. Also, I do think that young hobbits would be somewhat more intellectually mature for their ages, as even though a twenty-one year old hobbit would just be entering adolescence, he or she would still have nearly a decade more memory than a human adolescent. So my young hobbits may be a little precocious in their knowledge and vocabulary. I know that not all agree with this formula, some have created their own formulas, others think that hobbits age in the same way as Men, and are simply less mature socially due to the bucolic hobbit life. However, all of my own stories are built around the two-thirds theory.

My Eucatastrophe AU:

These are the stories which are set in my "Eucatastrophe-universe", in which the Three Rings did not fade, Frodo still remained in Middle-earth, and those who traveled West were allowed to return. They were neither written nor published in chronological order so there may be occasional continuity differences. However, if you wish to read them in chronological order, this is the order in which the events occur:

"Eucatastrophe: The Return
"Eucatastrophe: Everything Sad Come Untrue
"Eucatastrophe: Five Years After
"Eucatastrophe: Welcoming Feast
"Eucatastrophe: Midsummer Fair, S.R. 1427
"Eucatastrophe: Yuletide in Minas Anor
"Eucatastrophe: Happy New Year
"Eucatastrophe: Bill
"Eucatastrophe: Letter Home
"The Gate to Everywhere" (Crossover between the "Eucatastrophe 'verse" LotR AU and the Chronicles of Narnia)
"Eucatastrophe: Thain Peregrin's Very Large Birthday Present"

Using my fanwork:

Here is my policy on using my fanworks:

My work in this archive is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. You are welcome to use, redistribute, quote, or make derivative works of material I personally have archived here as long as I receive proper credit and the resulting works bear the same license.

You do not need to ask my permission to remix, podfic, translate, create art for or create secondary fanwork of any fanwork I have created. You should credit me and include a link back to my work. And please let me know because I'd love to see it.

What this means is that I myself am playing in someone else's sandbox. J.R.R. Tolkien was kind enough to create a lovely world for us to play in, and even gave us his own permission to do so. It would be the height of hypocrisy on my part to object to someone else who wants to do something similar with the stories I write!

That said, I do believe in the traditional courtesies of fandom: that you make sure to give me credit when you use my ideas in your own work, and that you let me know about it so that I can go look at it, and let me know ahead of time if you are going to post one of my stories to a new site. After all, while we do not ask permission to write and post fanfic, we do make sure everyone knows we did not create the world we are playing in. And it is very nice to see what others have found in my stories to inspire them!

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