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I've been nominated for a UFO award! Nailpolish is up for "Best of Fandom" in the Zoey 101 Category. If you liked it, please go second the nomination! Thanks! ~maximumfan


a. vegetarian
b. cross country runner
c. basketball player
d. "A" Honor student
e. lazy

What have we learned from this? I don't update a lot! Although the vegetarian part doesn't really affect this much...


TV shows: Veronica Mars, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, 90210, iCarly, Fringe, Zoey 101, Dollhouse, Bones, The X-Files and many more...

Movies: Star Trek (the new one), The Matrix Trilogy,The Terminator Trilogy

Books: Sarah Dessen books, especially This Lullaby, The City of Bones series, Twilight series, Harry Potter series, Maximum Ride series, Meg Cabot books, Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega books (Patricia Briggs)

Music/Musicians: The Beatles, The Killers: those are the main ones right now. Basically, rock, classic rock, and indie rock. I listen to everything (including the much unappreciated classical). That's really not an exaggeration! I really love undiscovered artists because their sounds are so unique. But I listen to everything except the commercial artists (not to offend anyone, but most of the top 40 stuff. . . not good)

Ships I Like

Veronica Mars- LoVe, Mac/Dick

Gossip Girl- Chuck/Blair

90210- Adriana/Navid

iCarly- Seddie

Grey's Anatomy- Alex/Izzy

Zoey 101- Quogan

HP- Lily/James, Snagrid, Sirius/Remus

Twilight- Blackwater/Jeah. Whatever you call it.

Dessen Books- Dexter/Remy, Annabel/Owen. Those are my favorites.

MR- Max/Fang, Nudge/Iggy, Fang/Iggy

Lost- Charlie/Claire (NOO... CHARLIE!!), Kate/Sawyer.


Roswell- mainly Maria/Michael, but I like Max/Liz too.

City of Bones/Ashes- Jace/Clary, Simon/Alec

The X-Files- Mulder/Scully

Fringe- Peter/Olivia

School Quotes...

Everything's bigger in Texas! ~Adam
You looked! ~Ben

Put worms down his pants and bees!
~Tristan's 1st grade journal

I'm going to be a famous poemist! ~Tristan
You mean poet? ~Ben

Your mom looks like a fun place to learn! ~Austin reading from Tristan's 1st grade journal

Well, when your drunk and unemployed... ~Mr. Carr (math teacher)
It makes life more exciting! ~Adam

I got a cousin who has a cousin who will come down here and smack the s&!t out of you! ~Austin in a gangsta accent

(talking about watery, nasty-looking yogurt) This yogurt looks gross! ~Kat/Rock'n'Slash
I hate yogurt. ~Me
What's the expiration date on that anyway? ~Kat
(looks) April 9th. What's today? ~Me
April 16th. ~Kat
Crap. ~ Me

You ate spoiled bacteria. ~Sarah (talking about yogurt)
Yes, my stomach is a very happy... organ. ~Me, sarcastic as always

(To Tristan and Taylor ~who are both guys~) Quit touching each other! Taylor, go sit in the back. ~Mr. Carr
No! Don't take my teddy-bear away! You're mean! ~Tristan to Mr. Carr

He was talkin' 'bout y'all making me not want to have kids. Not because I'm afraid they'll turn out like you but that they'll be taught by you. ~Kendra

I mean, we gotta do it sometime, why not today?~ Ben

I'm afraid of Afros! ~ Erin
And there were, like, GIANT bugs! ~ Kat

NO! Don't take away the phone! ~ Tristan talking about a stapler

OMG. That feels weird. ~Kat
What? ~ Me
The phone vibrating in my hood. ~Kat
What?! ~Me

See, this is why she's a bad daughter! ~Ben
I'm not your daughter! ~Wendy (who used to go out with Ben)

Ketchup is tomato blood! ~Kat

You can just use logic on a multiple choice test. You don't have to know anything about it. That's how I passed my bus driving test. ~Mr. Carr

You'd be stuck with Adam and Brad again. ~ Mr. Carr, talking about repeating 8th grade Algebra
Oh no! I'd kill myself! Or Brad. Probably Brad... oh yeah! Brad's in here! Hi Brad! ~Tristan

Who wants to have a sex party! ~Taylor

I'm pantsing myself and I'm pantsing you! ~Taylor
But I don't have any money! ~Erin

It's a bird! It's a boat! It's a... I don't know what it is... it's the letter "C"! ~Kat/Rock'n'Slash

Let's bribe him with death! ~Me, talking to Kat about killing Jeff's (former) girlfriend because she didn't text us back. She's was bad person and needed to be taken out. Jeff wouldn't tell, hence the quote.

Ugly Words...

Yeasty. no explanation necessary. actually, it's any derivative of the word "yeast," but "yeasty" is most definitely the worst.

Crusty. my dad was saying that my dog Sophie had crusty eyes. i never got over that.

Lovers. i don't know why.

Lubricate. the word makes me literally cringe everytime i hear it.

Also, my friend Abby doesn't have her own fanfiction account, so I have a few of her stories on my account. I'll say in the summary if it's Abby's story. I just edited it. She piggybackes off of Rock'n'Slash's account now, so check out her stories over there! Also, check out Rock'n'Slash's stories! They rock too!

This is the link for the song for the songfic "All My Loving"

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. Watch it now. http:///mushortio.html

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