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About me: I'm Cherokee and Scottish, and a Taurus, which makes me triple stubborn. I'm also a third generation artist--my mother and grandmother are painters--I'm a writer, a painter of words. I paint as a hobby, but my passion is writing. I'm also an English major and a published author. I write short stories, poetry, reviews for movies and books, and I'm working on my first solo novel (I've co-authored 2 novels previously). That being said, I'm rather enjoy writing fanfic; it's a different animal, and challenging on so many different levels. Other than writing, I love music and being outdoors, and spending time with my three German Shepherd dogs.

Update 6/5/12 New chapter of In the Grip of Twilight is in progress -- the expected date for posting will be June 15, 2012.

Update 7/10/09: For the past week I've been dealing with a very sick puppy and that has put my entire life on hold. "Guntzer" is on the path to recovery now and I expect to update In the Grip of Twilight and Summer Daze, Austen Nights on Monday, July 13, and Tuesday, July 14. OTM

Update 5/13/09: I'm having issues with my Document Manager and Traffic page. They keep freezing up and I can't upload my chapter updates. I've contacted Support at three times and as of today nothing is resolved. In fact, they wrote back yesterday and told me 'You have no story' (sic). This isn't the first time something like this has happened, but the other time was almost 2 years ago. I'd hoped things had improved since then...apparently not. In the meantime, I'll keep trying to get the new chapter uploaded. OTM

3/28/09 By request:

Music for In the Grip of Twilight (in this order: artist, album, song)

Chapters 1-8 : Twilight Soundtrack and Rammstein, Sehnsucht, "Engel"

Chapters 12 and 13: Sixx A.M., The Heroine Diaries, "Life is Beautiful"--Love scene, Edward and Bella

Chapters 14 and 15: Lamb, Back to Mine: Dave Seaman, "Gorecki" -- scene: Bella's bedroom, falling asleep in Edward's arms

Chapters 30-36: Hooverphonic, Blue Wonder Power Milk, "This Strange Effect", "Eden" scene: Demetri's infatuation with Bella

Chapter 31: Scene: Bella's party. Vampire music playing in Ballroom when Edward and Bella arrive: Rammstein, Mutter, "Ich Will" and then "Feuer Frei!"

Chapter 38 : Apocalyptica, Worlds Collide, "Grace" scene: Demetri's confession to Bella

Chapter 38: Mono, Formica Blues, "Life in Mono" -- scene: Bella reading Edward's letter

Chapter 39: Apocalyptica, Worlds Collide, "S.O.S." ("Anything But Love") featuring Christina Scabbia. scene: The transformation

Note- If you like Amy Lee of Evanescense, then you should definitely give "S.O.S." (Anything But Love) a listen. A side note: Most of the music I used (for mood and atmosphere) while writing the story is dark and haunting, vampire-ish, and won't be to everyone's taste.


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