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I mostly write for the fun of it.

I have an AO3 profile, but everything I post there is also posted here. The only difference is how easy it is to click links that I include.

Classification of Works:

If you have come to my profile page, you may be interested in finding similar work to a piece you enjoyed. Hopefully the following list will help you with that. If you go from one of my works to another using my profile fic, leave a review on the fic that you discover!

Harry Potter Longfics:

Harry Potter, Grandson of God

Harry Potter and the Son of Krypton (A WBWL story where Kal-El is adopted as Harry Potter's brother, but Voldemort fails to mark either of them... at least as babies.)

Harry Potter and the Beasts of Galar (A Pokemon Crossover set in a darker, more dangerous Galar and wizarding world.)

Memes, Satire, and Humor

A Shot Through Prongs's Heart

HPRick and MoRty

We Like the Stock

Harry Potter, Dogecoin Trillionaire (coming soon!)

Pokemon Anime Canon-compliant fics

(strictly speaking, they don't contradict the anime canon, much.)

When Ash Ran Away

Mewtwo Wrecks a Biotech Startup (coming soon!)


Brothers lost, brothers remembered, love found (a character study/crackfic-taken-seriously shipping Ariana Dumbledore and Dennis Creevey.)

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