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Another 3 years have gone by! I graduated college a year ago. I have ALL the writers block. My OTPs now are: Sterek and Stucky. Those are my main ships. WOW, little me never saw that coming. And little was what I was. I started this account in 2007, summer before 8th grade. And now I'm done with college. Woah.

My other ships include: Caskett, Ezria, Pailey, Oliver/Felicity, Nathan/Audrey, Melinda/Jim, Remus/Tonks (ALWAYS), and probs more. There are a few others here and there that pop up and die out, these are the biggER ones and Sterek, Stucky are my main ones. I don't really write anymore, I keep this account because I can't bear to delete anything I ever did, no matter how horrible.

I still can't believe how many years have passed. 9 years. Wow. A lot happens in 9 years, and at the same time, not much at all.


WOW. It's been 3 years since I updated my bio. I don't even really write anymore but I'm giving it a try anyway? We will see how it goes? I'm in college now. It's really interesting to me to see words I said years ago. I really have nothing interesting to say. I'm a theatre major, I love to dance and sing. I would not be able to live without music. I existed.

Also: OTPs: Nathan/Audrey, Castle/Beckett, Auggie/Annie, Annie/Liam, Aria/Ezra, Emily/Paige, Roy/Thea (?).


FORMERLY RLNTONKS. Will I ever change it back? I have no idea. BlueSkyMornings was the name i changed it to on a whim. When I get tired of that name, I might be RLNTonks again :)

There are a lot of things I could write, and let the world see, but I wouldn't know what to write. I can't say anything profound but I can say the awful truth. First and foremost, I am a dancer- though I'm admittedly not every good at it. A couple years ago, in my spare time, I would write-and write and write and write. A couple years ago, I had a lot of problems. As I've grown these last few years, I've, thankfully, matured more. It seems like forever. Even though a lot of the stories I wrote back then aren't on my profile, some are. Most aren't finished-I think only one is. Because it was a one-shot (and my first story). It's called Paint, and it's a Remus and Tonks story (Harry Potter). The rest I've written a chapter or two, some of them are confusing. I found I could only write when I was really sad feeling or really angry. However, now a days, I'm not writing. Though I get angry and sad still, I've found a different outlet-dreaming. And when I'm not dreaming, I'm spending my time dancing, or acting, and sometimes singing. Those three passions are my first loves. Writing was juts a hobby I used to help my feelings, to get these stories out of my head that wanted to be heard (though, I doubt anyone reads them-which is fine). And I write notes about things to my friends that could be a chapter in a book in length. I just can't seem to write about characters and put dialogue, only descriptions. Descriptions are what I'm good at.

My pen name, RLNTonks, will never change. It stands for Remus Lupin Nymphadora Tonks, but I had to shorten it. When I got this account, years ago, I loved Tonks. I still love Tonks.

This profile says Last Updated: 05-17-2009. Apparently, the stupid words on my profile I felt compelled to change have been there for over a year. It's crazy how time flies. Kinda scary actually.

Anyways, I'm RLNTonks, and this is my profile, and the are my words.


By the way, some of the stories I have in my C2 have chapters that have my name mentioned :):):) and Some aren't in a C2. Thanks to all who mention me. The problem with my name is all the dots, so whenever you see an R.L. thats me. Because of all the dots, the rest disappears, and only R.L. is left unless someone puts spaces between R. L. N. Tonks or RLNTonks or R L N Tonks with no dots... those variations work. I am always honored when I'm mentioned, :) so thank you guys who have. I'll always know that I'm R.L. :) *

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