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First and foremost I want to thank all of you authors/writers that choose to share your stories on this site as well as others. THANK YOU for the endless hours of reading enjoyment that I get out of your stories.

I love to read. I found that it helps to keep my anxiety in control because my brain is focused on the story and not wondering about. It has actually helped with my insomnia as well. My favorite stories to read are Twilight, Jasper Bella. Jasper, Bella, Peter and Charolette. I also like stories where Edward and Alice cheat on Jasper and Bella and they end up together. One of my favorites is Long,Tall,Texan by BamaBabe. It's all human. Fan Fiction, Sex Gods and Single Girls is another great one. Here are some of my favorites... You're My Best Friend, You're My Soul Mate, You're My Forever that was a three part, theres a 4th but it's more about there kids. Those are all human too. Collision Course. The Demon's Mate. The Godparents. Coming Attractions and Full Exposure. Twilight on the Blue Lagoon, Meeting Het Needs, Isle of Dreams, Words with Friends, First and Ten, Just One Night, Bonne Foi, Reboot, Leaves of Grass, Be My Head Master, Wolves and Venom Do Not Mix? That's just a few I have two profiles on this site, originally it was to keep JB separate from EB but that didn't workout... I have read over 1000 stories and I enjoy them all. I also like Hunger Games, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girls, Greys Anatomy and General Hospital. Needless to say I love Fanfiction, it provides me with endless hours of reading enjoyment. I do wish they would fix the rating scale. K for 12 and under, T for teens, M for mature or 18yr and MA for explicit sex and violents. I also wish people would not complain about stories that follow the rating scale or try to get them removed. Just remember it's your choice to read or not read. Just because you don't like it or find it offensive doesn't mean that others don't enjoy it!! Happy reading. I hope you find as much enjoyment as I do.

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