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Hi everybody...or anybody who wants to read this:

I think I'll stay brief on the personal bio. (The Stories are more important anyway)

My favourite books/stories are 'Harry Potter, Naruto, Eragon, Mass Effect, Starwars, Star Gate, Lord of the Rings, and 'well written interesting Digimon, Pokemon and HP/Digimon, HP/Pokemon crossover stories...etc..etc.

Status of my stories:

Lord of Light and Darkness: on very long hiatus but not forgotten...maybe someday I'll continue it...but not now. If anybody wants to adopt it feel free to do so just tell me the link so that I can read your version. Also...feel free to use my plot line (can be read further below) if you want to.

Digital: is currently also on hold...but I want to continue it some day as well.

Harry the Reaper...On hold!

Paradox..on hold but will be continuing it soon.

Hegh bathlhIj...my newest creation. This is my first attempt at a sci-fi story and is set in the Star Trek Online universe. (currently writing)

Please note: I'm a very slow updater (I mean it) so I can't say when a new chapter will be released for any of my stories but I hope to do so when I can. I am making no promises and I'm announcing no time. Just know that I have not abandoned anything and that it will be written/continued at some stage.

Warning Spoilers below:







The next part is where I will post information relevant to the story 'Paradox.

Feel free to have a look and even to comment but remember... the next part is filled with spoilers.. many, many spoilers and its main purpose is to keep my ideas, plans and creations safe from computer crashes/hard disk issues etc..

I'd post this as a separate story marked as an Author Note...but current Fanfiction rules won't allow it.

I will be adding and changing things here from time to time as I see fit.

That said...let's start.

Paradox Story Information Database. (Remember information may change at any moment)

SO! You caught yourself a Pacifidox!

A Pacifidox is similar to a dratini. However, not like a normal dratini, but more like a dratini on steroids. While it has a dratini's body, it's black and shiny instead. It has dragon like claws which can be used to hold objects. They are however too small to be used to attack anything. Indeed a pacifidox is incapable of using any sort of attack...except one. (There is only one exception)

Pacifidox has a smooth silvery 'strong as steel' underbody, sort of like that of a snake, no legs and has small sharp pointy teeth which can be seen protruding slightly from it's jaw

It has:

-Glowing reds eyes.

-Ears which are spiky, almost like that of a Kingdra.

-A shiny white diamond growing from its head. (in older Pacifidox's this diamond might be seen holding stones of different colours...each colour represents one elemental type ie. green for a grass type or red for a fire type.) At the beginning this diamond is a pure shiny white. Once one element has been added,(by using a evolution stone) the diamond gains three gems... silver showing it's a steel type, purple showing it's a dragon type...and the colour of its new type (gained from the evolutions stone) The more gems in this diamond, the more types Pacifidox can change its body into.

It hovers of the ground, an ability usually only found in psychic, dragon or magnetic type pokémon.

-This pokemon can learn how to fly...however, the move can not be used as an attack.

-It has a default steel/dragon type body.

-Small sharp pointy teeth which are slightly visible, protruding from it's jaw.

-Smooth wide, shiny scaly silvery underbody, with scales which are as strong as steel. Scales have a shiny effect to them.

Pokemon Name = Pacifidox

Damage Destiny would receive from another pokemon.

NOTE: This is only for Destiny's BASE Dragon/Steel form.

DOUBLE DAMAGE= Fighting (Her main weakness...so don't pick a fight with a Kung Fu master)

NORMAL DAMAGE= Dragon, Ice and Fairy... (She should be careful here)

1/4 DAMAGE = Bug & Grass (Low damage...but she should still stay cautious)

NO DAMAGE = Fire, Poison & Ground (She is immune to fire due to the Phoenix Rebirth ability... Poison due to her steel type... and Ground due to her levitation/hovering ability)

1/2 Damage = the rest! (Too lazy to write them all out...but at least they can't hurt her...too much!)

NB: Destiny has the ability to change forms (though it has to be discovered and learned first) (can be read about further below)

Special moves (egg moves):

Destiny has the following unique moves known only to her Pokemon breed. (Consider them egg moves given to her by Arceus which only she can learn/use)

At the start of the story Destiny does not know any of these moves yet...and she has to unlock them first.

NB: At first, until she evolves into Paradeon, Destiny is incapable of using offensive moves...period!...the sole exception being if she uses the move 'transform' to turn herself into another pokemon. This is why she is called the Paradox Pokemon. She can however still learn and use unoffensive moves like 'agility' or teleport'.

Later on she can evolve into her final form Paradeon/Paladeon (I'm still considering the name)...and this form unlike Pacifidox CAN use attacks...and rain havoc on her opponents.

IMPORTANT: Even in her first form, while she can't attack, Destiny's special abilities and moves may seem overpowered. Just remember that she can not attack AT ALL in her first evolution stage...she will however gain the ability to to attack in her second evolution form when she evolves. It's important to remember she will be expected to face Suecra in the end...Arceus's alternate dark twin, so she will need very overpowered move she can get. Remember: In the end she WILL be on par with a high tier legendary.

I think if Magikarp can be weak but then evolve into a Gyarados...then surely Pacifidox...the savoir and chosen pokemon, partnerof the chosen one can change into a real badass legendary equivalent.

NOTE: Paradeon is not supposed to be defeatable by normal trainers. That's the whole point. If you don't like this, then the story will not be for you.

Destiny/Pacifidox/Paradeon has the following ABILITIES:

(0)This Pokemon is telepathic. (Not exactly an ability but it's still worth mentioning)

Initially she can only speak to Ash...but she will gain the ability to speak to others as she grows older and stronger.

(1) Normal Ability: Levitation (Immune to ground attacks)

(2) Her unique signature Egg Ability: Phoenix Resistance (Immune to fire attacks) Note: Once she learns to change her form (Assume Form move - see more below) she will also gain the immunity/resistance of the type she changes into as an extra resistance/immunity. ie... ground = resistant to electric attacks.

Destiny has the following EGG MOVES: (Note: she can still use these while using the move: 'Transform')

(1)Phoenix Rebirth (Destiny can revive herself after she faints... (without the need to use an item)

This move/ability is an absolute nightmare for any trainer!...as if her ability to become resistant to moves by transforming into an element are not already enough.

When this move is used she is reborn like a phoenix from the ashes after fainting in a huge blaze of destructive fire. This ability has the same fire power level of a super powered blast burn. Everything nearby will receive heavy fire damage and severe burns.

Note: Destiny has to faint first at least once and experience a near death experience to first activate this move/ability ...

After using 'PF' Destiny will be fully healed but will also need a short period to recharge (like when recharging from a hyperbeam, only longer). During this recharge period she will be unable to use the move again until the recharge period has ended. (At first this will take a full day... but later once she is stronger and more experienced every three to four moves) NB: This is basically the only time when it is possible to actually defeat her!

Consider this to be the answer to annoying moves like 'Perish song' or 'Destiny bond'. Though it can only be used once per day at first. This ability is... unlocked!

Note: This ability was unlocked during her first rebirth in the forest after eating the poisonous berry.

(2)Divine Sight (aka Pokescan) (Scans to gain information on selected target)...unlocked

Not an offensive move. All this does is give Destiny a detailed report on the scanned pokemon/human etc.

ie...how much health it has...how tired it is...any moves it knows...if it's effected by a status changer... In other words a pokemon who is faking an injury is all out of luck.

In short she is a walking pokedex.

This ability was always unlocked since her birth and was given to her by Arceus as a gift to help her along in her new world. Destiny still has to learn how to use it though.

(3) Premonition

Currently Destiny has no control over this ability. Whoever, she will gain control as she grows older and more experienced...

Destiny can take a peak, or receive a vision from/into the future and see what will happen in the next few hours, days or even minutes if she trains this ability enough. The further away in time the vision is the more difficult is it to use. The closer in time the vision is the easier...but it can also puts her into a dream like trance, so using it in battle may be a bad idea if it takes longer than a few short seconds.

This ability also only shows a possible future, not 'the' future...i.e. what might happen, not necessarily what will happen. This ability was first introduced during her trip with David before they walked into Team Rockets trap.

NOTE: Once she learns how to control it and can bring the 'dream time' down to a second or two, she will be able to use it to see what move a pokemon will use next...a few seconds before it uses said move. So all in all a VERY powerful ability.

Also: 'Divine Sight' and 'Premonition' can be used at same time...which makes this a very powerful duo indeed.

It's weakness:... it takes a LOT of concentration... so much that it can leave the user temporarily blind if they are not used to using it. (Which is why it's usually only used when you're sleeping as it's not usually practical to use it during battles..until of course it's fully mastered... THEN it becomes devastating!)...This move is UNLOCKED

(4)Ultimate Defense= (aka Shield) similar to the move 'protect'. This is as the name says an ultimate defense. While active Destiny can't move or attack, however while active all damage to her is reduced to 0 and is sometimes (not always) reflected back to its source at twice it's power. It's weakness is it's high power demand, so it can not be used constantly as it quickly tires her out, forcing her to recharge this ability. This move has a cool down period the same as a hyper beam...if used constantly in a battle this time increases. Unlike protect however it does not fail after multiple uses. Destiny will need to recharge each time before she can use this again. Each time this cool down period becomes longer until it's given some time to rest. Currently locked

(5)Invisibility= Like Mew who also has this ability she can't use other moves while this is in use. Can still be hit though. Basically this moves makes Destiny invisible. Takes a little energy to use. Currently unlocked though untrained.

Finally we have..

(6) Assume Form (and this is the big one...the one will scare the crap out of trainers)...LOCKED until evolution!! (For evolution look further below)

Destiny's final move and arguably her most powerful/useful move of them all.

NOTE: She needs to evolve into Paradeon first before she can use this move!!!

NOTE 2: While in a form she can only use attacks from her current element...so if she uses ice, she can only use ice attacks... if she is fire...she can only use fire attacks.

NOTE 3: The weakness..(Yes she has one) Super effective moves which are strong against her chosen type still do the double damage as shown on the type damage tables. So yes, Water is still super strong against her fire form. Note: she is always invulnerable against fire type moves due to her special ability Phoenix Resistance) She can also not use her fire form to swim, go underground in her electric form, go into strong fire if in her water form as that would quickly harm her due to her being overwhelmed etc as that would badly hurt her... (In other words she can't use a form if it's in an area where that form would be weak..or if that area would universally cause her harm. i.e. Lava)

Not to be mistaken with the move transform (which she can also use and which is the only way for her to attack in her first evolution form)...this is the move which makes Paradeon the ultimate fighting force and gives her the unofficial title of legendary pokemon. It's also the only way besides using the move transform for her to attack!!!

Destiny has the ability to turn her type..indeed her very being into any element she wishes at any moment, (only one element at a time... so no double types) making her the most annoying pokemon...and maybe the most dangerous of them all. Her defense is literally near impervious to single pokemon types. (groups still have a good chance) While in this form she literally becomes the element she chooses to turn into, with all strengths and weaknesses that goes with it. ie...ground type = immune to electric attacks but super weak vrs water. The beauty of this ability/move is that she can change into and become any element at any time with the ability to change form at will quickly into any other available element, quickly turning the tables in any battle.

Along with the ability to turn into any pokemon she wants to by using the move 'Transform', Destiny has the ability to literally turn into any element...and to make things even worse...each element has it's own unique creature.

Fire= She turns herself into a huge flaming Fire Dragon which can go into a volcano and survive there (even heal inside one since coming in contact with fire heals it) Coming in contact with this pokemon i.e. physcial moves, burns the attacking pokemon. She can use ALL fire type moves, but only fire type moves while in this form.

Water= Turns herself into a huge Water lizard which can breath underwater. (and heal under water) It can create a huge whirlpool and use all Water type moves...and ONLY water type moves.

Grass= Turns her into a living moving tree (think of an Ant from Lord of the rings) She can use all grass type moves. Touching her drains you like the move Giga Drain. (Again only grass type moves can be used)

Ice= Turns her into an Ice dragon...While it has no special ice move... anything which touches her freezes making physical attacks near useless. It can also use all ice type moves. (Again only Ice type moves can be used)

Electric= Turns her into an Electric bolt which is made literally out of electricity. Anything which touches her in paralyzed. She is extremely fast in this form and can use all electric type moves. (Again only electric type moves can be used)

Dark: She literally becomes a shadow and can move from shadows to other shadows in the area. Beware: moves than cause light can greatly harm her if she is in full shadow form and can make her visible. If surrounded by light in full shadow form she is also automatically greatly weakened.

Etc etc...each element has it's own monster, each with it's own weakness and strengths.

Note: Her normal form is her default form...her dragon /steel form... it's the only form which has no attacks...but she does have her egg moves/abilities. There is also a Dragon and steel elemental monster form which has super strong attacks an massive hit points.


To activate this ability and her evolution into Paradeon... Destiny has to gain the elemental type(s) first. This is done by 'evolving her' through the use of evolution stones. This type of evolution can happen multiple times even if she already has evolved once before. While using one stone starts the first evolution more stones for more types can be added later. Each added stone/item adds a corresponding jewel to Destiny's white diamond on her head. (think of Arceus's plates) Each evolutionary stone/item corresponds to an elemental type allowing Destiny to become any type if fully upgraded with all stones/items.

She gains a jewel to her white diamond (it appears inside it) to show she can change into the type.

List of stones/items: (For this story the following are the types destiny will gain if the following stones or items are used to 'evolve' her. (To evolve her she simply has to touch the stone or item)

Her default type: Steel, Dragon ...these are NOT elements... to unlock the element (and its monster form) the items or stone still has to be used.

This means at time of her first evolution Destiny will have access to her default form (dragon/steel)...and at least 2 elemental types.

NB: Some of these stones might be invented...

Fire Stone...Fire type

Water Stone...Water type

Thunder Stone...Electric type

Leaf Stone...Grass type

Moon Stone... Dark type

Sun Stone... Psychic type

Ice Stone... Ice type

Shiny stone... Fairy type

Dusk Stone... Ghost type

Dawn Stone... Bug type

Metal coat...Steel type

Shiny Feather..Flying (made up)

Quake Stone...Ground type (made up)

Dragon scale...Dragon type (made up)

I'll have to make up more items or stones for others which I may have missed...

etc etc etc...

Current learned 'normal' (not unique) moves: (Note: none of these are offensive)

(1)Teleport...teleports Destiny to a location

(2)Reflect... Reduces damage from physical attacks by about half

(3)Recover... recovers her own hit points...but not that of another

(4) Refresh... Heals poisoning or other status changers

(5) Agility... Allows her to increase her speed x2, x3...or even in rare situations to x4 her normal speed if it's used again and again. (at which point it might even look like as if time has temporarily stopped)

Obviously...the faster she goes... the more difficult it is to move/change directions. Obstacles after all don't disappear.


Future Pokedex information:(this is what other trainers will receive in the future if they scan a pacifidox: The Paradox Pokemon.)


The Paradox Pokemon

Warning! High risk! Proceed with extreme caution!

Evolution level 1

P (Pseudo Legendary) Class Pokemon

Pacifidox, also known as the paradox or pacifist pokemon. Don't be fooled by it's weak sounding name. Pacifidox may seem like a pacifist at first but it's dark and evil looks show the true hidden nature of this Pokemon's power. While many trainers believe that it may actually be incapable of attacking, thereby giving it the false name of the 'safest' (some would even call it the weakest) pokemon in existence on par with the Magikarp and Feebas, it can not be stressed enough that this is completely untrue.

While it is true it lacks the ability to attack in it's default form, it makes up for with it's unmatched legendary defense and it's ability to transform into any pokemon at any moment using the transform ability. While transformed it can and will attack!

It's dragon/steel body, it's trademark 'ultimate defense', the ability to see into the future, incredible speeds and ability to transform into another pokemon at any moment, makes it nearly impervious to most attacks and near uncatchable for all but the very best of trainers. Its ability to evolve into the legendary pokemon Paradeon makes it, in fact, one of the most dangerous Pokemon in existence on par with the legendaries themselves.


The Multiform Pokemon

Warning! Extreme Risk! Flee on sight!

Evolution level 2

L (Legendary) Class Pokemon

Paradeon, the evolved form of Pacifidox. Few pokemon can hope to match this incarnation of pure power on the battlefield. Listed as too powerful to use in battle the league was forced to put a ban on this pokemon for official league tournaments after the original single handily humiliated all opposition during the Ketchum League of 2320 under the owner ship of Clare 'Electra' Ketchum, Granddaughter of the legendary grand champion Ashton 'Gold' Gotha the-one-who-saved-us-all Ketchum. Ever since the time of the legend himself no one has ever been able to catch one since and to this date only three Paradeon's: mother, son and daughter, are known to exist. All three are owned by the Ketchum Family, and are known as the 'guardian trio' of the pokemon world.

Not much is known about this legendary pokemon but what we do know is that it can transform into anyelement known on this world at will. Along with it's trademark 'ultimate defense', the ability to learn and use any move, the ability to see into the future, turn invisible, incredible speeds and the added ability to transform into another pokemon at any moment using the move' Transform, it is nearly impervious to any and all harm and has so far proven uncatchable for all but one trainer: the great legend and chosen one himself.


League clearance levels:

Clearance levels are needed to purchase certain items, carry Pokemon above the 6 pokemon limit, permission to open a gym, to be able to receive certain grants and for certain information about pokemon.

Level 1 clearance= trainee.

Anybody who is in trainers school or studying to become a trainer.

Level 2= Graduate.

Anybody who has graduated from pokemon trainers school but do not yet have their own pokemon or active pokedex.

Level 3= A trainer on their first year.

A pokemon trainer on the first year of their journey

At this point trainers will have an active pokedex and will have the right to carry up to 6 pokemon with them at any time.

Level 4= A 3 year trainer or a league participant (aka a trainer which has at least 8 badges).

A pokemon trainer who has completed either 3 years of their pokemon journey or has participated in at least one MAJOR league tournament.

League tournaments are league sponsored tournaments like the Kanto (indigo) league or the Johto League Silver Conference Victory Tournament. Minor leagues like the Orange League do not qualify.

Pokemon trainers of this clearance are allowed to carry up to 6 pokemon with them at any time.

At this stage trainers may also qualify to sit a special exam (known as the advanced trainers exam) to reach level 5 clearance thereby gaining them the right to carry 8 pokemon. The trainer needs to be sponsored by their regions pokemon professor to qualify to take the exam.

Note: only up to 6 pokemon can be used in a official battle unless otherwise stated.

Level 5= league participant - top 16

Once you reach the top 16 of a league you receive this level of clearance)

You gain the right to carry up to 8 pokemon with you at any time. (though special permission needed from a professor to do so unless the trainer sits and passes the advanced trainers exam) (No permission need from the professor to sit the exam at this point)

Only up to 6 pokemon can be used in a official battle unless otherwise stated.

Note: a professor can remove this 'right' if he or she feels the trainers is not 'ready' yet. A good reason is needed though and it has to be verified by a league official of high rank.

Level 6= league winners (present and former)

Basically anybody who has won a major league.

These trainers have proven themselves and have gained the right to carry up to ten pokemon with them at all times (only six can be used in a battle unless otherwise stated) (Advanced Pokemon exam no longer needs to be sat as league winners have proven themselves by winning a tournament)

Level 7= Nurse joy, Officer jenny, minor pokemon professors, gym leaders, official pokemon breeders and pokemon researchers.

These are qualified league support staff employed but the league to study, heal, test or protect.

While 'support staff' are not official trainers unless you're a gym leader) (though they can be if they want) they have access to level 7 clearance information and are allowed to detain/question trainers... and even remove a trainers license if they have proof that a trainer is incapable of being a trainer or being abusive to their pokemon.

Official trainers of this rank have earned the right to carry up to twelve pokemon with them at all times. The advanced pokemon test has to be taken to qualify for this though. (again only 6 can be used unless otherwise stated in a official battle)

Level 8= Current Elite four, Gmen (Guardian Men), Official Registered Aura Guardians.

The secret police and arbiters of the pokemon league. These high ranking pokemon officials are the law of the pokemon world. Consider them as 'sheriffs' or even 'marshals' of their regions and respective fields of expertise.

Whatever they decide happens and only the league, a champion or the current 'chosen one' him or herself can can revoke an order made by these individuals. Each of these have the right to carry as many pokemon with them as needed, at any time.

Level 9 = Champions and main registered area pokemon professors.

These high ranked and highly respected individuals have the right to all but the highest (level 10 and level 11) of information.

The champion...also known as the 'commander and chief' of his or her region is the ultimate authority second only to the high council of the league...or the proven current 'chosen one'.

Granted with the power and full authority of his high position, whatever this individual says is law. Nobody except the high council and the mystical 'chosen one' can revoke an order made by him or her. This person has the right to change the laws of the pokemon world and act as judge jury and if need be executioner (though the council, the 'chosen one' and the other elite four (if all of the elite four agree) can veto his laws if they so desire)

This powerful trainer has no pokemon carrying limit.

(Note: For an official battle his is still required to only use up to 6 pokemon)

Level 10 = League Council Officials

The ultimate authority in the whole Pokemon world.

The council makes all the rules and makes sure everything is kept in order.

The current president of the Pokémon League is Charles Goodshow.

They have the power to create and rescind laws and even to remove a champion if needed.

Their power and authority is second only to that of the Chosen One.

The Chosen One (Omega level clearance...otherwise known as level 11)

This is Arceus's chosen. Arceus is the God of the Pokemon world...and the one who created the pokemon world.

As such there can be no higher authority.

In other words the chosen one is just that...the one who speaks for god. Arceus's emissary!

Seeing as this person is doing Arceus's will... he or she has full rights to low, medium and high authority over all humans and pokemon living in the pokemon world. He comes...and he goes...with the combined power of a tyrant feudal lord and a religious leader all in one. He can literally do no wrong.

A chosen one is always announced by Arceus himself during a council meeting or during a pokemon league.

The chosen one is always an Aura user, and it is Arceus himself who decrees someone to be his chosen one.

So! who stops a corrupt chosen one you may ask?

Good question!

The answer: It is expected that Arceus himself will stop his chosen one(s) if he or she 'goes too far.'

Having said that, the council do have a secret backup plan for the unlikely event that a chosen one does...go to the dark side.

Pokeball colour code:

When a pokemon is caught in a ball you might see one of the below colours during a capture event:

Red = catch mode... the default colour which appears when trying to catch a new Pokémon with an unused Pokéball) (this captures the Pokémon)

It's also the colour which appears when a pokemon is being released or returned from or to a pokeball for a battle.

Green beam = release to wild mode, aka: set free... when releasing (not returning) your own already captured Pokémon and freeing it back into the wild.

Blue Beam= Shows an unsuccessful capture. This means the pokemon is already captured and can not be captured again. (Trainers hate this colour)

White beam)= medical beam (used for medical reasons. ie...used my nurse joys... returns Pokémon but doesn't capture them)

Black beam =(release beam when the Pokéball is damaged and the Pokémon needs to be ejected. *failsafe* )

Silver beam = This is usually only seen and used by qualified officials on an already captured Pokémon. Officer Jenny or Gmen.

Purple Beam = Similar to Red...only its's the beam of a master ball. It never fails...unless of course the pokemon has already been captured (In which case the beam of light during capture turns blue)

Pink beam = 'Heat period!' From time to time a mature (female only) pokemon will go into heat. When this happens the female Pokémon will release a special pheromone which will attract compatible wild pokemon to its area.

Wild pokemon have been known to fight over the 'in heat' pokemon and cause massive property damage.

Note: This will also happen if a pokemon is getting ready or about to lay an egg.

An uncaught 'in heat' pokemon can still be captured but the ball will then lock and automatically transfer to the trainers pokemon professor (who then takes care of the trainers pokemon) for the duration of the 'heat' period.

An 'in heat' pokemon is banned from battling for the duration of its 'heat' period...for obvious reasons.

The following is not valid anymore and I'm only keeping it here for sentimental reasons (and if I ever want to switch back to it/use some of my past ideas:


evolution Lv1 i.e... Pichu's equivalent) Dragon/Steel Type

Lv2 ie…. Pikachu equivalent) Dragon/Ghost

Lvl 3 ie... Raichu's equivalent) Dragon/Ghost (Spirit form) Dragon/Steel (Physical form) Dragon/Steel (Fortress form)

Pokemon Evolution Levels: 3

Level Names: (1) Pacifidox,(2) Paradrox,(3) Paradeon (three forms)

Size: small, medium and large

Level 1 Special ability: Levitation (lvl1) ground based attacks (i.e Earthquake) abilities don't effect it.

Special ability (level 2 Spirit mode level 3): loses Levitation but gains intangible and it can fly (NO physical moves can harm it (Special type physical moves only do 1/4 damage (Note: this is before move effectiveness so it might do even less) however it's also unable to use all physical type moves - normal or special) Special long range special moves can still work and damage normally )

Special hidden secondary ability (all levels): Phoenix Rebirth (If the pokemon faints it automatically revives itself after a few seconds which is great for those pesky ghost type moves which make you share the fainted pokemons destiny) Warning: after revival it is very weak so it should avoid battling if possible during that time period...still it effectively defeats a destiny bond.

Note: To activate/gain access to Phoenix rebirth, the pokemon must first have experienced a near death experience. (only has to happen once in the pokemons life and is not needed per battle) Note 2: This ability can only be used once per day since it takes a lot of power to use it.


A small blackish shiny black snake/dragon with claws (no legs) Smooth underbody (which can grab like a human) glowing reds eyes (it floats off the ground) A large shining white diamond can be seen growing from it's head. (Think of a black shiny steel dratini with claw like hands, a white diamond on it's head. This pokemon hovers above the ground making in impervious to all earth based moves like Earthquake...it can however not fly.

Can use defensive moves only, no attacks can be learned..nor does it it know any attacks, giving it the nickname the pacifist...however it can learn all moves of the restore and reflective family...(note: use reflective moves to attack by sending moves back at the enemy) It also can use a few unique moves known only to its kind.

Pokedex's description (for future years)

(2) Paradrox (also known as the 'Ghost Form')

If it's experienced enough Pacifidox can evolve into a Paradrox. When a pacifidox chooses to change to it's 'Paradrox (attack form') it turns into a medium sized slightly intangible dragon (no claws/arms etc) it can however use a form of 'telekenetic total defense' to defend itself. It has 4 legs unlike its pre evolved counterpart. Glowing reds eyes. A white shiny diamond can be seen growing from it's head. It is always covered by a cloud like black-grey ghostly mist unless when asleep or fainted. It has two shadowy wings which it can use to fly. (Think of a black shadowy short tailed, four legged, two shadowy winged dragonair, with a white shiny diamond on it's head.

Pokedex's description (for future years)

The evolved form of Pacifidox. Warning: Unlike it's preevolved form, Paradrox can and will attack. It's dragon and ghost like body along with it's innate intangibility makes it impervious to all physical attacks. Paradrox is incapable of using any physical attacks itself (just long ranged special attacks and status changers), however, in turn it can also not be harmed by such attacks either..even those of an elemental nature. (unlike Pacifidox this pokemon can not hover but fly.

(3) If a pacifidox has gained enough experience and has fully mastered its 'attack form' known as Paradrox, it may gain the ability to evolve into a Paradeon.

Unlike Pacifidox and pacifidox this evolution has multiple forms which it can change to at will, making it a truly fearsome opponent. To reach this form a Pacifidox needs multiple evolutionary stones to evolve. The more stones that are used the more abilities can be added. Two stones are needed for the initial evolution but more can be added later on, increasing the power of this pokemon with each stone added. Each added power adds a corresponding jewel to its head. (think of Arceus's plates) Each evolutionary stone used corresponds to an elemental type allowing the paradeon to learn and use all elemental attacks if fully upgraded with all stones )

This pokemon has three (yes three) forms which it can change into at will making it a truly dangerous adversary:

Form1 (Physical mode ) Dragon/Steel Type (it's default form)

A large black steel shiny dragon behemoth. Black dragon like body with 4 legs and black wings and large sharp claws and a large scorpion like tail. It has glowing red eyes and large white teeth. A White diamond grows from it's head. Embedded to/in this large white diamond are several jewels of different colours...one for each of its gained elemental affinities ( gained by using an evolution stone) The more evolution stones used...the more gems are added to the diamond.

This Pokemon can use Physical attacks as well as special attacks. But sacrifices it's intangibility. It can not go invisible or phase. It does not levitate so electric attacks/earth based attacks can hurt it. It's armour/defense is practically indestructible to all but the strongest of moves

It use a special attack known as Ultima as well as fly. It's steel/dragon body make it near impervious to most moves however it can not use it's healing abilities while in this from.

Form 2 (Fortress Form) Steel/Dragon type

Truly an irksome sight to nearly every trainer and pokemon alike and enough to frustrate even the most dedicated of trainers. A black shiny dragon/scorpion like Behemoth with glowing white (not red) eyes, its white multicoloured stone can be easily seen on its head. Each stone showing one of it's elemental affinities. Black dragon/scorpion like body with 8 legs and two sharp claws at its front A large tail which splits into several different parts, all of which which can be used separately. This Pokemon has no wings and those not hover. This pokemon has an ability to use it;s many legs to root itself into the ground making it impossible to move or push/knock around.

Literally an near indestructible fortress which can take any attack head on and be expected to survive it. (though not constantly..even the mightiest Goliath can waver against an army of Davids)

It's main weakness is it's slow speed and inability to dodge (it can not move fast at all) making it an easy target. However it's shield , insane armour andand near godlike ability to heal itself from any damage or status changes makes this point mute. Many speculate the only way to defeat a Paradeon in its fortress form it to tire it out and to attack it until its energy neaded use its healing abilities is depleted)

Strangely while in this form it can not attack at all, except by using it's many elemental tails. Each tail represents one element (gained from each evolution stone used on this pokemon) Each tail can attack independently from the others. While in this form Paradeon can use all of it's healing abilities.

Form 3 Elemental/spirit mode) Dragon/Ghost

Finally a Paradeon has the ability to transform into a large white partially see through dragon behemoth. Partially ethereal like body with wings. It's eyes are see through as well and have no colour) A ethereal (not white) shiny diamond grows from its head.

This pokemon does not have claws and can not use physical attacks however it does have it's intangible ability..and it can use it's special attacks. This pokemon can become invisible or (not both) phase at will. While phased it can not use any attacks but is in turn also nearly impervious to nearly all harm as well. Special moves like sleep or moves that deal its effects indirectly might still harm it but that's it) It can attack and be harmed when invisible. While phased this pokemon turns completely ethereal and even loses it's white colour. While in this state all attacks pass through this pokemon as if it wasn't even there...however the pokemon is still visible..if only barely.

It's unique finisher move Ultima (the final word) always causes the opponent to faint if it hits no matter how strong... as such this makes it one of the most dangerous moves ever to exist. However due to its power ..the move is slow and easily dodged..its only ironic weakness.

Pokedex's description (for future years)

The final stage of Pacifidox and Paradrox. Also known as the multi form pokemon. Warning: extreme caution is advised when approaching this pokemon. While not technically a legendary due to a technicality, it is nonetheless universally accepted as one and to be treated as such. Unlike it's previous evolutions Paradeon can use all types of attacks be it physical or special (depending on it's form). It's ability to change into three separate forms makes it highly dangerous to all trainers so much so that it's generally considered as a flee on sight pokemon for all rookie and intermediate trainers. It's also known for its ability to use all moves of all types depending on how many gems it holds. The white gem on its head shows how many element types his pokemon can use.

Special moves/pokemon signature moves:

(1)Phase...Allows the pokemon to temporarily shift into an indestructible spirit form making it impervious to nearly all moves (Moves that cause sleep or confusion might still work). (Phase is an alternate maybe even higher version of protect since it can not be broken) Note: it can not attack or use other moves while phased. Note 2: It is temporary and can can not be used for long. After usage Pokemon must first recharge the move before using it again. (Same time as when recharging from a hyperbeam) (Used to get out of tight situations or to move through objects) While phased the pokemon is visible.

(2)Ultima ...the ultimate move known as the 'final word'...Ultima is a one hit KO move...if it hits, your defeated.

A devastating move... if it hits your f*d...it can however be dodged.

It's also takes a few seconds to power up.

Later version of Ultima which I then decided to take out:

(4)Ultima = A one hit KO move. It's also her ONLY pure offensive move...Currently Locked

She will have to grow a lot stronger before she will be able to handle the stress of using this move. So don't expect to see it any time soon. It's also not a move to be used lightly! Great care needs to be practiced when using this highly destructive move.

OK...this is the big one...and I do mean BIG! As in really big!

Her only offensive move. (and really it's all she will ever need)

A true doomsday move. Ultima is just that...the 'final' ultimate move...

It's super strong, very very overpowered... and because of that (and because it does need a weakness)...also very very tiring.

It bypasses any type advantages that may exist.

Any pokemon which are hit by this move... faint instantly.

Seriously...this is no joke. Evolution level 1 to 3...even mega evolutions or even low tier legendaries...it does not matter. Whether you're in full health or not. If it hits you... you faint. The sole exception are medium to high tier Legendaries and of course Arceus and Suecra. Medium Legendaries can survive one hit (if they were at full health)... high tier: two (again only if they were at full heath...otherwise just one) but it leaves them weakened...and it hurts like fracking hell. Arceus is the only one who can walk away as if nothing happened and that is only because the attack is made out of Arceus's own energy. (Which he is immune to)

It's only weaknesses (besides doing no damage to Arceus)...is that it takes a while to charge...it can be dodged... and it really tires the hell out of you to use it.

Destiny will have to rest each time after using it for several minutes. (Resting from a hyperbeam takes a mere fraction of the time) It is possible to use it immediately after just using it...but If she uses it a second time without resting first she will faint. (Of course this might not mean much when she can use Phoenix rebirth...but that's beside the point. Besides... she is vulnerable after using that 'PR'...which should obviously be avoided)

Finally, moves like protect are useless against it. (Protect is simply overpowered by it, making is useless) So basically the only defense is to dodge it, making this a truly terrifying move.

YES!...IT IS overpowered. No doubt about it!...But she is the second chosen one...and she WILL be expected to fight Suecra along side Arceus. The only pokemon, other than Arceus who can withstand several direct hits by this move and keep on going. (though he will need a short while to recover each time.)...

It also has the unfortunate problem of causing massive damage to the surrounding area ... so needless to say Destiny will only be able to use it (safely) in an open area. Which mean she can't use it 'safely' in an official battle. (Think of it as the Redeemer from the PC game unreal tournament to get an idea of what this will do.)

Last note: Destiny and Arceus are the only ones 100% immune to this move. Destiny, because it is her own move...and Arceus because the move uses his power.

Ash..not NOT immune. However...since he is an Aura user (and therefore has a pokemons resistance to damage) he would simply be knocked out instead of outright killed by this move. (and probably be forced to spend some time in a hospital/pokemon center too)

A second hit would of course be too much for him to survive.

(4) Ultimate Defense (Shield)

Its signature shield... like the move 'protect,' it uses an aura shield to protect the pokemon from all damage...however unlike protect, it never fails. It's only weakness is that it's very tiring so use it sparingly and only in emergencies. (probably the most annoying move for an attacking trainer

A complimentary detailed guide to:



The next few pages are filled with spoilers and information on the story ‘Digital’.

If you do not wish to know in advance what happens or if you simply want to be surprised, don't read any further!!

For those of you who wish to continue; you have been warned.

Note: The information seen on this page is provisional and may change at any time as I see fit.

New information may become available from time to time and certain information may be withheld until a later stage.

I am posting this as (A) a sort of backup so that my work won’t be lost if I should somehow lose it due to a system crash, virus etc. (It has happened before) and (B) as a source of 'additional extra' information for those of you who like to read ahead and comment/suggest. Please feel free to leave suggestions/ comments (in PM's) which may help me to improve the story. Any tips/ideas etc are always appreciated. I will give credit to you should I decide to use your idea/suggestion in my story. (I reserve the right to decline any ideas/suggestions which may be given.)

Story Name: Digital

Set in: Digimon Season 3 Tamers / Harry Potter Book 4 (end) / Harry Potter Book 5 and beyond

Main pairings:

Primary: Harry/Hermione (Hermione, first as a tamer then later as his 'human' lover & tamer)

Secondary: Harry/Renamon (Every story needs a romantic relationship... (At least they should) Renamon will be Harry's digital girlfriend...or rather mate)

In the end BOTH Hermione AND Renamon will be paired with Harry. (Hermione will be with his human side, while Renamon will be with his digimon side), BOTH will be his girlfriends/mate...and in Hermiones case also his tamer.

Brief story idea:

During the summer break Harry illegally transforms into his animagus form. What happens when that form is not ‘normal’ but digital. Join Harry in his digital life as he makes new friends, new enemies and tries to fulfil a prophesy far older than the wizarding world itself.

Main characters:

Harry Potter– Age: 15 - Main Story Character and Hero, The prophesied one, Boy-who-lived, Heir to the legendary digital throne, legendary digimon. Partner to Hermione Granger.

A wizard, while not a pure digimon Harry has the ability to transform into his digmon animagus forms –Xmon (In-training) Kitmon/Kitsunimon (Rookie) Phoenixmon (Champion) Infernomon (Ultimate) Hellfiredramon (Mega) Lordrexdramon (Sovereign)

At the start he is incapable of transforming back to his human form but later he gains the ability to change at will.

EGO ('Enhanced Genetic Operative' otherwise known as: The 'Alter Ego gene') A genetically organically bred command gene, created by a long forgotten advanced intergalactic human society for one purpose: to guide, train and if necessary lead potential tamers (in this case Harry) in the use of digimon. (EGO is Harry's personal trainer, right hand adviser and autopilot all in one)

Hermione Granger Age: 15 – Magical, Leader and the 'Thumb' of the 'Digital hand' (otherwise known as the 'Digital (Digi) five'). Best friend to Harry Potter, - Later on she becomes Harry’s tamer (Kitmon) and later on again when he learns to fully control his form, his lover.

Rika Nonaka Age: 14 - Non-magical, Digimon Tamer, One of the Digi-five, 'index finger' of the Digital Hand, Digimon: Renamon (Viximon, Renamon, Kyubimon, Taomon, Sakuyamon)

Takato Matsuki Age: 14 - Non Magical, Digimon Tamer, One of the Digi-Five, Middle finger of the Digital Hand, Digimon: Guilmon (Gigimon, Guilmon, Growlmon, WarGrowlmon, Gallantmon, GallantmonCrimson Mode)

Henry Wong Age: 14 - Non Magical, Digimon Tamer, One of the Digi-Five, Ring finger of the Digital Hand (Digimon: Terriermon (Gummymon, Terriermon, Gargomon, Rapidmon, MegaGargomon)

Ryo Akiyama–Age: 15 Professional non-magical Digimon Tamer, Former Digi-destined, Final member of the Digi-five, the little finger of the Digital Hand (later in the story after he takes over from Jeri Kauto ) (Monodramon, Strikedramon, Cyberdramon, Justimon)

Jeri Kauto–Age: 14 Digimon Tamer, Temporary Member of the Digi-Five, Temporary Little Finger of the DIgital Hand. After she looses Leomon Ryo takes over her position as the little finger of the hand. She stays an honorary member of the Hand known as the 'Baby Finger' (Elecmon, Leomon, Grapleomon, SaberLeomon,)

Dumbledore– Age: 160 - Leader of the Order of the phoenix, Supreme Mugwump of the Wizzengamout (Wizarding Government) Headmaster of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Voldemort (Tom Marvolo Riddle)– Age: 73 - A wizard, Evil character of the wizarding World. He and his Death Eaters will stop at nothing to see Harry dead (or rather deleted) However all is not as it seems.

The Dark Lady Seles Sarina Slytherin- Age: 73- A Witch, Wife and closest advisor of Voldemort.

Gennai : Age: unknown, Gennai has a strange history. He is in fact neither human nor Digital but the avatar of the digital world itself. (The digital world speaks through him by the powers of the Digital Mother who is the personification of the Digital World) Myth says he is as old as the digital world itself and was created at its birth and if he, or the Digital Mother, were to die so would the digital world (one reason why he is left alone by all), others again say he is simply an immortal being of little importance, but great wisdom, who existed in the digital world long before the first digimon was created.

Gennai is the legendary guide of the Digital world who in ages long past had been known to act as an advisor to the digital king (as he saw fit). Gennai has a human looking form but he is anything but human. During the story Gennai acts as a wise hermit who lives in the digital world and who may be seen giving information to our heroes (especially Harry).

Hypnos, (lead by Yamaki): A secret organisation, set up with the purpose of containing, or failing that, of controlling the outburst of digimon into the 'real' world.

Yamaki, who is the leader of this organsation, will stop at first stop at nothing to send the digimons back to where they came from, or failing that to destroy them. Later on he becomes friendly with the tamers and helps them with their goals.

Yamaki is particularly interested in Harry, especially after Harry shows considerable resistance to being deleted (and even comes back to life after actually being deleted by one of his counter acts against the digital world)

Other Characters of high importance

Kazu Shioda–Age: 14 Digimon Tamer (Hagurumon, Guardromon, Andromon, HiAndromon)

Kenta Kitagawa– Age: 14 Digimon Tamer (Bukamon, Gomamon, Ikkakumon, Zudomon, MarineAngemon

Suzie Wong–Age: 6 (Henrys Little sister, Digimon Tamer (Chocomon, Lopmon, Turuiemon, Antylamon, Kerpymon,)

Ginny Weasley – Age 14, A witch, Harry’s former school house mate. She has a crush on Harry and will not willingly let him go and will fight anybody, or anything for his hand, no matter his form. During the story she will continuously attempt to win Harry’s heart so much so that she eventually forsakes her human self and becomes a digimon. Little does she know Harry will never take her.

Sirius Black – Age: 36 (A wizard, and an innocent, falsely charged criminal, Harry’s Godfather was a close friend to his deceased parents, dog animagus. Sirius is currently on the run from the magical ministry after breaking out of prison)

Remus Lupin –Age: 36 ( A wizard, true werewolf (able to change at will) Close friend of Sirius Black and Harry’s unofficial uncle, ambassador to the Wizarding world and (primarily) the order of the phoenix, Member of the Order of the Phoenix)

Fred and George Weasley –Age(s):17 Wizards, Harry’s former School friends, founders and co partners with Harry of WWW (Weasleys Wizarding Weezes) and IDG (International Digital Gadgets LTM--WWW's ‘secret’ sister company and future subsection of Hypnos...later Hypnos and IDG merge to become 'DATS' the Digital Accident Tactics squad. Unlike the one from the series though, this one is more of a police force which promote the integration of Digimon and Humans and is made out of three departments: DPF (Digital Police Force), IDG (International Digital Gadgets) and the IDRO (International Digital Relations Office) It will be a co-run ministry type organization run by both Humans and Digimon.

Cornelius Fudge – Age: 45 (Wizard, British minister of magic)

Deloris Umbridge - Age 48 (Witch, Senior Undersecretary to the minister, later she heads the 'EDMC' (Extermination of Dark (Digital) Monsters Committee)

Digmon Characters

The ‘Big 12’ Otherwise known as: The Olympus Twelve

‘The Big 12’( 12 mega level shaman digimon) - Once, a long time ago, In ages long past, during the former kings rule (when there was still relative peace in the digital world)
these 12 mega class digimon were once the kings personal body guards responsible for the kings personal safety) Now they (those who are left) are all in hibernation waiting the arrival of the true heir of the digital throne. NB: ONLY 6 OF THESE POWERFUL GUARDS REMAIN only half of the once extremely powerful Royal Guard.

The 13 Royal Knights (think of King Arthurs round table)

Where as the Olympus Twelve were the kings body guards the 13 Royal Knights (Royal Knights are Mega-level Exalted Knight Digimon) were the kings personal army...his own Devas (in times of war) and the main police force of the digital world (in times of peace) Just like the Olympus 12 not all members exist anymore as some have been defeated (or have turned over to the dark side)

Led by Alphamon, those who are still loyal to the king are busy stalling (not winning against) Lucemons corrupted Royal Knights (and the D-Reapers advances) for the past few thousand years. These combined powers are only enough to stall Lucemons advances.(as well as those of the D-Reaper) Even so Lucemon is slowly winning as he turns more to his side and its only a matter of time before the remaining good knights are overwhelmed. Only the king or the DM herself can order these knights around. Currently only 11 of these knights still exist. 5 of which are currently on the dark side. currently remain on the good side, 3 have long been deleted, (one of which (Gallantmon) has been resurrected by the DM - though nobody knows that)

NOTE: KING DRASIL does not exist in this story.

Good Royal Knights= Alphamon,Dynasmon,Leopardmon,Sleipmon,UlforceVeedramon

Corrupted Royal Knights=Craniamon,Crusadermon,Examon, Magnamon,Omnimon

NB: Galantmon is not in the list above. Destroyed eons ago with the other two deleted members of the royal knights, the DM recreated him again as Takato's Guilmon who was sent to the human world to aid Harry in his upcoming battles. Problem is: he doesn't remember any of his past and has to learn everything all over again. Never the less he 'is' one of the 13 Royal Knights. (Or he will be again as soon as it reaches its Mega stage.

Lucemon/Lucemon Chaos Mode/Lucemon Shadowlord Mode

The Digital worlds main evil character and leader of the 'Dark Side'

Only the digital king has enough power to defeat Lucemons final form (It's ability to change Digimon back into Digi-Eggs- making them useless makes it a very dangerous opponent) In the story Lucemon strongly believes that defeating and absorbing the Digital mother would make him invincible as it's the true way to achieve true power )absorbing the digital mothers data. Note: lucemon does NOT believe that destroying the Digital Mother = the end of the digital world, just that it would make him more powerful than anything else.

In the story Lucemon has corrupted as few of the Royal Knights who currently work for him against the remaining loyal royal knights of the king.

The 5 Sovereigns (Digimon Lords/Deities)

Azulongmon of the east, Zhuqiaomon to the south, Baihumon to the west, and Ebonwumon to the north. There is also a fifth member, Fanglongmon, who represents the center of the compass and rules over the others.

These incredibly powerful digimon rule the digital world in the absence of the digital king. The fifth Sovereign (leader of the sovereigns) is the current ruler of the digital world (he it the temporary king until the true king returns) The king and the 5 sovereigns make up the ‘Ruling 6’ who (with occasional advice from Gennai who also acts as a tie breaker in votes) rule the digital world. (only Harry, when in his final form has the power to beat a sovereign in battle)

Zhuqiaomon (pronounced "Choo - chow - mon") is the Lord of the Digital World's Southern hemisphere. The destructive one of the Digimon Sovereigns, he detests the humans and is the god of fire and flight.

Azulongmon is the Lord of the Digital World's Eastern Hemisphere He is the god of the thunder.

Ebonwumon is the Lord of the Digital World's Northern hemisphere. He is the oldest of the Digimon Sovereigns, and he is the god of nature

Baihumon is the Lord of the Digital World's Western hemisphere. He is the youngest and the most powerful of the four Sovereigns, and is the god with the attribute of steel. All 4 are on Digital World DS the game.

Fanglongmon is the Lord of the center of the Digital World. He is the leader of the Sovereigns and current supreme ruler of the Digital world.

The Deva’s

Ultimate level digimon who act as personal assassins to the sovereigns. A few of the Deva's will battle against the tamers at certain points during the story.

‘Main’ digimon characters overview


(1)Kitmon (Kitsunimon) (aka Harry Potter)

Type:Data Type. Legendary fox/phoenix hybrid (Kitsumi family)… cousin to Renamon. Royal Digimon, First of the Kitsuni digimon type...which means Renamon (and other kitsuni type digimon) was created in Harry's image. Renamon is a Kitsuni type digimon, Harry's rookie name is Kitmon (Kitsunimon in full)

EXTRA: Harry’s special abilities which he can use at any time in any form (due to his inherited Phoenix animagus ability) Note: Harry won't know about his special abilities until later.

Primary special ability: Digital Healing (Can use the phoenix healing tears ability to heal others quickly after or during a battle. Harry needs to be still when using this ability which can make him vulnerable to incoming attacks. Does not actually use tears but his own power to heal others. (He transfers his power to others) NB: Ratio of transfered power to other digimon is appox 1:5 (Same for all of his forms) So 1 of his health would restore 5 of anothers health which in turn would mean that he would need 20 of his own health to fully restore another digimon to full health)

Secondary special ability: Digital Rebirth(This ability works only once every day (so also only once per battle) Harry can be reborn from his ashes (or rather his digital code) when he is deleted by another digimon or person/creature…

Harry’s data can not be absorbed by another digimon during his rebirth..(it takes a minute for that to happen and before it happens his data can be visibly seen floating above the ground, resorting itself and then reconnecting itself back together again terminator style)

REMEMBER: Once it has been used during the battle Harry is vulnerable as it can only be used once for that day. Harry will always revert back to his in-training stage during rebirth.

WARNING: If it happens after a biomerge/during a biomerge (in other words the 'true' mega stage) only the digimon is reborn (the tamer is lost) SO BE CAREFUL...VERY CAREFUL!!

In-training: X-mon…

In-training: 'Xmon'…(Digimon 'X') Small roundish body (red) covered in red phoenix type feathers with a furry fox tail and small pointy ears.

Primary (default) attack: normal full body tackle (not named) attacks with full body power.

Secondary attack:Pyro Beam (fires a small weak beam of intense hot light which can leave burns)

Rookie: (Data)- Kitmon (Kitsunimon)

Rookie: (Data)- 'Kitmon'… fox head and fox ears, body covered in blood red fox fur … pure white red and black feathered pheonix wings, long furry fox tail., decent sized hands with extendable razor sharp claws./ green glowing eyes, visible lightening bolt on forehead. (Named Kitmon by Harry and EGO shortly after first transformation due to it’s obvious young Kitsuni fox body)

Primary attack (Normal claws/body tackle)

Secondary attack: Firefox Storm… numerous tiny diamond hard flaming needles strike at the opponent (like diamond storm (Renamons attack) in a single direction. Attack can be altered to fire from all sides at once but a high experience level is required to use this increased effect. It also uses up more energy.

Final attack: Kitsuni Flash, Harry moves extraordinarily fast towards his target (he flames) and gets in close before he strikes the opponent with very fast strikes of his extended red hot and on fire blades.

Champion: (Data)- Phoenixmon

Champion: (Data)- 'Phoenixmon'… Larger, more dangerous, four legged looking version of Kitmon ( similar shape to kyubimons form) on four legs instead of two, large red fox head, a lightening bolt extending from its forehead., fox ears, body covered with red fur, Long fox type tail which splits into eleven separate tails (not nine like Renamon) to hover over the back of his body. Three of the tails (The top most) are slightly larger than the rest. Two huge (Cover the whole body) silver/red and black Phoenix wings extend out from body (phoenix feathers) / green glowing eyes.

Primary attack: (Normal claws/body tackle)

Secondary attack: Phoenix Tornado, Harry’s whole body is momentarily covered in a red hot ball of flame as he charges up the attack then releases a single very powerful uncontrolled large, fire tornedo which has the shape of a tornado destroying everything in its way.

Third attack: Firefox Inferno, Unlike the Phoenix blast which is uncontrolled, The FireFoxInferno is three weaker but directed/controlled smaller balls of fire (three phoenix shaped smaller smart seeker missiles which are fired from its three larger top tails. Warning: these missiles are very smart, they will dodge objects and follow the target as long as it is kept in sight of the caster ( as long as the caster can direct them visually) They can even hover in mid air (for a short while) to wait for the target to move out of a hidden spot, however the caster has to keep eye contact while using this ability or it will lose control of the attack.

Final Attack:Phoenixfox Storm, Like Kitsunimons 'Firefox Storm' it fires hundreds of fiery darts at the opponent, however unlike Kitsunimons attack, this one fires in all directions at once. During the attack all thirteen tails turn into different directions, then fire off darts in all 360 degrees, doing damage to all sides at once. Due to the extreme spread of the attack it quickly looses its effectiveness the further away the target is and should therefore only be used for close combat and for large groups.

Ultimate:(Virus)- Infernomon

Ultimate: (Virus)- 'Infernomon' ,

Tall visually stunning flaming fox shaped royal knight with red scorching hot (literally as the fur is on fire) fox fur, (Body fire does not automatically burn the area but can if left uncontrolled) armoured head and body ( trade mark lightening bolt extends out from its armoured head), long fox tail. Back is covered by a black and red cloak. Large flaming sword in one hand, large shield in the other, Green glowing eyes, large pure black, silver striped feathered wings (weakness towards water while flaming ability is on) Attackers using physical attacks against this digimon get burned by its flaming body if ability is on. (Named due to the inferno of fires is leaves behind when in its uncontrolled state)

Primary attack: (Normal claws/body tackle/sword attacks)

Secondary attack: Exterminate(Harry uses his massive sword to launch a bright red beam of fire at the opponent (like Gallantmons ‘shield of just’ attack only weaker (since its an ultimate attack not a Mega)

Third attack: Inferno (Named after this attack, Blasts the targeted area with a large explosion which literally rocks and shakes the ground. (Note: it also causes a small localized earthquake)

The targeted area is also covered in flames during the attack and for a few short while after the attack.

Fourth Ability: (no Attack) Digital Absorption(A fire shield is created around the digimon absorbing and protecting it from all non-physical damage. NB: Costs energy to maintain.

Final attack: Infernal Shock-wave (A brief but powerful fire shock Wave leaves Infernomons body from all sides, dealing damage to and stunning everything it hits for a few seconds. Effectiveness of the attack decreases the further away the target it. Warning: this attack hits everything even friendlies if they are near by. Should be used with caution.

Mega: (Virus)- Hellfyredramon/ HellFiredramon…

Mega: (Virus)- 'Hellfyredramon/HellFiredramon'… demonic fox digimon with a nasty punch…Guaranteed to strike fear into all but the bravest of hearts, an aura projecting a strong feeling of fear (which can be turned on and off at will) is emitted from his body in waves wherever he goes. (Like a dementor (HP) or a Nazgal (LOR)) Large, heavily armed and heavily armoured fox digimon, fox head with fox ears can be clearly seen (Covered by head armour), body is covered completely in scorching red and black fur, Body is also covered in flaming armour. Does not automatically burn area it touches but can if necessary), long red furred fox tail which splits into three separates tails with black tips extends down from the body. Back is covered by a red and black cloak, huge flaming whip in right hand and a massive flaming shield in the other which can be used to protect the digimon from any incoming attack. Digimon can move through fire and lava unharmed… that means Pyro/fire attacks are useless and attackers using physical attacks get burned when flaming ability is on..,…(slight weakness towards water when flaming ability is on) A huge cannon named ‘Ultima’ is mounted on its left shoulder. Massive black featured wings with silver stripes extend from the body. Think of a Balrog (LOR) with a fox head and flaming black silver striped phoenix feather wings) Green glowing eyes (Trademark lightening bolt clearly seen extended from the armoured head) (Named as such because it madethe tamers think they saw a demon from hell the first time they see this form…not far away from the truth really…hard to believe it’s a royal knight LOL)

Primary attack: (Normal claws/body tackle/sword attacks)

Secondary attack: Hell Slash,remember the Balrog from Lord of the rings…when it used its whip on Galdalf in the mines of Moria …this is directly the same weapon, only it burns like hell and does a lot more damage and can even slice through walls. (or unlucky digmon)

Third attack: Ultima

A huge cannon which is mounted on Hellfyredramons shoulder which fires an extremely dense ball of ultra hot fire….When it hits it does huge damage…has the potential to delete weaker digimon (up to champion level, with one hit and still does heavy,often devastating damage to ulimate digimon. Mega level digimon fare better but not by much. Two hits can destroy most mega digimon. Luckily (Lucky for the targeted digimon) it is fairly slow so it can be easily dodged by faster digimon. Used to finish battles when the targeted digimon is immobile or when there are large numbers.

Fourth Ability (no attack though it can be used as such) Digital Reflection(A fire shield is created around the digimon protecting it from all non-physical damage for a short while by reflecting it back at the attacking digimon. NB: Costs energy to maintain.

Fifth Attack: Subspace Implosion (a large powerful gravitational black hole appears in the targeted area for a brief amount of time sucking in everything nearby regardless of what or who it is (excluding only the caster) doing damage to anything sucked in until it disappears after a few seconds (20 seconds). The gravitational pull lessons the further away from the hole you are.

Sixth Ability Fyre Flash (Not an attack but extremely useful. Digimon briefly bursts/changes into a pure ball of fire for a very short time (2 seconds) During that time it is impervious to all harm except water attacks. (attacks simply pass though him) Used when a powerful attack is about to hit you. WARNING: Water can greatly harm the digimon while ability is in affect. It's short effectiveness period makes it useless against long lasting or wide area attacks. NB: close standing digimon can indeed be burnt by this ability while it bursts into flames.

Sovereign: Harry's Digimon form has an extended form… ALL/neutral type (no type weaknesses but also no type strengths)… -Sovereignmon…

If a Mary Sue digimon were to exist this would be it: Since this is supposed to be the most powerful digimon ever to exist. THE 'Sovereign' (the digital kings form) its attacks are also VERY VERY powerful…ridiculously powerful, godlike even …Well…he is a god, literally,…so I guess it counts.

A simply humongous digimon (Think of the Kyubi in the Naruto series as shown as he towers over the forest... Kyubi's paw was the size, even larger, than a full grown tree) with a fox type body and a a crowned fox head, green eerily glowing eyes, Massive phoenix type black wings with Silver stripes which sprout from it's back, (This digimon can fly) Four paw like legs, with a paw the size of a fully grown tree. 13 huge tails which can be used to smash things. Body is covered completely in flaming scorching red and black fur (the wings have feathers instead) which can be quickly covered in Black and Silver armour at a seconds notice if needed. (The wings can't) Two massive expendable, ultra sharp claws which can be used as both weapons and as hands extend from its body. Huge teeth. Trademark lightening bolt is clearly visible in all of its beauty across the huge head. A truly fearsome opponent. It truly is the king of all foxes. Can travel as fast as the speed of two times the speed of sound when at full speed (running) Two time the speed of sound when flying.

Note: Every king has it's own Sovereign form...the last kings form was that of a dragon, Harry's is that of a flying fox, because he's a Kitsune.

Primary attack: (Normal claws/body tackle/sword attacks) (imagine being rammed by a massive flaming fire fox with very sharp teeth and equally sharp claws, flying at you at the speed of sound or more).

Secondary attack: Royal Prerogative, temporarily forces the targeted digimon/or being to attack itself or another digimon/being of its choice. (A kind of mind control) The stronger the opponent the less time this ability has before it becomes inactive.

Third attack: Final rights/Final sentence

“Feared by all, hated by many”

The ultimate of all attacks…it can not be stopped at all expect by deleting the attacker or unless the attacker moves….in this case by deleting Harry, or unless Harry himself stops the attack.

Once hit the hit digimon rapidly looses strength and transfers it directly to Harry until it’s eventually deleted. The amount of time taken to delete the digimon is directly proportional to how much power/strength it has. WARNING: Digimon has to stay still while using the attack or else the attack will stop. (I.e. only a massive digimon would be able to force Harry to move in this form anyway)

Fourth Ability (no Attack…well not really) Temporal De-evolution. Targeted Digimon is de-evolved by one evolutionary stage for a short time. Warning: if used on an egg the egg ceases to exist.

Note: Can not be used on the same digimon for a few minutes.

Fifth attack Imprism A cage of fire appears around the digimon trapping it until released or the digimon is deleted. Cage is made out of fire and can shrink if ordered to by Harry deleting the digimon inside. No attack can enter or leave this cage.

NOTE: This ability can also be used as a shield should Harry use the ability on himself.

NB: As with all shields, it costs energy to maintain.

Final attack: Mega Blast Just what it says, the targeted area explodes as if hit by a large bomb leaving only a massive crater behind...enough said.

Special’ Evil mega form (Virus type) 'Armageddonmon'

(NB: This is not a biomerged form)

An aptly named, mindless, completely out of control very evil looking pure black ‘nuclear bomb’ with huge razor sharp fangs and pure black wings (both, body and wings have red stripes) The whole body is covered in black flames which burn everything in its path. Evil red glowing eyes.

Two huge razor sharp claws, and a whip like spiked tail which can slice through practical everything but the hardest materials. (Think of a flaming Godzilla sized Hungarian horntail dragon with three times the bad temper and many times the strength which burns everything it comes across)

The whole body is covered not with feathers but with rock hard black dragon scales.

This digimon is completely immune against any fire based attacks. But water can indeed harm it, though only in large amounts.

Primary attack: (Normal claws/body tackle)

Secondary…and only extra attack: Doomsday Blast (The Digimon becomes enraged (Really enraged…more than usual?...um...yes...I know hard to believe but its true) and after a rampage of enormous proportions it self-destructs in a huge explosion destroying itself and everything around it in the process. When this happens two things happen at the same time (1) a wall of super hot fire engulfs the area spreading out in all directions, (Like a rampaging bush fire only much denser, much faster, a lot hotter and much more damaging. (2) a shock wave which knocks over and tears everything apart which happens to be in its way, (which also leaves a nice crater behind)

YES…I’m describing the effects of an ‘A bomb’…(just not as large or as destructive...whatever that means)

After the explosion the digimon (Harry) is left behind in the rubble in his in-training form…exhausted…unconscious and 'usually' alone. (After his rebirth, that is if he can still use that ability…if not...well…)

Note: others can still run away (if they are fast enough) or use shields to protect themselves against this awesome power…that is if they have shield abilities (like Sakuyamons ‘Talisman Sphere’) It better be strong enough though.



Pyro Sphere (Fireball): Guilmon spits a concentrated blast of fire from his mouth. Rock Breaker: Guilmon coats his claws in fire and slashes at his opponent.

Growlmon (Champion Form)


Pyro Blaster (Exhaust Flame): Shoots a powerful fire ball from his mouth. Dragon Slash (Plasma Blade): Charges the blades on his arms with energy and slashes enemies with them.

Wargrowlmon(Ultimate Form)


Atomic Blaster: Fires a strong energy beam from the two cannons on his chest. Radiation Blade (Double Edge): Powers up the blades on his arms and fires them at the enemy.

Gallantmon (Mega Form)

Lightning Joust / Royal Saber: Gallantmon shoots out energy at the opponent from his Gram Lance. Shield of the Just / Final Purification / Final Elysium: Gallantmon fires an energy beam from his Aegis Shield. Yuggoth Blaster: (Yuggoth): A joint attack with Grani—a blue tri-bolo energy attack that shoots from Grani's mouth.

Gallantmon (Crimson Mode)


Crimson Light (Quo Vadis): Shatters the bonds between this world and next, casting his enemies into oblivion. Invincible Sword: Severs an opponent with the full might of his Blutgang. Final Justice: He obliterates an adversary with the full might of the sacred spear Gungnir.

(3)Renamon (Rookie Form)


Diamond Storm Summons a cloud of razor-sharp shards that she fires on her foe. Power Paw Engulfs fists and feet in a raging inferno of blue flames after glowing in a ghostly blue light, then leaps into the air and kicks and slices at foes.

Kyubimon (Champion Form)


Dragon Wheel Kyuubimon starts to spin very fast, which causes the flames on her body to erupt into a fiery inferno. This turns her body into a ball of swirling blue fire. When in this state, Kyuubimon summons a mystical dragon, which emerges from her body to destroy her enemies. Fox Tail The blue flames on Kyuubimon's tails become brighter, and ghostly faces appear on them. The faces then become small fireballs which Kyuubimon launches at her opponents to destroy them in an explosion of energy as well as trap them in a cage of blue flames which singes them.

Taomon (Ultimate Form)


Talisman of Light A large, magical calligraphy brush emerges from her long sleeves, which can be used as both a weapon and a magical staff. The brush can be used to paint mystical symbols into the air, which release beams of pure light energy that can decimate all but the strongest of Digimon. Thousand Spells Leaps high into the air with her sleeve-covered arms outstretched. She then shoots thousands of magical, red spell papers from them. The spell papers can bind enemies to a spot as well as combust in a fiery explosion. Talisman Star (Creates a symbol of razor sharp, red mystical energy symbols in her hand which fly in a boomerang-like pattern when thrown. Upon impact, enemies glows white with light energy while being Talisman Spell Throws a magical red spell paper into the air, which is used to summon and manifest various magical effects. This includes a spherical shield of impenetrable magical energy, as well as releasing small spectral blasts.



Amethyst Mandala (Creates a huge ring of golden energy that surrounds an enemy and slowly decreases in size, crushing it. Spirit Strike/Dragon Helix Summons four mystical fox spirits that are imbuded with the powers of fire, water, wind and lightning that obey and fight for her. Amethyst Wind: Summons a mystical wind that carries hundreds of purple crystalline shards. These shards can rip enemies to shreds. Talisman Sphere: Creates a spherical crystalline barrier that is charged with magical energy. The barrier can deflect incoming attacks as well as radiating outwards and destroying all enemies that come in to contact with it. Twin Blades of Beauty and of Truth: Uses staff to make two pink rings around herself which are then shot at the enemy.

(4)Terriermon (Rookie Form)


Bunny Blast (Blazing Fire): Fires energy blasts from his mouth. This can be either in a rapid round of tiny blasts, or in one large concentrated blast. Terrier Tornado (Petit Twister): Spins himself around and shoots a green tornado at his enemies.

Gargomon (Champion Form)


Gargo Pellets/Laser (Gatling Arm): Fires bullets or laser beams from the Gattling Guns on his arms. Bunny Pummel (Dum-dum Upper): Uses his Gattling Guns as smashing weapons.

Rapidmon(Ultimate Form)

Rapid Fire: Fires powerful missiles from his arm cannons. Miracle Missile: (Atomic Blast): Fires missiles from his back rocket launchers. Tri-Beam (Golden Triangle): Forms an energy triangle in a formation and fires a laser from it.

(Mega Form)Megagargomon


Gargo Missile Giant Bazooka) : Fires two large missiles from the missile launchers on his shoulders. Mega Barrage (Burst Shot): Fires multiple weapons from everywhere on his body. Power Pummel (Saint Upper): A pulverizing shockwave from his fist. Mega Twister: Knocks out his enemy, then swings the enemy's body around, flinging them off into the sky. Juggernaut Spin (Shaggai) Spins around to reverse the pull Starburst Bomber Bombs on belt are thrown and cause large explosions

(5)Impmon (Rookie)


Badda-Boom (Night of Fire): Impmon creates a small fire ball at his finger tips then hurls it at the opponent. Infernal Funnel (Summon): Impmon creates two rings of fire, one within the other, and creates a sphere of fire from the ring, which he then hurls at the target. (In some video games, the attack is an icy attack.)

(Mega Form) Beelzemon


Double Impact: Rapidly fires his two Beren Hena shotguns. Darkness Claw: Attacks enemies using his claws.





LORD OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS a Harry potter time travel fanfiction (on hold)

WARNING! WARNING! Major Spoilers below. If you want to be surprised DO NOT...I repeat DO NOT read on.




















Here is a outline of chapters which I have planned for this story so far. As well as a few interesting titbits about the chapters / story.

Note: For some chapters you may see two potential names. Please be advised that I am constantly considering different names for the chapters below.

Lord of Light and Darkness

NOTE: Any information given below may change at any time!!

Planned Chapters:

(Bold= in progress)

(Bold and Italic = Finished but still in progress of being changed / being Beta read)

(Italic =Finished, on web)

(= Currently)

1st ( )= Pages 2nd ( ) = words in chapter

Total Pages in Story (At present)= 350

Total Words in Story (At present)= 136884

Current Average Pages per chapter= 20

Current Average Words per chapter= 8052

Current Average Prophesised words in Complete Story=394548

Current Average Prophesised Pages in Complete Story= 980

Book1: Life's A Prophecy

Chapter1: The Fortune Teller (9) (3249)

Chapter2: Good Bye Potter (21) (7084)

Chapter3: A Small Reunion (12) (4353)

Chapter4: Training In Heaven and Hell (16) (6160)

Chapter5: Diagon Alley (16) (6857)

Chapter6: Trouble At Olivanders (20) (9069)

Chapter7: The Crazy Sorting Ceremony (20) (8981)

Chapter8: Dragonheart (21) (10128)

Chapter9: Quidditch, Plans and Complications (17) (7779)

Chapter10 The Rat And The Cat (28) (9798)

Chapter11: Castle Of Chaos Part 1 (32) (11804)

Chapter12 Castle Of Chaos Part 2 (25) (9215)

Chapter13: Countdown To Murder (24) (10030)

Chapter14: Killing the Greasy Snake (21) (8200)

Chapter15: The Hogs-Mead Murder (27) (11809)

Chapter16: Explanations and DA Revisited (34) (10696)

Chapter 17 Rise of the D.A.

Chapter 18 The Horrors of Death

Chapter 19 Just another crisis meeting

Chapter 20 Lockdown

Chapter 21 Pleasure before punishment

Chapter 22 Black night of horrors.

Chapter 23 Newts

Chapter 24 Marriage of necessity

Chapter 25: Surprises for the future

Chapter 26: Here we go again

Chapter 27: De-Ja-Crazy-Vu / Back to the Future

Chapter 28: Revelations / Hermione…I am your father

Chapter 29: Setting A Trap

Chapter 30: The Fantastic Showdown

Chapter 31: All's Well That Ends Well… Maybe

Book2: The Darkest Lord

Chapter 32 Calm Before The Storm

Chapter 33 Captured

Chapter 34 Rise Of A Dark Lord

Chapter 35 My Name's Doom…Dark Lord Doom

Chapter 36 When Hell Met Earth

Chapter 37 Hell Hath No Fury Than The Devil's Apprentice Scorned / The Boy Who Was Feared

Chapter 38 The Great Escape

Chapter 39 Settling In

Chapter 40 Save him, Kill Him, That Is The Question. / Vedi, Vidi, HELP

Chapter 41 Death Eaters Vrs Doom Eaters

Chapter 42 Enter the Time keepers

Chapter 43 Six Point War

Chapter 44 The Final Stand Of Time

Chapter 45 Roasting The Phoenix

Chapter 46 We Are Alone

Chapter 47 Desperate Circumstances Desperate Plans

Chapter 48 All You Need Is Love

Chapter 49 End Game

Chapter 50 Epilogue

Here is a preliminary character outine (Characters which you may see in the story.

Notice how I said may. (It may be changed at any time.)

List of Professors and other Characters: as from: 08/09/08

Lord Harry James Potter-Gryffindor-Ambrosius-Black / Harry Granger / Sarah Adeline Evans / Sarah Dragonheart/ Lord-Lady Doom / Apprentice to the Devil / God of Chaos and Death/ (Doom / Shadow )/ Demi God / Lord-Lady von Dragonheart (Main story character, savoir of the wizarding world, founder of the Dragonheart house of Hogwarts)/ Temporary main Story Villain.

Hermione Jean Granger/Potter/ von Dragonheart (Harry’s best friend (female) and Ronalds Girlfriend / Harry’s twin sister (The ‘Key’/’Twin’ of the Prophecy)

Ronald (Ron) Bilius Weasley (Harry’s best friend (male) Hermione’s boyfriend, Brother to Ginny Weasley)

Ginevra (Ginny) Molly Weasley – von Dragonheart/ James Tiberius White (Harry’s girlfriend and future wife, Sister to Ronald (Ron) Weasley) (The ‘Hand’/‘Lock’ of the Prophecy)

Sirius Orion Black (Harry’s God Father and Loyal close friend to James and Lily Potter, Former member of the order of the Phoenix)

James Potter (Harry’s ‘real’ Father, Former member of the order of the Phoenix, (deceased)

Lily Potter (Harry’s ‘real’ Mother, Former member of the order of the Phoenix, (deceased)

Remus Lupin (Loyal friend to James Potter and Sirius Black, Werewolf and member of the Order of the Phoenix)

Peter Pettigrew (Former friend to James Potter and Sirius Black turned traitor, Death Eater.

Tom Marvolo Riddle/ Lord Voldemort (Cruel Dark Lord and Main Story Villain)

Albus Dumbledore (Head Master of Hogwarts, Former Leader of the Order of the Pheonix)

Minerva McGonagal (Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts, Leader of the Order of the Pheonix)

Severus Snape (Former/Future spy and Hogwarts Professor, Future/former Death Eater)

Bellatrix Lestrange Loyal Death Eater and Sister to Sirius Black

Adrianna Orios Thornton(Slytherin lover) Hogwarts potions assistant professor – Later Dragon Head of House

Professor Blake (Defence) Hogwarts Professor

Adrian (Mad dog) Maddox Ministry appointed Educational Overlord

God (Do I have to explain this one?...)

Satan (Gods (slightly weaker) alter ego and master of the hell side of the after life)

Merlin Ambrosius (Legendary Wizard, Founder of Modern Magic)

Godric Gryffindor(Hogwarts Founder, Gryffindor house)

Helga Hufflepuff (Hogwarts Founder, Hufflepuff house)

Rowena Ravenclaw (Hogwarts Founder, Ravenclaw house)

Tom (Barkeep, Leaky Cauldron)

Julie Greystone (Dragon Keeper/Future Dragon Captain)

Lady Pryditor (Pry) (Harry’s Battle snake)

Icetasia (Icey) (Harrys phoenix)

Snowflake (Harry’s Owl)

Cathy Lily von Dragonheart (Harry’s / Ginny’s Daughter)

Clara Rose von Dragonheart (Harry / Ginny’s Daughter)

James Godric von Dragonheart(Harry’s/Ginnys Son)

Sirius Salazar von Dragonheart(Harrys’/Ginnys Son

Jane Helga Weasley (Ron/Hermione’s Daughter)

Jaina Rowena Weasley (Ron/Hermione’s Daughter)

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