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Age – 20

Here are some things about me. I write, and read mainly Naruto stories. A lot of the stories I’ve read, while good, have that element of Kyuubi defines Naruto’. What I mean by this is, no matter how independent Naruto is of the Kyuubi’s chakra, it still finds a way to manifest itself through Naruto, which still makes Naruto look like an avatar for the fox. My stories will not have this element, nor will they have the ‘Sasuke/Sakura extreme douche bagery’ element. Sasuke might still be a douche bag, but he will be a douche bag within reason. Not just an over the top asshole. This applies to Sakura as well. Some authors do this to over glorify Naruto, while others do it simply to bash Sakura and Sasuke. While I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with over glorifying Naruto, I am saying you don’t need to bash Sasuke and Sakura to do it. Although I can understand some of the bashings towards Sasuke, given the way the manga is going. This understanding however, does not stretch to Sakura’s case. Despite her flaws in part 1, she has grown to be a very well-rounded character, and a very good friend to Naruto in part 2. What really gets on my nerves some times in a story, is when Sakura’s part 1 personality is transferred to a part 2 setting, or when Sasuke just randomly starts giving a damn about Sakura. While I have nothing against the SasuSaku fandom, I do find it utterly impossible in terms of actually happening. Most of you who read the manga will know why I feel this way. I don’t find Sasuke liking Sakura or Sakura reverting back to her old self realistic to the manga at all, but that’s why it’s called fan fiction.

Other than that I might write an Avatar story.

Favorite Pairings:

Naru- any girl (as long as the story is plausibly altered so it can make since)



Disliked Pairings:


SasuSaku (Especially after recent events)

Anything Yaoi (the reason for this is simple, I’m not gay)

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