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Hey guys! I'm Rockadoodle88! I've been a lurker for about a year before I decided to take a shot at writing. I'm a part of the Pokemon and Splatoon fandoms, although I also like the Doki Doki Literature Club and Sonic fandoms as well, and pop in usually to take a look at the fanfics. I usually review any story I feel like I have to say something about, whether that be good or bad. Otherwise, I'll probably just drop a follow or a favorite, and leave. Thanks for checking out my profile!

Also, if you're wondering why my name is Rockadoodle88, it's the username I used when I was six for a Club Penguin account. I thought rock music was cool, and I thought doodle sounded funny, so I meshed the two together and added my favorite number. Ever since then, I've used it on other accounts, since it's a little piece of my childhood I can hold onto.

Favorite Pokemon: Eelektross. It's a badass eel with no weaknesses. This thing is freakin' awesome. Politoed is a close second.

Least favorite: Jynx. Why in Arceus's name would they make this a Pokemon.

Favorite Pokemon Pairings:
- Pearlshipping. I like Dawn as a character in the anime, and I mean come on, she literally dresses up as a cheerleader to cheer Ash on. Pairs well with Lagomorphshipping too.

- Amourshipping. One of the most popular ships, and the dynamic between Ash and Serena is nice. Good job plot writers.

- Altoshipping. I have no reasoning for this one, I just like it.

- Specialshipping. Again the dynamic between Red and Yellow is nice.

- Lagomorphshipping. It's adorable. Come on. You know it is.

I don't really dislike any pairings, all of them are fine... well except for Rayshipping. And Ikarishipping. Personally I don't like them, mainly because they're way too overhyped when there's no evidence that either party has romantic interests in each other. But besides that they're all good.

Currently working on: Adventurer

Upcoming Chapter: The Milestone

Ash Ketchum:

Age: 10

Badges: Boulder Badge (1)

# of Pokemon: 2

Dexter (Genderless)

Species: Porygon

Moves: Tackle, Conversion, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Signal Beam, Agility

Ability: Analytic (allows the ability bearer to quickly scrutinize its opponent and formulate a battle strategy, increases sensory capabilities)

Combo Moves: None

Petal (Male)

Species: Oddish

Moves: Absorb, Acid, Razor Leaf, Synthesis, Growth, Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Sweet Scent,

Ability: Chlorophyll (increased movement speed during sunny weather)

Combo Moves: None

Possible Fanfic Ideas

Victory Road: Ash Ketchum was many things. A Pokémon Trainer. A friend to all. Lugia's Chosen One. One thing he wasn't? A quitter. But after losing to Alain in the finals, Ash decides to take his journey in a different direction. Passing up the opportunity to travel to a new region, he makes the decision to continue traveling with Serena. Watch as this seemingly minor decision causes ripples that affect not just Ash's journey, but those around him as well. Amourshipping.

I'll Be Your Umbrella: A Doki Doki Literature Club Fanfic: Gabe never considered himself to be a person even remotely associated with literature. He was content with sitting at home, playing video games and biding his time until school was finally over. But he couldn't resist Sayori's puppy dog eyes when she asked him to join the Literature Club. And as they start to reconnect, he sees a new side of her, a side that pushes him to protect her. To be her umbrella.

The Victim: A pleading legendary's wish sends Trevor, a normal human, into the world of Pokémon, where a certain Trainer's ideals failed to prevail in the fight for Unova, plunging the region into darkness. Ghetsis, now a heartless dictator, has imprisoned N and transformed the sport of Pokémon battles into a deathmatch where only the strongest survive. Watch as Trevor, along with a battle-hardened Oshawott, travel throughout the Unova region, in a world where losing a Pokemon battle is much worse than it sounds.

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