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I've had at least five careers so far and liked them all. The ones I liked the best were the most creative, which included a stint as a Technical Writer, which I like to describe as "translating from Engineer to English". LOL

I'm a Globetrotter, fluent in three languages, can get by in two others. I've visited much of Europe and South America. A bit of the Middle East and Japan. Try travel. It makes you appreciate your home country and it lets you see things you've only read about.

I'm a bibliophile: I own over 3,000 real books and probably half again as many electronic ones. I'm old fashioned though and prefer to hold a paper book in my hands, even though I have a Kindle.

I'm into History, Historical Fiction, Alternative History, SF, Hard SF, Military SF (e.g. "Space Opera"), Anime, some Fantasy fiction.
I like tabletop RPGs. AD&D 1&2 are still the best versions. Also love ShadowRun. I was on a panel with Gary Gygax at a major convention, back in the day, discussing RPGs. Thats enough for now.

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