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»D i n o l a a a d«

I N F O:

»Name: Alexa
»Age: 15
»Grade: Sophomore in high school.

L I K E S:

»Movies: Harry Potter. (: By far.
»Shows: Queer As Folk, House M.D., Gilmore Girls.
»Music: At the moment, I'm rather fond of Owl City. (:
»Books: Harry Potter, John Green's books.
»Youtube: vlogbrothers! Totally (: +fiveawesomegirls.

D I S L I K E S:

»Movies: Anything sick and demented. Gross.
»Shows: Hannah Montana, American Idol, Reality TV.
»Music: Ick, I cannot stand Taylor Swift. She bugs me.
»Books: Twilight.
»Youtube: People with boring videos.

N O T E S:

»Hello ! (: I think dinosaurs are pretty rad.
That is all. Ciao.

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