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I am a avid Harry Potter fan, and came over to fan fiction from another sight when I got up the courage to look further on the

internet then one website. Since then I have made great leaps on using the internet and currently go to 12 sights with confidence!

I am even becomign more adventuresome on fan fiction and have visited a few other stories including Knight Rider and Bones. I have also fallen in LOVE with Hawaii 5-0! (as you might of noticed by all the Favorites I have from that section!) As well as the new Star Trek! And the new tv series Intelligence!

I currently have a few stories that I am writting.

1. Harry Potter(Curse of the Seventh Horcrux) -Started writting January 2007- that had apx 22 chapters written (before Deathly Hallows came out) but I didn't start posting it until April 2011. Now Complete!.

2. Harry Potter, Hermione/Sirus pairing - Started writting September 2007 - that has apx 6 chapters written, and again has not one single chapter posted
But when I get inspired with it again I'll finish it and post it. Publish date TBA.

3. Knight Rider( Switching Places)- Started writting October 16 2008, Finished- April 21 2011 - I have competed this story!

4. Knight Rider story - Started writting have about 3 chapters written. Not posted yet. Publish date TBA.

5. Hawaii 5-0 story(unnamed)- Started writting in November 2011 with about 3 chapters. Not published yet. Publish date TBA.

6. Hawaii 5-0(Where the Evidence Leads)- Started writting in January 2012 and have 15 chapters written and is about half way through. Not published yet. Publish date TBA(but hopefully soon!) LOL!

7. Intelligence(Snow Blind)- Started writing February 2014 and have 3 chapters written and is about half ways written! Not published yet but I hope very soon!

8. Intelligence(Be My Valentine?)- My FIRST one-shot! Yeah! I got the idea, wrote it and published it all in one day(February 13th 2014)! A new record for me! By like a year! :D Complete!

9. Intelligence(Absent With Out Leave)- My second one-shot but my first filler story for an episode. It took me almost a week to write(Feb 2014) as I kept tweaking it a bit before it was right. Complete!

More about me? Well I'm married with two kids, so they keep me busy but besides them I have 3 cats, 2 horses, 1 pony and a whole pile of chores as
any married woman will tell you!

Thanks for taking the time to look at this drabble,
Until next time!

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