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Reasons why I Love Dimitri Belikov:

1)who doesn't love a sexy Russian?

2)He didn't impregnate Rose (cough cough you shouldn't have done that Edward!!)

3)He's wonderful to imagine talking or being when no one is watching :D (naughty thoughts right here)

4)Dimitri can kick ass

5)He makes you love Russia so much that if you lived in the US in 1950's you would get shunned (i'm learning about the red scare in History)

6)Dimitri makes us all want to believe that Vampire are real

7)Dimitri Makes me believe in God (Russian God that is)

8)He's not a stalker like edward and doesn't like watching people sleep when they don't know that they are there.

9)He's a ninja!

10)He makes you wonder what kind of dirty secrets would he have.

11)He makes you want to check out every single book that your library has that has anything and everything to do with Russia

12)Dimitri's so hott that he will never freeze.

if you cant wait for the fifth vampire academy book to come out, put this on your profile

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