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Hello, everyone, welcome to my prfile page, and thanks for visiting...what? Were you expecting a hilariously funny joke of some sort?

For those of you that are curious about my avatar, it's a picture of two of my all-time favorite characters from ANY series: Caim and Angelus...it's technically a bit of a spoiler, but I couldn't pass up a picture as beautiful as it...it truly captures both the beauty and uniquness of their bond, and the tragedy of their story.

Random Facts about me:

Dislikes:School and anything that takes hours to do(not counting writing)

Age: pick a number between 1 and 100...sorry, against the rules to tell random strangers that kind of information...and I'm evil

Gender: Male

Top Ten Favorite Characters of all Time:

1. Caim, from Drakengard (Again, he truly stands out as a unique and very "human" character, even if he cannot really be called a "hero")

2. Angelus (the red dragon), also from Drakengard (Sorry, but I couldn't help it...she may be arrogant, but many of her observations on humanity are sadly quite true...still, it was her and Caim's truly unique relationship that endears them both to me like no other characters have, or possibly will)

3. Doctor Horrible, from "Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog" (Despite the title, "Doctor Horrible" was easily one of the greatest movies I've yet seen. Not only did it have a number of very good points, but ti was hilarious, and the main character was likable, and in my case, extremly relatable. In a nutshell, Doctor Horrible is simply a geniues with an incrddibly pessimistic view of the world and a desire to try to fix all of humanity's problems. I can't quite convey just how it felt to watch him go from a truly good man, if one who was going about heping the world in the cmpletely wrong way, to a heartless monster, but I do now that it was definately one of the few tales that has affected me emotionally in years)

4. Roxas, From Kingdom Hearts (I can't help it, I have a bit of a soft spot for emotional characters, and I have to admire his strength, both physically and mentally...in my opnion, Roxas's "life" was about as bad as one could possibly get in an E-rated videogame. Seriously, he finds out that he's not supposed to exist, gets kidnapped and stored in a computor, Matris-style, for most of his life to he can be forcibly fused with someone else to fulfill the ravings of a lunatic, and then loses his best, and only, friend...along with countless other terible things...)

5. Sora, from Kingdom Hearts (On the lighter end of the spectrum, Sora may be a stereotype, but he's still unique in his own way, and much better done than other characters of his "archtype" that I've seen. To me, Sora provides both a fairly relateable point in the story, despite his cliche personality, and also manages to deliver some of the best lines in terms of both comedic value and moral lessons in the series as of yet)

6. HK-47, from Knights of the Old Republic (Yet another of the "anti-heroes" of my favorites. He may be a psychoatic and arrogant assassin droid, but he's a FUNNY psychoatic assassin droid...and surprsingly the most loyal guy to you in the entire story...even if he is a mass-murderer, I couldn't help but love the guy!)

7. Atoli "The Mirage of Deceit", from .hack GU (Alright, I know I'm going to get some flack for having her on the list, but I have my reasons. A lot of people don't like her because her voice was a touch annoying the first time you hear it, and she initially seems to be a stereotypically "nervous, pacifistic girl who relies on the ever cocky and brash main lead for support", but once you get to see behind her metaphorical mask, then you'll see she's anything but a weak and nervous girl who leaches off of her friends...frankly, I not only hold her in high regard, but also admire her. It takes A LOT of personal strength to be able to live through the TERRIBLE life she had, and still be able to even pretend to be that cheerful and caring)

8. Captain Hammer, from "Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog" (As you may have guessed, Captain Hammer is essentialy Doctor Horrible's equivalent of Superman in terms of ability, though he's nothing short of a complete A-hole. The reason he's on here is simply because his sheer stupidty and narcissim is too hilarious to leave unmentioned, and his actions unintentionally being out a lot of the messages about humanity and life ingeneral these days...I don't want to spoil anything, but let me ask you this: "Which is the bigger idiot? The idiot who gives a "speech" about how great he is and how worthless the homeless are to a groupd of said homeless people in the opening ceremony of a homeless shelter, or the crowd who not only still views him as a hero, but also starts signingg along with him?"

9. Neku Sauraba, from "The World Ends With You" (Ah, Neku...I can't say that I had an easy time with him, in fact, I absoulutely hated him at the begining of the story, but his growth from an introvert perfectly willing to murder a completely innocent person to save his own sin, to not being able to bring himself to gun down the person who literally killed him in the first place gained him my respect and a place on this list. I don't hate his character, and I don't particuraly love it, but I do respect him for the person he became by the end of the tale)

10. Edmund Blackadder, from "The Black Adder" series (What can I say? While he and his decendants may have all been terrible human being throught the course of human history, their sheer comedic value, be it through their initial sutpidty and cowedice, to their sharp wit and cunningly woven plans by the end of the series, not only made be burst into laughter eveyr five seconds, but also satired some of the grossest acts of human stupidty in human history I can think of...it's not everyday something or someone can make you feel like your sides will split any second, and remorseful for every man that died in the trenches of WW1 at the same time...)

Top 10 most hated Characters of all Time: (Will get to it later)

Favorite quotes: Tell me,who's the baddest of the bad? The maddest of the mad? The slayer of kings and destroyer of worlds?-Gig from Soul Nomad and the World Eaters

Bladrick: I want my mom!

Capt. Blackadder: Yes, I suppose a maternally outraged gorilla would be a useful ally about now.-from Blackadder goes Fourth

Jaden: So you're saying that you want all of my friends to go to an insane asylum or die?! What kind of a friend are you?!

Kyle: One of a kind!- Kyle and Jaden from Keybladeangel34's fic: "Darkness Inside the Soul". (DON'T READ OR REVIEW IT IF YOU VALUE YOU LIFE AND/OR SANITY!!)

Other Random info. about me

As you can see I have an active sense of humor. I truly can't help it, I'm something of a joker. In fact in my high school (yes, that's a clue to my age) it can be argued I'm the class clown. Anyway I hope to get my writing abilities on par with that of book writers and/or some of the greatest writers on this site.

Stories I have planned to start in the future:

Sequel/part 2 to "The Heart of Darkness": Yeah, I'm planning on ending my most popular story yet on this site with several loose ends that will be wrapped up in this sequel. I would go into the specifics of the plot, but that would ruin some MAJOR spoilers!

A Tale of Two Hearts: AU fic, When Kairi is forced into an arranged marriage with another noble, her childhood friend Roxas, what starts out as a simple escape turns into an epic adventure of unprecedented proportions when "The Black Witch" Maleficent unleashes an unstoppable army on the world. Can she be stopped, and more importantly, is Sora, a common peasant boy, really the chosen wielder of the legendary keyblade? SxK Roxine

Kingdom Hearts 3: Dark Retribution: It has been three weeks since the defeat of Xemnas, and the three keyblade masters have finally come back to their beloved home, only to be dragged into yet another adventure. Now, between Sora and Kairi's budding romance, and Riku being struck by unfamiliar emotions, can the light defeat the darkness once and for all? SxK RikuOC

(For the KH3 fic, I'm going to try pairing Riku up with an OC whose personality I don't think anyone's ever tried to pair Riku up with before...their relationship should be quite sweet, in the cute way! :3

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