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Hey there, I am mossfire and no I won't tell u my identy, so boowhoo 4 u. Now stop crying and suck it up. now if u critcize my stories, only to help me become a better writter then thats o.k.

On my current story Mutant Angel, I am on Hiatus, because my laptop got fried last year and I really don't want 2 use the family computer 4 my fanfics plus I need to figure out how 2 finish the story and I really want 2 finish it.

my favorite t.v shows are Avatar the Last Airbender, Code Lyoko, Yu gi oh GX, Storm Hawks, American Dragon Jake Long, Danny Phantom, Lilo and Stich, and The Mummy Quest for the Lost scrolls and scerets of the Medji, Naruto, One Piece, Wolfs Rain, Ginga Weed, bleach, black cat, basilisk, naruto, full metal alchemist, nabari no ou, rurouni kenshin, all 5 seasons of digimon, pokemon, Yu gi oh, Yu gi oh 5d, vampire knight, ouran high school host club, fruits basket, prince of tennis, hunterxhunter, d.n. angel, devil may cry, kaze no stigma, code geass, grey's anatomy, death note, katekyo hitman reborn, rosario + vampire, La corda d'oro primo passo, D. gray-man, black blood brothers, natsume yuujinchou, loveless, monochrome factor, claymore, nurarihiyon no mago, soul eater, xxxholic, and inuyasha.

My favorite books are the warrior series, Wolf Tower, Wolf Star, Wolf Queen, Wolf Wing, White Fang. The Percy Jackson and the Olympian series, + anima, fruits basket, saiyuki, dragon knights, twilight, inheritence cycle, harry potter, his dark material, house of the night, demon diary, venus capriccio, and blue bloods .

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