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I am a supporter of the Sober Universe (SU)

I refuse to believe that JKR's recent revelations regarding post-DH ships are canon. I subscribe to the Sober Universe where we can use our imaginations to decide who ended up with who, and where my version is as true as yours.

JKR has given us a wonderful universe to play with, but she has finished writing the books. Either she should have given us a decent epilogue to DH, telling us what we wanted to know, rather than what we could have guessed, or she should have kept her ideas about post-DH events, ships and names to herself. It is my personal belief that if she had actually tried to write any of the ships that are now "canon" (particularly George/Angelina), she would see that they do not work.

I am aware that, by its very nature, fanfiction is not "canon", and cannot ever truly be canon. However, for those who showed enough respect to Jo Rowling to make every effort to keep their fics in line with her vision - some of her recent decisions have been rather disappointing. Had she included any or all of this information at the end of Deathly Hallows, that would have been wonderful - I'm sure many of us would have preferred a more fully complete edition of the Epilogue, which we were not afforded. I love the universe Jo gave us in first seven books, but beyond hardback canon, the only canon I stick to, if it isn't AU, will be SU canon.

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