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hi, im lonely and have way too much time on my hands every day, and have way too many questions on anime, that i have watched so i came here, i apologize if anything i write is offensive in any way. i like this place be cause of the quality of the fanfiction here, most of it is top tear shit, and thats a good thing. note when ever i start cussing in a comment or a/n then it means im really excited i dont mean anything offensive. cool? anyway if i make, and i mean any, spelling mistakes please tell me, it would be a big help, and only constructive criticism allowed anyway thanks for your time.

quotes: "it is a prerequisite to be weird if you want to be strong." daiki, the butterflues tree

"we do not cage the monsters in our heads, we cage ourselves" modified version of izuku from blood for the blood god

"thats why ill become a monster. so that i can scare the villains before they do anything stupid" izuku midoriya, blood for the blood god

i can’t fix things that I don’t know are broken. I can’t right wrongs, I can’t identify, and I can’t help you if you won’t let me.” izuku midoriya, stand with me.

"im not a monster, im just ahead of the curve" "I am not a good guy, i am not a bad guy, im just me" harry potter, dark lord potter.

"...what is life but a crucible" narrator, the first pillar. note: crucible is a pot used to melt hard to melt material

last thing if you havent notcied this yet, hinata meand sunny place and naruto means maelstrom, so together they would be 'the sunny place in the maelstrom' or 'the eye of the storm' i just wanted to make that observation,

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