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Hey, guys! My name is Amy, I'm from the southern United States, and I'm a small animal veterinarian. However, I hope to be able to write and publish novels of my own at some point.

I absolutely love to read, and Harry Potter is my favorite series. Therefore, count on most of the stories I write being Harry Potter, and 100% of those being H/Hr. I really have almost zero interest in any other ship, canonical or otherwise. I don't like R/Hr, H/G, and I can simply not understand the fascination with D/Hr or a circumstance where it is feasible. However, you can view any other couples I "ship" below, and a few of them are feasible for me to dabble in to write a story.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions about my stories or anything else!

Pairings: Harry/Hermione (my OTP in Harry Potter), Katara/Aang (Avatar: TLA), Clark/Diana (DC Comics), Ted/Robin (How I Met Your Mother), Dexter/Debra (Dexter), Eragon/Arya (Inheritance), Clark/Chloe (Smallville), Jim/Pam (The Office), Luther/Alice (Luther), Dawson/Joey (Dawson's Creek), Four/Six (Lorien Legacies), Link/Zelda (LoZ), Gohan/Videl (Dragon Ball Z), Katniss/Gale (Hunger Games), House/Cameron (House M.D.), Joey/Rachel (Friends), Cory/Topanga (Boy Meets World), Rory/Jess (Gilmore Girls), Aragorn/Arwen (LotR), Steven/Connie (SU)

Age: 26

Favorite TV Shows: Smallville, How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Parks & Recreation, Bates Motel, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Downton Abbey, Dexter, New Girl, Orange Is the New Black, 30 Rock, House M.D., Gilmore Girls, Dawson's Creek, Charmed, Boy Meets World, Girl Meets World, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Mad Men, The Office, Adventure Time, The Affair, Archer, Jane the Virgin, Luther, The Mindy Project, Steven Universe, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Walking Dead, Family Guy, American Dad, Monk, Dragon Ball Z...

Favorite Movies: too many to list. I love a huge range of movies, old to new, animated, fantasy, etc. I will say I have a soft spot for Audrey Hepburn movies, especially Roman Holiday, and that the Lord of the Rings trilogy are my favorite fantasy films...despite my love for the HP novels, the movies (with the exception of PoA and GoF) don't rate very highly on my list, although I did rank them below.

Favorite Books: To name a few...Harry Potter, Atonement, Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Mansfield Park (really all Jane Austen books), Inheritance series, The Mercy of Thin Air (obscure but good), Jane Eyre, Villette, Never Let Me Go, Remains of the Day, The Help, The Time Traveler's Wife, The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, To Kill a Mockingbird, My Sister's Keeper, and lots more

Favorite Artists: Sara Bareilles, Kelly Clarkson, Ellie Goulding, Mumford and Sons, Carrie Underwood, Ingrid Michaelson, Imagine Dragons, The Decemberists, Owl City, Avril Lavigne, Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox Twenty/Rob Thomas, 3 Doors Down, Lifehouse, Bruno Mars, Kacey Musgraves, Train, Sugarland, Joshua Radin, Amos Lee, etc.

Ranking of HP Books: Ongoing battle between GoF & OotP for top spot, PoA, DH, CoS, SS, HBP

Ranking of HP Movies: PoA, GoF, DH Part I, CoS, OotP, SS, DH Part II, HBP

JK Rowling:

"I tried very hard to soften it, I suppose. Just because someone had a view on Harry/Hermione didn't mean they weren't genuine, or that they were necessarily misguided. In fact, I will say this, Steve Kloves who has been the script writer [on the Potter films, who is enormously insightful on the series and a very good friend, after he read book seven he said to me, 'You, know, I thought something was going to happen between Harry and Hermione, and I didn't know whether I wanted it or not.'

"[Kloves] felt a certain pull between them at that point. And I think he's right. There are moments when [Harry and Hermione] touch, which are charged moments. One when she touches his hair as he sits on the hilltop reading about Dumbledore and Grindelwald, and the moment when they walk out of the graveyard with their arms around each other."

"Now the fact is that Hermione shares moments with Harry that Ron will never be able to participate in. He walked out. She shared something very intense with Harry.

"So I think it could have gone that way."


Fulfilling Obligations - (Harry/Hermione, Rate T) Did you ever wonder what happened in the 19 years between the last chapter and the epilogue of Deathly Hallows? Or what happens afterward? Follow Harry and Hermione after the war as they find careers, experience marriage and parenthood, and discover something between themselves that could change their lives forever. Canon compliant with some twists! *UPDATE: approximately 2 chapters left until completion!

SUMMARY of Fulfilling Obligations: (Spoilers, of course) In the years following the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry and Hermione experience both joy and tragedy. Hermione returns to Hogwarts for her final year of Hogwarts before finding a career within the Ministry, where she worked her way from the Department of Magical Creatures to Wizengamot. Meanwhile, Harry and Ron pursued careers as Aurors, and Harry and Hermione both become Animagi. Harry and Hermione's respective relationships seem to be going well to the unobservant eye, but feelings both long-held and newly-discovered puts a strain on their relationships, even after they have married Ron and Ginny and Harry has had his first child. Eventually, these feelings culminate in a single night of passion that has consequences far beyond the morning after. During Hermione's pregnancy with Harry's child, a fact of which no one but themselves are aware, they entertain the idea of furthering their relationship, ending things with Ron and Ginny, and raising their child together. However, once Rose is born, they realize their obligations and loyalty lie with Ron and Ginny, and that they must respect their promises even at the expense of their own love. In the years that follow, Harry and Hermione thrive in their careers as their families grow. While they have accepted the hand that fate has dealt them, questions of what might have been still plague them. Hermione in particular questions the validity of her happiness with Ron, and eventually they part ways, maintaining a mostly amicable relationship both as friends and as parents to their children. In the midst of family life, Harry also faces a recurring and troubling conflict with Antonin Dolohov and a mysterious man called Caius. Their first encounter left Harry bruised and bloodied, and an elaborate scheme lures Harry into Dolohov's clutches a second time, where it is revealed that Dolohov seeks to possess the Elder Wand. Harry escapes, but Dolohov returns years later, now seeking not only the Elder Wand, but all three Deathly Hallows. When Harry refuses, he suffers the ultimate consequence: the death of his wife by Dolohov's hand. Before Ginny's death, she reveals to Hermione that not only does she know of Rose's true origins, but she has forgiven her, and gives Hermione her blessing to pursue a relationship with Harry. Hermione must help a mourning and angry Harry, who knows that his and Dolohov's game of cat-and-mouse must end it will end is the only question that remains.

The Island - (Harry/Hermione, Rated T) In early drafts of Sorcerer's Stone, JKR had the Potters living on an island, and none other than Mr. Granger discovered Harry among the wreckage of the Potters' home. What if this had really occurred? Harry Potter is adopted by people who genuinely care for him with none other than Hermione Granger as a best friend. The two grow up practically inseparable, and this doesn't change as they discover their strange abilities and their enrollment in a magical school called Hogwarts. *UPDATE: I am still planning on updating this story! I intend on giving this my full attention when Fulfilling Obligations is completed, so have patience!


The Letter - (Harry/Hermione, Rated K) When Hermione is in the hospital wing after her encounter with Dolohov in the Department of Mysteries, she decides that she has a few things she needs to say to she tells him in the best way she knows how. Partially inspired by episode 2.06 ("Fever") of the TV show Smallville.


Please note that these stories will mostly be one-shots whenever I get around to writing them.

Love, Not Luck - (Harry/Hermione, Rated T) Harry decides to make a rather crappy year better with a vial of Felix Felicis. However, his "perfect day" is far from what he expected.

Hermione Granger 101 - (Harry/Hermione, Rated T) Ron needs help when his new relationship with Hermione doesn't seem to be working out, and he turns to the one person who knows her better than anyone -- Harry.

Tips for Success - (Harry/Hermione, Rated T) Ginny seeks Hermione's advice about her crush on Harry and gets a bit more than she bargained for.

Let's Pretend... - (Harry/Hermione, Rated T) Hermione's 18th birthday is not quite how she'd imagined it would be. Sitting hungry and cold in a tent after being abandoned by one of her best friends was far from her idea of a happy birthday. However, Harry tries to make it a little bit better.

Untitled Roommate story - (Harry/Hermione, Rated M?) Harry and Hermione have been living together happily. Well, mostly happily. There's just one small problem--Hermione is head-over-heels for her rather clueless roommate, and he apparently has eyes for everyone but her.

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