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I took a long hiatus from this site and from fanfiction writing in general, but I'm back.

I had quite a few stories posted on here before, but I deleted them with the intent to heavily edit them and re-post them. My computer crashed and I wasn't able to save all of them, but my boyfriend is awesome and now I have over 25 fanfictions and story starters that are waiting to be edited, finished, and uploaded. You guys should have them up here fairly soon.

With that note, if you've seen stories on here that have been posted before, they're still my stories! I'm not stealing them or anything like that, just putting them back up after they've been down for a few years because I've been editing them.


I'm working on a few stories at the moment, all under the Harry Potter fandom. One is a Hermione/Charlie story and the other is a story focused on George.

I'm also editing three Sirius/Remus stories that I have posted here in the past. They should be up soon.

About Me:

-I'm Lauren.

-I'm 21 years old.

-I'm a Senior in College studying to be a middle school or high school Social Studies/History teacher.

-My three favorite fandoms are Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and X-Files.

-I read primarily M rated fics and I write T and M fics.

-I enjoy and identify with the darker side of life, and that bleeds into how I read and write fanfiction. I am a firm believer that most characters are not as happy as they appear.

-Sexuality-wise, I am not straight. This is greatly reflected in my writing.

-I know this isn't a huge site for PMing personal stuff, but if anybody ever needs to talk about anything, feel free to PM me. I'll try to help.

-Most of the stories I have written that are labeled M were actually written in a way that they should be MA, but since that isn't allowed, I have edited them down for this site. I may or may not start a blog else-ware where I can post the full version of the stories. But honestly, a few scenes in a couple of stories aren't worth getting my account deleted.

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