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Hi! My name Is Miles Jay and I am incredibly fascinated with writing. I am forever wondering about what could have happened if certain things were different in a number of stories, not to mention what happened when we weren’t looking. I decided to pile my curiosities into several pages on the internet!

I tend to write about ships that I don’t necessarily ship myself, I’m not actually sure why, I suppose I see it as more of a challenge and find it interesting. I also enjoy having a page that has something for everyone, so I do hope I can move forward with this and do as such.

I am currently taking requests as I am always up for ideas!

Reviews are most welcome, as it guides me in the right direction, but flames are not. A lot of my work is reposts from my AO3 account, therefore much older than anything new. For example, convince me otherwise is a story I began writing when I was 14, now 18 much of its chapters aren’t perfect, but not too terrible that it is unreadable.

I must warn that I do in fact have quite a long update time, as I am a very busy person. But it has become much more relaxed with the given pandemic. I apologise in advance to this but it is what it is.

Here is the current condition of my ongoing stories:

•Convince me otherwise: On Hold

•Before the events of convince me otherwise: ongoing

•The one thing I want to do: ongoing

•Rejoice: completed

You can find me here:






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