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i am going to do it! i am going to brave the unknown and sometimes unforgiving forest and post my very own fanfiction! gasp! yes, as you read, i am scribbling away at a couple of stories...i plan to tackle the worlds of Star Trek 2009 (for a much needed Spock/OC theme) and i think Hellboy 2 (cause i love Nuada...you know you do as well!) so keep a look out folks!


i am rather new to the world of fan fiction, my younger sister is the one that introduced me to it. she is an avid reader and author of fan fictions...and she seems to enjoy it quite a lot, so i thought i might give it a go.

i've been reading several of all sorts of genres and can't help but think up little plots of my own, but as of yet, have not attempted to actually pen one myself. several reasons why i haven't...1. i have a severely short attention span (not all that likely to complete one, and i personally find it annoying as a reader to invest myself in a story only for it to have no ending!) 2. i am not all that sure how to flesh out an idea with good dialogue and keep it going you know...argh...perhaps i need a writing partner with more experience? 3. i don't know, but there's always a 3

in case you hadn't noticed...like a famous poet i adore, i am not fond of proper punctuation and capitalization...aside from proper grammar and moderate spelling, i believe its not the mechanics of writing that matters most per se, but the actual meat...the spirit of the thing as it were...hehe and another in your face trait...i can be rather fanciful and prone to elaborate prose as my boyfriend likes to tease me about. but i just love stringing together words in an ornate fashion...not necessarily a thesaurus guru, but i do enjoy making use of uncommon words and adjectives to compose sentences that undulate from the tongue, to the ear and finally to the brain in a orgasmic explosion of sonic and intellectual delight. :)

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