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Name:Call me Korney

Age:15 Bday12/22/93

Sex: Virgin~ Ahaha I mean checks pants girl :D


(BTW That is me in the picture. Just so you know, cuz I thought you...might care...to know...?)

I feel all warm inside...that my friends, are the effects of yaoiii.~...Anyways...yuh, I dunno. i think of stuff and other stuff...and penises and bondage...o_o i want to write and i've tried but I dunno...its hard. I've been on fan fiction for a long time, very painfully long. But never tried to write anything... :p I mean I've tries but never succeeded

But I will!!Someday!



Im normal. Very Normal. I'm 15 years old, Mexican(Although I've been told I look white and/or Asian. I think my appearance matters very little. But I like the attention...because I'm a attetion-whore in a very sneaky(not really) way...)

I'm many things. I like donuts. They're very good. : Yummy in my tummy. xD ahahahhahhahahahah.

I am over Ben, and have moved on to a much more solid target, Bryan, or as my I call him cuppy. :DDD He doesn't like me But I will succeed my love will over come it all, it'll be just like a juicy fanfiction...right cuppy?

I wanna try acid. )O_0(

I love art. My art.

I've posted a story! No two!! yeshhh! in your face society!...

anyways!! yuh,

My myspace--(http:///ainekziur))

((...add me, it makes me happy.))

"Uhhhh...Gay donuts, betch, are gonna take over the world!!And I shall be their leader MoFo.!!"-My friend

"I am here and you are here and you are me and we are all together."-the beatles.

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