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My everlasting appreciation to all of you who have graced my work with a review it really keeps me going. And every time you add me to your Favorite Authors list I feel that rush of giddiness that makes me blush out loud.

About me:

I'm female, and in local speak I'm wicked old. I was born on Key West, FL. sometime in the middle of the last century. Raised in New England by parents who were artists, I was taught to look at the world with a view of how can I best capture its image. My love for words has lead me to various positions where the use of them came in handy. But the constant pursuit of finding humor in all things still gets me in trouble. It's there, you just have to turn over enough rocks.

I'm a believer in the possible; Serendipity's my game,

And I walk the path of wonder, where surprises know my name.

meggin '07

In this crowded world -Thanks- for giving me that second look.

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