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About Me: My name? Not getting that one that easily. I'm 30 and my line has been discontinued. I read sci-fi (don't care about "hardness", as long as the story is good), Fantasy. My favorite Authors include PTerry and Charles Stross. I give permission for anyone who reads my stories to tell me exactly what they think. Hate it? Tell me about it in detail and tell me what I did wrong and how I could improve it. I dislike it when fanfic writers disappear for months on end in the middle of a story.(Edit: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) All of my favorites are also on my alert list as well. I get 1 notification a week if I am lucky. Want me to work on the next chapter of my fic? Send me a message to put a bomb under me. My likes include videogames and exploring fan-stories. My dislikes include cookie-cutter fanstories, blind adherence to canon and the 7 minute wait it takes to cook a potato in the microwave. My dream is to have enough money to not need to worry about money.

My Challenges:

Random Genderflip:
This was inspired by my frustration at the fact that despite there being so many interesting characters in Naruto, it seems that only maybe THREE that get hit with a genderflip in fanfic. Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi. The rules are simple
1: Make a list of every character you plan on using in your fic You don't need to publish it, but the list will help.
2: For each character, flip a coin. If it lands on heads, they stay the same as they are in canon. If tails, they are the opposite sex than in canon. Haku is a freebie and can be whatever you feel would work best for your story
3: You are not allowed to just shove their canon personality into a genderchanged character.
4: If you wish to overrule the coinflip, you will be required to add one of the following elements in compensation for each overrule.
4a: HiveQueen!Shino: Shino is a girl who is a female supremacist. Men, to her, are there to die for the queen.
4b:Tomboy!Kiba: This is the LONE EXCEPTION to rule 3. Kiba was regularly mistaken for a boy. This may extend to the academy where "he" is enrolled as a boy. Tsume's view on this is that if Kiba can keep this up and not get found out, then she isn't going to ruin it for "him"
4c: Courtesan!Jiraiya: While it may be funny to shove canon Jiraiya's personality into a female body and turn her lechery into spying on the mens hotsprings, having Jiraiya be a seduction specialist works well for the whole "Head of a spy-ring" thing. This Jiraiya was the founder of the Konoha Nadeshiko, the branch of the ninja corp that deals with the "sheetwork" side of the spying business. Nadeshiko are a beautiful flower that looks delicate, but make no mistake, the Nadeshiko is a wildflower.
4d: Quiet!Lee: This works with either sex for Lee. Most of the "anti-espionage" techniques in Naruto are about the detection of chakra disguises. Lee is unable to express his chakra externally. Why not have Lee trained in the ways of the "traditional" (ie: the real world) Ninja whose techniques are based around props, training and misdirection?

One More Time Now!

Remember how in Naruto, Naruto spammed shadowclones from the moment he learned the technique? How Kakashi SAW him use the technique on multiple occasions? How it took him over 400 chapters to tell Naruto about the whole "everything they learn, you do" part of the technique?

Naruto is littered with these kinds of things, information that would be relevant in earlier parts only showing up MUCH later. The challenge is this: Bring all this late information back to where it should have been introduced. Things like "the identity of the Fourth Hokage" and " Why the Leaf Emblem has a spiral in it" or even "The Role of the Uzumaki Clan in Konoha History"

Old news has been deleted. Quick reminder (though I'm sure it's not needed) that some of my fics have different beasts used instead of the canon ones and were written BEFORE we got canon

Update: 13/9/14: Well, been a while, huh? I've gone through a period where I didn't write much and what I did write, I didn't publish here or at all. I'm considering making a story called "Idea Seeds" which is like Naruto's Brats "Mind Farts" or Rorschach's Blots "Odd Ideas" and "What If?", where I flesh out some of my idea seeds into a single chapter in the hope that other writers will want to try their hand at writing a whole fic based on the idea, so stay tuned to this station. My fandoms have changed, I'm not that interested in One Piece or Bleach anymore. Naruto is still good though, though I much prefer the fan-derived content over Kishimoto's blatant fellatio of the Uchihas and pulling a big bad out of nowhere during the final arc with zero foreshadowing to their existence. You might see some non-Japanese fandom stuff though, like how I envisioned season 2 of Arrow to have gone during the long wait between seasons here or some videogame stuff. Cleaned up my profile, as the additions would have made the profile the kind I hate if I didn't remove stuff. Besides, the ships I have in my armada should be fairly obvious in my stories and having my ships in my profile just took up space.

Update: 26/4/17: It has been a while, huh? Well, you're in luck! I'm uploading 2 one-shots, both of them Thirteen Reasons Why drabbles. As for my fandoms, well, I went off Arrow around Season Three. Guess I invested too much in the "Realistic Green Arrow" mindset and couldn't adapt. Naruto has ended, so I MAY end up writing my Naruto Magnum Opus "One More Time Now!", which takes ideas that debuted later in the canon and brings them back to when they logically should have been introduced. Stuff like the infomation-gathering capabilities of Shadow Clones and an explanation as to why no-one bothers to question why Naruto has the last name Uzumaki and treats him like shit when at least TWO Uzumaki have had significant impacts on at least TWO Hokage. As for my "Ideas Seeds" fic, well, that was a stillborn idea. I may end up uploading my "Cliches in Naruto fanfiction" fic, which deconstructs all those lovely things fic writers take for granted.

Update:1/02/21: I seem to have lost my "cliches in Naruto fanfiction" documents and most of my fanfic documents are not stories, but more "character sheets"

Update: 17/01/22: Challenges have been added.

For all those who are here because I faved one of your older stories: On 11/06/17, I discovered that I had 12 pages of alerts. This may have stemmed from a time when I would only fave fics that had finished, not accounting for the fact that they might be abandoned or the author might have left the site or died. The stories that I could bear reading because they were properly formatted and spelled correctly were faved so that I may have something else to read when I go looking through my faved stories. If you are reading this and I have faved a fic that was left incomplete, please consider either continuing the fic or formally putting it up for adoption. I know what it's like to have someone fave one of your stories that you might feel ashamed of, possibly not being able to read it without cringing. I also ask that you don't just up and delete these sources of embarrassment. You might not be able to enjoy it, but others do. Sometimes, I like to read fics from when less of the Naruto world was pinned down, as they tend to contain things that would cause fan-rage if you tried doing them now (Like a female Kyuubi or saying that Naruto is the first and last host/prison of the Nine-Tails).

My stance on adopting idea seeds/abandoned fics: Go for it! I'm not the kind of person who would pull "ORIGINAL CONCEPT: DO NOT STEAL" when it comes to fanfiction. Fanfiction is already on shaky ground legally (Look at Anne Rice and Robin Hobb's stances on fanfiction of their works), so we as a community don't have the right to pull that kind of stunt on each other. If you want to use one of my ideas, as I said earlier, go for it! All I ask is that you tell me that you are doing so, so I can see what you are doing with my ideas and offer feedback/further ideas for the fic. You use my idea, you will have at least one reader and isn't that what we as writers want, someone to read what we are putting out there?

Subaru and Tsukasa are still together, even after 10 years! Yuri fans, rejoice!

flash of Naruto cheering Hinata on in the Chuunin Exams
Hinata:"MY ANGER!"
Flash of Neji writhing on the ground, clutching his head.
Flash of Hinatas mother dead in childbirth

When no one was looking,
Minato Namikaze killed 1000 Iwa Ninja in 30 seconds
That's as many as 100 tens
And that's terrible

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