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If there’s a book you’ve read but want it to continue, ask me and I’ll finish it for you! Because I hate unfinished stories so let’s let to work begin. Also If there is a book you want written I will do it.

If you give me work I will post every 2 to 7 days, so it’s quite frequent. But don’t get angry if you are waiting more than that because I do have a life and deserve to live it (I think)

I’m also on WattPad under the username of Virtis-letalis

I do not accept swearing unless it has * over most the word.

I do not accept putting others down and making them feel bad about themselves

I do not accept mentions of s*x or r*pe

I do not want people thinking of commiting suicide as everyone is amazing and incredible with the best future to come. But for it to come they need to get past the hardships and become someone who is happy and dreadful that they didn't kill themselves.

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