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Profile: College -.- I don't like writing, but these stories are just for fun and to take up the very little free time I have. I'm working on my manga, which I'm more inspired to write/draw. I'm currently an undergraduate college student trying to get my bachelor's in biochemistry and molecular biology (it's one major). I just had to pick a tough major, didn't I?

-A lot of my stories will be on hiatus or updated over a long period of time.-

Great. I'm obsessed with Ghost Hunt. And so I will have trouble focusing on school work until I get this fic out of my head.

The Guardian - Ghost Hunt fic that I hope will finish.
Where I Belong - I will be updating once I get around to finishing the next chapter. Chapter is finished, but on my old computer.
A Destiny to Fulfill - Slow update
Burning Petals - Slow update
Endless Waltz - Slow update
All's Strange in Love and War- I will continue... but for now it's on hiatus.

All other stories are on hiatus.

Updated March 25, 2007.

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