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quick addition june 2014

Naruto series: so many stories say that people and clans are forbidden from adopting Naruto, I would love to read some stories where people get around that stupid law. here is a way that makes sense, the kids are young and the parents taken them to the same park Naruto is at (maybe deliberately maybe not). kids become friends with Naruto and now the parents and kids are inviting Naruto over for playdates, doing homework together, training together, and even spending the night. if enough kids are friends with Naruto maybe he spends a night at a different house almost every day of the week.

quick addition November 2013

naruto some ways for itachi not take the blame for the massacre? I've been thinking for a while on ways itachi wouldn't take the blame and there are several including one or more of the following:
1. itachi having been on a mission and doesn't return for several days after the massacre (even if he did it, it was supposedly at the councils orders and they should have a good alibi)
2. sasuske having been fooled by a henge (sasuske is young and in shock from seeing his family dead when suddenly "itachi" uses a high class genjutsu on him to show how the family was supposedly killed why wouldn't anyone question it)
3. there is also the fact that one man (no matter how good) would find it difficult, if not impossible to kill the entire clan (isn't it supposed to number several hundred) without being harmed or the slaughter being discovered
4. sasuske isn't the only survivor, wouldn't many of the clan members who are ninjas be out on missions so they couldn't have been killed or the ones who are part of the police be patrolling konoha and if killing to prove yourself you wouldn't kill those who cant fight back like infants, children, and the infirm

update may 22, 2011

ok, i'm not even going to read what i have here i was just reading and thought of something to post.

does harry know that his parents died on halloween? in the book hagrid only tells him a bit about how they died and not when (hagrid probably doesnt think about it assuming that harry would know) and i cant think of any time it is mentioned in at least the first few books that they died on halloween. does he even know his parents names? i know during her rant about lily petunia says her name, but with all the shocks harry could have missed it and i dont think anyone else calls them by name until book 3. is harry's name harry or is that a nickname?

update spetember 18, 2009

i hate it when someone starts writing a story, and never finishes it. many times the author doesnt even list that they are no longer writing it which means i read it and then never find out the end.

i when i search i usually look for completed stories, so if you finished your story and didnt mark it as complete how am i supposed to find it (unless i clicked on the authors profile and somehow found it)

some common spelling and grammer mistakes that bug me: except for accept, where for were, ect.

currently i am reading harry potter stories and crossovers, while i quickly grew bored with the books i have found i love the fanfiction. i think that harry potter is ideal for crossovers because the books are mostly about what happens in the magical world and the magical world is seperate from the mundane world. with very few changes you can have harry potter set 10, 20, 100 or more years in advace of where it is supposed to be putting it in with other series also if there is a secret magical world in britian you can easily believe that there is one in other cultures.

right now my favorite harry potter stories are either ones where harry takes control of his life, or crossovers where harry is helped by others either being taken from the dursleys at a young age or finding people who will support harry (nobody in the books really does) and help him become a stronger person. for this reason so far my favorite crossovers are ncis (little harry is adopted by a team member, the team helps harry with his quest, ect) or gundam wing (harry is found out to be the brother/cousin of one or more of the team and taken from the dursleys, the team stumbles upon harry some how and they help eachother) because i love young harry being taken care of by people who can and will protect him and both older and younger harry be taught how to protect himself


1. harry's parents died and he was orphaned on halloween night, he was left on the doorstep the following night so where was he the day in between?

2. what legal right did dumbledore have to leave harry with the dursleys, or later to insist that he stay there during the summer?

3. even if dumbledore had a legal right to give harry to the dursleys he commited a crime by leaving harry on the dursleys doorsteps. harry could have died of hypothermia, been kidnapped, or since he was one years of age he could have just wandered off.

4. the books seem to condone child abuse. several children have experienced and talked about abuse but they and others seem to think that it is normal or at least if not right then nobody cares to do anything to help the child.
a. harry sleeps in a cupboard, wears rags, has little food to eat, later is in a room with multiple locks and a catflap in the door and bars on the windows. anybody who lived on private drive or knew that dudley and harry were cousins being raised by the same people should have been suspicious that one child was small, skinny, and badly clothed while the other was large, and well dressed. anybody who went into the dursley house for something as simple as conversation should have noticed that there were no pictures of harry or any sign that he lived there. anybody who went upstairs to the bedroom area would have noticed that although there were four rooms there was none for harry and shoud have wondered where he slept. anyone looking at the outside of the house should have noticed the bars on th windows. all the magical adults in harrys life, especially madame pomfrey, should have worried that in spite of the fact that harry was sent food he always lost several pounds over the summer.
b. neville quite clearly speaks about his uncle dropping him out of windows, throwing him off of piers, and tossing him down stairs, ect. his grandmother is never upset that his uncle has tried to kill him, but mad that he shows no signs of magic. when he finally shows signs of magic he is hurt, but she doesnt even notice just glad that he is not a squib. his grandmother constantly compares him to his father with the implication that he will never be as good and makes him so worried that he has no confidence in himself. he constantly from a very young age is taken to see his parents in the hospital, especially on days that he should be having fun with others like his birthday and christmas. he is never allowed to do anything except garden and read so that by the time he goes to hogwarts he think that he's a failure at everything and has hardly ever spent time with children his own age.

5. why was molly weasley looking for platform 9 & 3/4 in book 1? all of her children went to hogwarts so she had been going to the platform four times a year (september drop off, december pick up, january drop off, june pick up) for over a decade

6. harry blindly believes anything those around him says.
a. he hated slytherins for comments made by hagrid and two eleven year old boys (ron and draco)
b. he blindly believes in the blood wards dumbledore tells him about even though you only see an instance of his mothers potection in book one and i believe that the wards would have been useless after voldemort gets harrys blood
c. he agrees with everybodys belief that he survived the killing curse, when as the only people who know what happened in the house are either dead (james, lily, and voldemort) or so young they can not say what happend (harry)
d. he believes dumbledore saying that he survied due to his mothers love when in a war that had lasted for over eleven years i am sure that many parents sacrificed their lives for their children

7. hermione blindly believes good of all authority figures no matter how much evidence is against them, including not writing to harry on dumbledores say so. hermione is smart and a muggleborn who lives with her parents during most summers, even if owls can be tracked i'm sure that muggle mail and telephones cant be traced by deatheaters. hermione also knows about child abuse laws and knows enough to report so that the authorities would at least look at the dursleys but does not because dumbledore says the dursleys are best for harry

8. dumbledore is the head of the wizengamot so why did sirius never receive a trial either when harry was a baby or after they found out he was innocent, especially since harry, ron, hermione, and sirius could have been witnesses using both veritaserum and/or pensieve, and could also swear a magical oath that they are telling the truth

9. in chamber of secrets when hermione made a batch of polyjuice it made enough for three hours (one hour for each of them) and when the ingredients went missing apparently enough had been taken to be noticable. so why didnt anybody notice that crouch jr was taking it? he either had to have it delivered or make it and either would be noticable. even if you could get six to eight doses out of a batch he would need two to three batches a day and it takes weeks to make. and why didnt dumbledore notice that his good friend was an imposter?

10. nicholas flamel has protected the sorcerers stone for over six hundred years (and i doubt he had it in the bank) so why was it suddenly sent to hogwarts?

11. why was dumbledore conducting sybil's job interview in a tavern instead of the school? also why did dumbledore believe the prophecy if sybil hadnt had a prophecy at just that time she would not have had a job. also as voldemort had been attacking for years the belief that someone was fated to defeat him would be received very well.

12. if the dumbledore knew there was a traitor in the order why didnt they do anything to expose him? all it would have taken was showing if there was a dark mark on the arm and/or giving everybody veritaserum

13. if it is so dangerous for harry to be seen at diagon alley during the holidays, why dont they disguise him through either magical or muggle means? disguising him through muggle ways is simple just some hair dye, colored contacts, and make up to cover up his scar.

14. why does dumbledore keep making the exact same mistake and not trying to do anything to fix it. when tom riddle was a boy and dumbledore his teacher dumbledore knew that tom was abused at the orphanage but kept sending him back there every summer. when severus was a boy and dumbledore headmaster there were obvious signs of abuse but severus kept being sent back home, then he actually gives harry to a family who hates magic and every summer sends him back to the dursleys

15. why did the potters use peter as the secret keeper? they could have used james, lily, dumbledore, or even a house elf that they owned and have been perfectly safe

16. why where the protections on the sorcerers stone so weak a few eleven year olds could pass them

17. if they were expecting an attack on the castle (which happened in several books) why werent the secret passageways closed and guarded

18. how does everybody recognize harry so very well when he's eleven? most people probably dont remember what james potter looked like and his hair would probably be hiding his scar, for that matter how does everybody know he has a lighting bolt scar above his eye the only people who saw him after his parents died are dumbledore, mcgonnagal, hagrid, and sirius.

19. why did dumbledore send sirius to gather the order at the end of book 4, everybody at that time believed that sirius was an escaped convict.

20. why did it take several hours for dumbledore to go to the ministry, find out he was tricked, and return to hogwarts in book 1? he could have easily used the floo which would only take minutes

21. why did ginny never recieve any help after being possessed? all that happened was a short stay in the infirmary to ensure her physical well being, but nothing was done about any long term mental problems that she may have had from either what she did while possessed or any problems in the future that may result just from being possessed

22. in prisoner of azkaban why did harry and hermione use the time turner to just rescue sirius and buckbeak when they could have also used it to grab pettigrew as he escaped

23. where was remus? even if he couldnt have custody of harry because he's a werewolf, he could have written. if he was told not to contact him at the dursleys for some reason, harry was in school and aware of the wizarding world for two years before he ever heard of remus. also after third year harry has almost no interaction with remus again, hasnt remus heard of writing a letter?

24. why did james let dumbledore have the invisibilty cloak? if he had it the potters could have used it to hide from voldie that halloween night.

25. how did dumbledore get to be THE most important person in wizarding britian? he is the headmaster of a school and which controlls what everybody learns, he is the head of the wizengamot which helps make the laws and enforces them, he is the head of the interntional confederation of wizards which makes international laws, and although he is not the minister of magic the books say that the minister owled him several times a day asking for help and advice which makes him the voice behind the minister

26. the weasley family is poor so when they win 1,000 galleons why did they go on vacation instead of saving the money for an emergency or using it to get their children nice clothes.


1. harry is smart and doesnt automatically believe everything e is told

2. harry is powerful (although not super powerful) this is reflected in book 3 when harry is able to conjure a coporeal patronus which most adults cant do and he drives away 100 dementors when adults have trouble with more than two or three

3. harry finds out that he owns grunnings and makes his family be nice to him and/or fires vernon

4. the dursleys are put under a spell that allows them to feel all the physical and emotional pain they have caused harry

5. dudley realizing that the way harry is treated is wrong, i especially like it when dudley realizes this from a young age and tries to help harry the best that he can

6. harry finding portraits of his parents, sirius, and/or some ancestors

7. harry learning about many different shops and careers. in the books the careers harry knows anything about are: teaching, aurors, healers, and shop owners/workers i'm sure there are many many more . also in the books the only shops it seems that harry knows about are: wand maker, madam malkin (arent there other clothing stores), icecream, candy, flourish & botts books, apothecary, ect. basically only the shops where he buys his school supplies. i'm sure that there would be more than one book store, clothing store, ect and that there are many he never even looked in as they wouldnt be needed for his school supplies. where did mrs weasley get magic knitting needles, where do witches and wizards buy their food and furniture, ect. in one story i read harry bought a magical refrigerator and an item like a microwave and was able to buy dozens of premade healthy meals so he could have good food at the dursleys in another he got a magic bag from tom at the leaky cauldron harry would just deposit enough money for a meal and it would appear

8. harry and/or adult wizards fixing up harry's bedroom for when harry has to stay at the dursleys. many stories have the room expanded and sometimes a bath added, but that can be a bit much as i've seen how harry's room ends up bigger than the dursleys house. how about giving him a loft bed with a couch and tv (or computer) under it, a study area, some way of getting food, and a way to get out of his room and use the bathroom without his relatives complaining.

9. stories where harry has a sibling (usually a twin) that is believed to be the one who defeats voldemort, but it is really harry. i really like it if voldemort tells everyone during an attack that why would he be wanting so and so when it is harry who killed him

10. harry sues everybody and/or uses political power for good. while harry is betrayed by dumbledore and all his friends is a good plot i hate it when harry decides to kill them, make them his slave, torture them, ect all of which may or may not be legal in the story. however making them be publically humiliated, taking their money, and either throwing them in prison or making them work at disgusting jobs is great.

11. vernon's boss is related or married to a witch or wizard and finds out who harry is and how vernon has been treating him

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