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My name is Tsarashi and I'm an author of Inuyasha and Yu Yu Hakusho fanfiction.

Crossovers between these two fandoms are my favorite since their histories match

together like perfectly fitting puzzle pieces. I have always considered Inuyasha to be

a prequel to Yu Yu Hakusho, even as I was watching them for the first time. The

demon and human worlds were once one? The jewel separated them. Demons no longer

exist in the present time? There is a barrier keeping them away! The tales of their worlds

work in perfect harmony.

I love romance as much as the next person, but I am happy to proclaim my love for fanfiction that is not

centered around a romantic relationship. Friendship and the interactions that we have between strangers

is just as important to the progression of our lives and our development as human beings (or miscellaneous

beings). I am a proud advocate of platonic fanfiction!

Stories that I am currently working on:

With Reason: The sequel to Just Instincts. Follow Kagome on her journey through time as she discovers

herself and just how much influence she has on history. As the newly appointed Guardian of the Realms, our

priestess looks to the Past, Present and Future to shape her own destiny, but fate has other plans.

Strangled Time: An Inuyasha fanfiction where Kagome falls further into the past and becomes an unlikely

savior and companion to none other than the father of our favorite half demon. On a quest to discover the

fate of the woman he loves, Toga and Kagome travel together and are forced to overcome the challenges

that they face along the way.

Stories that I have finished:

Dark Secret: [Oneshot] After succumbing to the traps of the Spirit World hunter, Youko Kurama is forced to

steal away in the mortal realm to recover his demonic energy. This drastic change brings about more than

the simple desire to update his favorite weapon.

Just Instincts: An IYYYH crossover where Kagome has become a demon and is forced to learn the realities

of her situation when the Spirit Detectives take a interest in her. Friendships bloom is the most unlikely of

places and difficult choices will be made that may change everything.

(For those who are disappointed by the fact this story is labeled as "KagomeXKurama Friendship," I am

happy to announce that the sequel to this story will in fact have romance. Sort of.)

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