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Hi, Everyone!

New Notes:

May 13, 2013: It's been a long time I know. I'm updating to let you know that my husband died on March 9 of this year. Its been difficult but I'm slowly settling into a new normal. Anyway, I do eventually want to get back into writing, at least for one more fairly epic story. Please, don't bother asking me when because I have no idea. Thank you for your support and for the continued hits to my older stuff.

December 12, 1012: I've been asked where I am, why I'm not writing. I'm trying to write, may even be successful, but for those of you who don't know, my husband is battling terminal cancer. It's along his spine, in his lungs and in and around his stomach. It came back from two years ago when he lost his kidney. He should have had chemo then but the doctor swore he got it all. It has been growing in him since Sept 2010. If you know someone who gets told the same thing tell them to get chemo anyway. We wouldn't be here now and he would be stronger. Anyway, I'm passing my time sitting with him through his treatments glued to my laptop and trying to crank something out. have patience with me. I'm working on something I hope will be epic. I'm hoping that I can keep myself to my self imposed deadline of July 18, 2013 for the first posting. My ten year wedding anniversary.

July 11, 2012: I've been sadly absent for a long time. A lot has happened and some things I'm just not ready to talk about quite yet. If you know me then you know I'm like that. If you want to ask, go ahead and ask. All I'm asking for is thoughts and prayers from everyone who reads this if you believe in that. If you don't then please do not bother coming down on me for asking. That's not something I should have to deal with on top of everything else and you should be better than that. ALSO If anyone is interested in some old classic cars and has the money to come get them PM me and I will tell you everything about them. One is that 67 Impala and the other is an 84 Monte Carlo that is just about mint. THEY HAVE TO GO!!!

4-8-2011 Well, I've finally gotten into my new house, gotten my internet hooked back up and gotten my life(somewhat) back in order. Still really can't manage to write anything worthwhile. I'm hoping that changes with time. Although I'm beginning to doubt it.

A little update for everyone who knows about my husband and what we've recently went through: He had his three month check up after the surgery to remove his kidney. HE'S DOING FINE. Thank god. No trace of the cancer, no further treatments necessary. He'll be going back to working hard come spring. He's looked at me more than once, maybe a little teary eyed, let me know how much he loves me for how strong I was when he needed me. WRONG! I was very much wrecked. Still am. Just can't tell him that. Game face and all that. He also looks at me and says that sharing the new house with me is the best thing that happened to us in a while. Considering we found out we got approved to buy the thing the same week we found out about his cancer(and on a freakin' Friday the 13th, back in August) it's a minor miracle we even bought it.

But anyway, I AM still TRYING to work on various challenges that have been issued ages ago, that series that's mentioned below and a bunch of Song-fics because music is my life. So as soon as I can, I'll be back to hammering away on a keyboard and hopefully able to make sure you great people don't forget all about me.

If there's anyone in the states who has 10 grand cash and wants to come get a 67 drop me a line. It's a blue two door hard top but it's still an Impala. I can send you pics if I have your email address.

Thought I'd update a bit here and cut back. I'm working on starting a new series after a couple promised stories so I hope that my readers who still wanna hear from me will put up with a delay while I start the Encroaching Darkness series. Will be introducing a new recurring character in the form of one Lili Delacroix.

A few people have expressed interest in my last series, Hunters and Guardians or Kira series. Those of you wanting to know the order, here it is.


Of Migraines and Monsters


Time to Heal and Deleted Scenes


A Brother's Worst Fear

Life's Essence Taken

Training Sessions

Even Heroes Need a Hero

Sacrifices of the Heart

Hunters and Demons

Winchesters and Infinity

Just a bit about me: I'm now 30 and live in Maryland. I have a '67 of my very own that my husband and I are restoring(that wonderful man of mine got it for me for Christmas a couple years back, knowing full well his life would be hell if we ever had to part with it) I work full time and write, it seems, full time too;) I ride four wheeler every chance I get and love family time with my many nieces and nephews. I have a dog, who's my hero(read Wartime Spirit and you'll figure me out pretty quick) and a cat that thinks he's a kid. I am a walking contradiction. I carry a knife, can use it, can throw it. I love to sit in the woods and watch the animals. They're so quiet it's like watching ghosts. I target shoot but don't like to hunt. I grew up in the woods so they'll be a huge part of my stories. Music is as much my life as writing. Family is my everything and a friend of mine told me once that I'm just dangerous enough to remember and too good a friend to ever forget. As far as Supernatural goes, It's damn near an obsession, next to my husband, and I'm a Samgirl, but I love the brother bond enough to make me love Dean too. My daily Jewelry consists of Dean's amulet, Sam's bracelet, a big watch, Dean's ring, and silver earrings. I'm very much a tomboy and can kick my bigger little bro's ass too.

A few people around here I'd like to mention are: Blue Peanut M and M. You're such a wonderful writer, and an even better best friend, confidante and sister. Get your ass moved down here so I don't have to miss you so much!!

Sammygirl1963: I'm so glad you've grown so much in your writing. You deserve every follower you have.

Soncnica, you're quirky and you always make me smile. Thanks for the threats that keep me writing.

Skag Trendy, You've written so many life altering reads. It's so awesome to be able to call you friend.

Merisha. Wonderfully talented artist and a great beta when I needed one. Thanks so much.

Vonnie836, again, if not for your persistence in asking me how the writing is going, I would have quit long ago. Thanks, my friend.

Dancer, You're so great with the cover art and your wallpapers have been such a gift! Thank you!

If I've missed anyone, I'm sorry, but know that you played a part in what I do and that you're keeping me loving it!

And finally, thanks to everyone who's read, reviewed or both. If I ever miss replying know that you're not forgotten and much loved. If you've read and not reviewed, I'd love to know what you think, and who knows, you might just be up there with the other people that I love to talk to. Good, bad or constructive, I'd love to know what you think about my fics. Keep reviewing for me and the others you read, because we all need those little bits of support to show that the love we put into what we do is really worth it!

Thanks guys and girls,


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