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Welcome to my profile.

If you wish to insult me, go ahead. I will turn the other cheek. If not, welcome to my profile!

I hope you like my fanfics!!

Name: firevein

Age: Can't tell you

Gender: Female

I am a catholic and I'm proud of my faith. I will talk about christianity in my stories and if you have a problem with that then leave!

Favorite Movie: Narnia, Prince Caspian, HTTYD 1, HTTYD 2, HTTYD The Hidden World

Favorite Books: Warriors, Wings of Fire, The Guardian Herd

Favorite Ships:

SusanxCaspian (Narnia)

ThomasxTeresa (The Maze Runner)

NewtxJo (The Maze Runner) [My OTP] {Jo is an OC from a fanfiction called Behind Your Eyes, you can find it on ao3! Go check it out! It is my favorite fanfiction ever!!!}

MorningleafxStar (The Guardian Herd)

HiccupxAstrid (HTTYD)

GloryxDeathbringer (Wings of Fire)

MoonxQuibli (Wings of Fire)

WinterxLynx (Wings of Fire)

My Pegasus name and description:

Nightriver, Arabian filly, vibrant blue roan with very dark blue markings around head, legs, and hindquarters. A mix of black and almost black, blue feathers. Personality: Cold at first, sweet, brave, gentle, bold, kind, caring, daring




Thunderlily (Go to the guardian herd website for this, my username is firevein19)

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