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Hello there! Nice to e-meet you! I am a 24 year old journalist, an artist at heart, a perfume aficionado and, of course, a huge Twilight fan :).

I've been lurking around here for years, reading stories and bookmarking them. Never had the courage to write one in English myself, until 2020.

Back in the day, I wrote Twilight fanfiction in my native language - but since I was just entering the realm of adolescence, that fanfiction was, well, trash. However, ever since the pandemic hit and Stephenie Meyer made her announcement about "Midnight Sun", I've been blessed with a powerful wave of inspiration.

I am a huge lover of canon-compliant and canon-divergent stories and my favourite character in the entire saga has always been and always will be Edward, which is why most of my stories are told from his point of view. "Midnight Sun" only solidified my feelings for this complex character.

If you stumble upon my stories and have enough patience to read them, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Also: I LOVE reading and responding to reviews. Sadly, the site only allows me to respond to the reviews of signed reviewers, so please don't hate me if you've left a guest review and you haven't heard back from me!


If you want to see the sneak peeks and visuals I make for my stories, you are welcome to join my Facebook Group Twilight fanfics: NightBloomingPeony & friends corner, a group that I created after one lovely reader and reviewer asked me about it.


After Nightfall

2nd place in the "Undiscovered Gem" category, TwiFicFandom Awards 2020

7th place in the "Top 10 Stories Completed in January 2021", TwiFanFictionRecs

The Devil Next Door

"Best Dirty Talk", Bodice Ripper's Contest

"Cliffhanger Queen", Bodice Ripper's contest

Lullaby in the Dark

1st place in the "Public Vote" category, Song to Story Contest - September 2020


Stuck in Limbo

Lullaby for Bella - Listen to it HERE or search for "Lullaby for Bella (Original Song by Sebastian Gottlieb)" on YouTube


Stuck in Limbo

Trailer - Watch it HERE or search for "Edward and Bella - Stuck in Limbo (A Twilight Fanfic)" on YouTube


Stuck in Limbo

Illustration - Discover the amazingly beautiful art that Wh1teOw1 made for this story on Deviant Art or Tumblr.


Stuck in Limbo

Spanish - Isis Janet will translate this story once it is complete. Find her other works, both original stories and translations, on her profile.

If you wish to translate one of my stories, feel free to reach out via private message :).

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