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Ashes of the Past - Saphroneth
Of Elder Scrolls and Huntsmen: Dragon Rose - JessesanMan
Skittering Campione -Greatazuredragon
Sailor Moon: Millennials - Darth Artemis
Battle Fantasia: Unity - Darth Artemis
Guardian - Holly442 (Deleted by author)
Titanomachy - KhamanV
Where Angels Dare to Tread - drakensis
Witches' Duel - Iced Fairy
Witches Ball - Iced Fairy
Through the Cracks - Lionhead Bookends
Frozen Butterfly Arc 2 & 3 - skywiseskychan
Frozen Butterfly Arc 1 - skywiseskychan
Saint of Zero - Satire Swift
The Dollmaker's Daughter - UnmovingGreatLibrary
Worm d20 - throwaawy
A Magician's Plight - Guumin
Intermezzo: Matters of Prescience - Nova Floresca
Highschool SAO - gabriel blessing
God Slaying Blade Works - Marcus Galen Sands

Ashes of the Past
Of Elder Scrolls and Huntsmen: Dragon Rose
Frozen Butterfly - skywiseskychan
The Unraveling - Catsy
PGSM The Second Story - anamatics
It's For a Good Cause, I Swear! - Sarah1281
Under an Iron Moon - Cyclone(dead?)
Stray Leaves - The Scarlet Pencil (permanent hiatus)
Reprisals - SSG Michael B Jackson
Something to Die For - Macavity the Mystery Cat
Third Time's The Charm - reighost
MGLN: Through Troubled Waters - Aku-dono
The Opening Bet - Flashfyre5(dead?)
In Flight - gabriel blessing
Hill of Swords - gabriel blessing
Puella Magi Lyra Magica - Wingedsquirel
Timed Vacation - ukie1 (dead?)
Dungeon Keeper Ami - Pusakuronu (Off Site)
Millenials - theJudge (off site, dead)
Moonshadow - Mythrilmoth (offsite)
Dark Heart High - Mulitple authors(offsite)

Other than that,
Not much of my own to say.

Yarrgh, where be me throwing stars?
- Random Ninja, during talk like a pirate day.

What's wrong with being a spoiled
brat, as long as it's me?
- Alec, the Smart One

"You're putting words in my mouth!"
"Of course! That's the only way you'd have
something interesting to say."
- Conversation with Alec, the Smart One

“Things aren’t black and white!”
“True, but there ARE black and white.
You need at least two solid points
to navigate the shades of gray.”

Never play cat and mouse games if you're a mouse.
--Don Addis
Sure you should! It really confuses the cat!!
-Alec, the Smart One

"You can't judge a person until you walk a mile in their shoes.
Whoever said it was right... though they didn't warn me that I'd get sore feet."

“'A' is for apples...”
“But not horse apples.”
-Conversation with Alec, the Smart One

It was a simple equation:
power plus destruction equals danger,
danger to the power of proximity equals fear,
and fear plus danger equals run, run, run.
Sailor Moon: Millennials - the Judge

“I could care less”
“You mean you COULDN’T care less.”
“Hmpf. To care less than I do now would require
more effort. I don’t care about it THAT much.”
- Conversation with Alec, the Smart One

“Failure is not an option. It’s something that happens or doesn’t.
Worrying about it makes it more likely to happen.
Of course not worrying about it makes it easier for it to sneak up on you.

Though I've been accused of common sense, I have
never been accused of sanity.
Alec, the Smart One

Video game taboos:
1. Never ask a Fire Emblem fan "Are Marth and Roy in this game?"
2. Never refer to Link as "Zelda"
3. Never ask a Touhou fan "What anime is this from?"
Follow and you are guaranteed to keep your jugular!
-Geil McGuffin

Also Angel Moxie. uh, HOMESTUCK?

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