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Fanfiction writers: "Some of you guys beat the pants off the ones who actually get paid for plots."

Oh how true, how true this is in my opinion! And not only sometimes it is really a shame for what 'plots or no plots' official writers get money. *shakes head*

Sadly I can not write fanfiction. I wish I could, but no I can not offer that. Maybe someday... *lol*

But I really LOVE to read fanfiction ( I'm a proud fanfic Junkie ;D) and to write reviews, for that reason I thoughts I join fanfiction.net.

As I wrote I can not write stories, but I try my FAN-being to let out by making some fanarts (icons, wallpapers, manipulation pics or drawings), when I can...

So maybe if you are interested to look at that, you can visit my LiveJournal. (same name on LJ)

I just want to make clear on MY REVIEWS:

If I don't leave a review on every chapter of a story, does that NOT mean, I like the fanfiction story lesser than the stories, where I reviewed every chapter!

I just want to make clear on MY FAV-LIST:

From now on I will only add complete stories to my fav-list. (Ok, I did this already since some months and ok, sometimes I make exceptions ;D)

Anyway my intention is not to offend some Author's/Writer's!

Greetings, Frust-sheep :)

Credit: I don't own that icon picture! I just borrow and have some fun with it. ;)

Credit 2: The first line with quotation is from Reparata. Thank you very much Reparata, that I can use it, because I really have the opinion, that some ff writers are so much more awesome, than the writers, who get paid for their plots. *lol* And yes, go read her stuff. What I read till now was awesome. :D

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