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Richard Scepton PM
Joined Jun '20

Simply put, I'm simple.

I'm working on a few stories. Mainly, these:

Final Frontier (Halo/Kancolle crossover): Active, update rate may slow down

The Panzer Diaries: XXX (coauthoring with Deathvoltz): Upcoming release

Erika: War, Intelligence, Death (Independent, GuP): Temporarily suspended following hectic stuff happening

Mutsuki: a KanColle story (oneshot, coauthoring with Any-Condition-2313): Suspended untill further notice

Sins of Kuromorimine (independent of Deathvoltz's series, direct sequel to Final Frontier, Sins of Kuromorimine novelization): Upcoming release

May have more upcoming:)


As of now, I am an active dev on the Sins of Kuromorimine team, dedicated to creating a Halo/KanColle/BSG crossover mod for the RTS game Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. The release is sceduled for fall of 2022 if things go accordin' to plan, though recent stumbling blocks may result in a delay.

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