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Hello! I am softsnow3paws. As you may have guessed, I write Unnaturals stories.

My first one is about a young snow leopard named Soft Snow. She lives in Snow Clan, a group of snow leopards that live deep within the mountains. The inspiration from names and clan is taken from Warriors, although there are many differences, that being the two-parted names, the way they live, and several other factors.

Please follow and favorite me. I really like to see all the people who take time out of their day to read my stories. It is enjoyable to see this.

I know many people may not know what Unnaturals are, so let me explain.

Unnaturals are animals that have had DNA put into them. For example, say we have a cat. This cat gets... uh... deer DNA put into it. It then has some traits from a deer, whether it be antlers, speed, or even color. The mutated animals then are put into one of two teams: Team Scratch and Team Klaw. (Yes, that is how Team Klaw is spelled, read the books if you don't believe me!) They are forced to battle fiercely, and sometimes animals die. That is why my stories are recommended for teenagers and up, or at least those who have read Unnaturals before.

I finished the first book not too long ago, because it was that thrilling I wanted to read it a lot. Please tell me if you like the story, because I appreciate it if you do. It takes time to develop names, characters, and DNA to put into them. Then you have to put it all into an online book. Phew, it takes time and effort! But if you are reading and enjoying them, it helps the author know you appreciate this effort.

Thank you for stopping by, and have a pawsome day!

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