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I go by the name Lazyafternooner (here, anyway), I'm a girl, a newbie at being a 17 yr old and I'm an average student.

Tis a good life.


Birthday: 8th December

Favourite Colour: White (does that even count as a colour?)

Favourite Movie (at the moment): Home Alone

Twilight = a foaming afternooner

yes, yes I am in love with the Twilight series :)

My favourite animes/mangas' are:

Tsubasa chronicles, Kingdom Hearts manga, cardcaptor sakura (a childhood fav : ), Full Moon Sagashite, Chibi Vampire (Karin), Gentlemen's Alliance Cross, Ouran High School Host club, Beauty Pop, Tramps Like Us, Parfait Tic, Aishiteruze Baby, Death Note, SPECIAL A, +anima,Bakuman, You're My Girlfriend, LOvely Complex

SOUL EATER = FANTASTICNESS. (no question about it.)

You should all go out n read em all ~ every single one is addictive!


Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends With you, No More Hereos, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, ZELDA!, Final Fantasy FOR THE DS, SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL!

Let's play Mario-kart and Super Smash Bros. Brawl together! ASK ME FOR MY FRIEND CODE!

My email is

Just random favs-

new book smell, Family Guy, Futurama, Simpsons, Skins, Lost, Chocolate Ice cream, sunny mornings, holidays

Fav Characters:


Soul EAter !

Death The Kid C;

Near from Death Note ~

Tamaki and the twins from Ouran

MoMo from tramps like us

Kei from Special A

Neku n Joshua from W.E.W.Y.

And Karin from Chibi Vampire is so funny :P

Fav Couples:

Roxas x Namine Sora x Kairi

Takuto x Mitsuki

Sakura x Syaoran

Haruhi x Tamaki

Narumi x Kiri

And I am a hopeless romantic! I have warned yee... -_- so anything I do will probs be a romantic thing full of fluff. enjoy...

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