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SO FREAKING DONE!!!! I'm tired of the drama in fandom flame wars to be blunt. The attempts to steal my information and hijack my computers have pissed me off for the last time. Since this site is anything but secure, and I am tired of having to start from scratch with my OS program and the rest of it, so I'm leaving here. Having my computer messed up every few months and the worries of my private information getting jacked isn't worth it.

My one shots won't be removed, but my serious raws will be getting overhauled and shared elsewhere. Awaken the Star Song is already going up on AO3, but Taming Lightning and Stand Your Ground will be on hiatus until I get AtSS sorted out and the plot holes filled in and the disaster of a grammar mess fixed.

Since I cannot find an actual committed editor (Seems my writing style intimidates everyone, or so I keep being told) I am working solo to get everything fixed. It is a slow process, but It is getting done as I can take time from my busy work schedule all the same.

Remove the spaces and you'll have my archive main page. archive of our own . org /users /KurahieiritrJIO

As this site lacks real moderation, encourages infantile plagiarism, and constantly gets hijacked by hackers, I'm moving to a more stable site for good. The political correctness issues that keep ending in vast writing purges are old and tiresome. The mod squad at AFF org and AO3 both do proactive troll control, so I am moving where the mod squad makes things better for writers. Review counts are simply not worth the ongoing infantile drama.

The lack of proactive troll handling is migraine inducing on this site. IP addresses can cull writers of adult content easily, so the fact that the moderator does not use IP address culling to stop trolls is plain laziness.

Take care of each other, and be safe.

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