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I've fallen into LotR and chose to make a community of some of the stories. I am a particular fan of humor/parody and have some real winners in that group.

A couple of winners from Loki/Avengers: "Lost Boys" by thisisnotwhoyouthink, and "Man of Iron, Father of Gold" by Lunabell Marauder Knyte (deaged HP/T. Stark). "I See The Moon" by hctiB-notsoB is very good.

I'm waiting for the next chapters in "Saddlebags" (LotR). Cliffy! Arg!

Great HP X STAR WARS: "The Havoc Side Of The Force" and kathryn518's " I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"

NarutoxStarWars: "A Village Hidden in Hope".

Best sentence in fanfic '" Don't get naked!" Anakin shrieked.'

If you wander into my community, start with the highest reviews, and the oldest written. Most of the stories in pages one and on are short stories that I need to remove.

Latest July19, 2020 Check out “Little Harry and the Mirkwood Adventure” by Azraeos.

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