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hi guys

i'm mjmusiclover also known as marium (i was formerly sweetyoshimj on this site about 3 years ago), well it has been a long time since i have been on this site

but i'm on here now reading & reviewing fanfics (usually harry potter/deathnote ones) but now i'm reformed more of a pencil artist (realistic/manga (but more on the realism side) (my site is http://)

i am born on 11/04/1990 (lol i meant april not november)

i'm from the UK, i am a currently a student

i love drawing, reading, surfing on the net, harry potter, super mario (the game, not fanfiction, i tried it but i'm not into it) & listening to music

my favourite characters are :

in harry potter : harry potter

draco malfoy

hermoine granger

ron weasley

severus snape

the marauders (except peter pettigrew, because he's a wanker & a traitor towards the marauders)

the weasley twins

the malfoys ( well just lucius/narcissa)

lily potter (nee evans)

& the next gen kids - albus severus



james sirius


lily luna


i tend to read mainly harry potter fanfiction

& i tend to ship for : harry/draco (or fem!harry/draco or harry/fem! draco (if that exists LOL))

draco/ron (or fem!draco/ron but NOT draco/fem!ron because that'll be like another draco/ginny pairing which is boring)

draco/hermione (or fem!draco/hermione) & sometime lucius/any of the trio

harry/hermione (when it's good)

scorpius/rose or/and albus severus

draco/any weasley boy (except arthur beause he suits being molly best & percy because it's too weird)

weasley twincest/draco or/and harry

harry/ron (or fem!harry/ron but not fem!ron/harry because any fem!weasley boys remind me ginny)

sometimes i don't mind other pairings as long as it's good & well written but i tend to prefer if harry & draco are both in the fic (main characters though)

e.g. harry/snape (i like the severitus ones though),

but i don't ship for : any dursley/harry because that's just wrong to me & it's creepy

voldermort/anyone except for bellatrix (tom riddle jnr is fine but voldemort ain't)


,i will write more about what i like & don't like later

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