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I am - British, a single parent, a writer, sort of shy. I'm concerntrating on professional writing at the moment, but the pull of fanfic is still strong.

Check out my fanfic website via the link to find more of my work, some of which is exclusive to that site and you won't find them anywhere else. It's also the home of "Jesse's Journey", a Diagnosis Murder fic that can't be posted here as it is NC-17. I've also updated some of the fics that are here.

Fandoms - Highlander (mostly Methos fics) The Bill ("Hey, Mickey you're so fine...") Sentinel (emphasis on Blair) Andromeda (Harper hurts) Robin of Sherwood (Loxley) The Professionals (slash 'n' gen, leaning towards Doyle) Nightwing/1st Robin (Dick Grayson) Deep Space Nine (usually Bashir) Fraiser (just because...)The A-Team (Murdock) Diagnosis Murder (slash 'n' gen) Dr Who (7th Doc) And The Dukes of Hazzard (when I decide, I'll let you know.)

One shots - Lost (I remember when Charlie was Geoffrey Shawcross!) Star Wars (original trilogy) Buffy(Willow/Oz) Blake's 7 (Vila)

I think my best fics are - Cold and Bitter Slumbers (Andromeda) One of our Own (Mickey Webb was created to be angst-ed out at every opportunity) Naked (I did funny!) Mourning Glory (Nightwing) Rainbows (Dr Who) The Rebirth series (Highlander/Sentinel)

REVIEWS - If you receive a review from me, it will always be signed. If it isn't, it isn't me.

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