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Hi, I thought I'd just tell you all a little about myself, if your interested. I love Tangled and Tangled fanfics, especially rated M fanfics. New Dream is the relationship I yearn for. :)

I first watched Tangled in 2011, but I didn't fall in love with it until Valentine's day 2018. Or more accurately, I fell in love with Eugene Fitzherbert. What a perfect man! *dreamy sigh* I needed more, and Fanfiction was the answer. :)

My list of favorite tropes, and this could change if I find different stories along the way, are:

1. Slowburn. I love this trope! I don't care how many times I read New Dream fall in love, I will never get tired of it.

2. Enemies to lovers. I take comfort in the fact that in the end, love will endure.

3. There is only one bed! Don't know if this counts as a separate trope or not, because I love if it's included in any of the aforementioned tropes.

4. AU's. Love modern fics. Coffee shop, or any other way they can meet up. Also, delving deeper into the character's emotions, or what happened in between scenes or after the Movie ends.

Now about smut! I will read very explicit stories, smut for smut's sake, and recently a threesome. ;) But my favorite is tender and loving. Basically, New Dream loving one another. :)

I need to talk about the name I chose. I started reviewing as a guest, but I wanted a name or something to let the author know that I was the same reviewer. The song Waiting in the Wings just came out when I got into fanfiction, so I chose it, because at the time I was hoping a story would update, it looked like it was abandoned. This brings me to some of the best advice I have ever taken. Tell the authors how much you like what they have created! Tell them your favorite parts to let them know you read the fic, how you felt about it, and that you just can't wait for an update or another story. This advice was given to me by the great J. Metropolis, as they are known on this site. So Waiting in the Wings, for me, is about the fact that I will probably never write my own fic, and I'll be waiting for updates, but no pressure! I'm patient.

Anyhow, I hope this wasn't too long winded. I hope you all have the. Best. Day. EVER! I'll be waiting in the wings! Take care. :)

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