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I have been writing fanfiction with friends since my high school days. We would spend the summer trying to figure out what would happen in the fall on our favorite soaps. (Anyone else remember those Dallas cliffhangers?) I guess I'm showing my age with that... My friends and I would write alternates to what we thought should have happened on our favorite shows - mostly in our favorite soaps - Dallas, Dynasty, Days of Our Lives and Santa Barbara (does anyone remember that one?)

I LOVE Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Charmed, Gilmoe Girls.

I'm still in denial that we have the last Harry Potter book. I want to know what happens next, so I realize that we must figure out the gap between the end of the book and 19 years later oursleves.

I will be finshing my story Life goes On. It's taking awhile because, unfortunately life does go on even when I wish it to stop (or at least slow down) so I could just pursue my hobbies and such.

About Me:

I am a single mother of an aspiring ballerina. She has been dancing since she was 3 and can't get enough of it - her ballet barre is in my living room. she also dances jazz and modern. (Dance obsession in this house is close to the Harry Potter obsession, while I think I edge her out in HP, she surpasses my HP and Trek obsessions with her dance obsession - makes for a fun household!!) I am a lifetime member of Girl Scouts - and lead an awesome group of Girl Scouts! I love reading and will read almost anything! I have returned to school to finish my degree (finally!). I plan on majoring in English with plans to teach middle or high school English. (and much to my niece's fear, I have threatened to get a job at her school to teach her senior year!)

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