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Who am I?

I'm a 40-something bureaucrat and Episcopal seminarian in Northern New Jersey with a beautiful wife, darling nephew, three cats, and too many student loan bills to have the job I hold. I write Fan-Fiction as a hobby when I'm not working on papers.

I'm usually working on papers. :-(

Likes and dislikes:

I like sports, but much like everything else in the world, the people who run sports are busy killing all the enjoyment for me. Now, like everyone else, I mostly just argue with people on the Internet about the dystopian hellscape this world has become.

Where can you find me?

It used to be "The Teachers' Lounge," which, between 2011 and 2019 was a lovely little place for grownup fans of Harry Potter Fanfiction to hang out and talk about that and other stuff. It has since been deleted, because no one should give a second of mindspace to a TERF.

Where the hell are the updates?

Oh, crap. I'm a really, really bad updater. Be forewarned: any multi-chapter fic of mine is liable to become dead!fic at any time.

Anything else?

I'm still not over Prince's death.

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